Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

Are you looking to move to the suburbs or thinking of selling your home? Need a Real Estate Agent? We can help.  Suburbs 101 can connect you with local real estate agents.

Who are these agents?

These are agents that came highly recommended by Suburbs 101 insiders as agents they would use again. Real Estate agents can’t buy into being added to our recommended list. The only way to be added is to be recommended by Suburbs 101 insiders. We believe the best recommendations come from unbiased referrals.

How does it work?

  1. Please fill out this form to answer a few brief questions
  2. We will match you with the best local agent that has been recommended by Suburbs 101 Insiders.
  3. The service is free

What if I’m not happy with my agent?

No problem. We understand that one size does not fit all. Definitely give us feedback and we can match you with a more suitable agent.


I’m a local real estate agent. How can I be added to your list?

Unfortunately, the only way we can add you to our list of recommended agents is if you have been recommended by one or more Suburbs 101 Insiders.

Who are the Suburbs 101 Insiders?

Our insiders are local residents that we trust. We believe the best recommendations come from unbiased referrals.

Are these agents for buyers only? What if I’m trying to sell my house?

No problem. We can help both buyers and sellers. We can recommend buyers or sellers agents.

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