Guide to Preschools in Greenwich

Are you looking for preschools in Greenwich, CT? Greenwich families are lucky because there are a lot of preschools in the area. There are Montessori-based preschools, language immersion preschools, faith-based preschools, preschools that offer full-day programming for families with dual working parents, etc. Here is our guide to preschools in Greenwich.

How to Choose the Right Preschool Program

  • Pick a Preschool Close to Home
    • Typical preschool programs are short. You need to take into account the drive to and from preschool. Make sure you pick a preschool that works with your schedule, whether you are a family with one stay at home parent or a family with full-time working parents.
  • Are you going to private or public school
    • There are some preschools that primarily feed into private schools. Other preschools feed into local neighborhood public elementary schools. Do send your child to the preschool that feeds into your elementary school so that your child will already have friends even before he/she starts Kindergarten.
  • Specific Preschool programs
    • Are you looking for specific preschool programs? Montessori-based program? Language immersion program? Faith-based program?

Greenwich, CT

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