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Thinking of living in Greenwich, CT?

Are you thinking of living in Greenwich, CT?  Greenwich, CT is a suburb of New York City with approximately 61,000 people of which 38.9% commute to New York.  Like most NYC suburbs, a majority of households are family households with approximately 25% of the population under 18 years old.  It is an affluent town with a median income of $134,223 and almost half the households have a stay at home mom.  Compared to other towns in Fairfield County, the population in Greenwich is more racially diverse and socio-economically diverse.

Greenwich, CT: Household Data

  • Population approximately 61,000
  • Families-70% family households with average family size of 3.18
  • Kids-25.3% of population under 18 years old
  • Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers- 6.9% under 5 years old
  • Median Age 42.6 years old
  • White 84.5%, Hispanic 12%, Asian 8.6%,  African American 2.8%

Greenwich, CT: Employment

  • 47.4% Stay at Home Moms vs. 52.6% Working Moms *
  • Work in Fairfield County 60.4%, Work outside CT 38.9%
  • $134,223 Median Household Income
  • 30.9% Management, Business and Finance Occupation

Greenwich, CT: Housing

The town of Greenwich has 5 zip codes, with Greenwich, CT subdivided into 06830 and 06831, Cos Cob, CT zip code is 06807, Riverside, CT zip code is 06878 and Old Greenwich zip code is 06870.  However, the town is often further divided into unofficial neighborhoods.  The west side of town is Byram, Glenville, Pemberwick.  The midsection of town is Mid-Country, Back Country and Downtown Greenwich.  The eastern side of town is comprised of Cos Cob, Riverside, Old Greenwich.

  • 39.1% own 2 cars, 25% own 3 or more cars
  • 65.9% owner occupied housing and 34.1% renter occupied housing
  • 75.7% of homes built before 1970

Greenwich, CT: Schools and Buses

The Greenwich Public School system is often rated as one of the top public school districts in Connecticut.  There are 9 neighborhood Elementary schools, 3 middle schools and one high school.  Greenwich High School is big school with enrollment of 2600 students.  There are 4 magnet elementary schools in Greenwich- Hamilton Avenue School, Julian Curtiss School, International School at Dundee and New Lebanon School.  There is 1 magnet middle school- Western Middle School.  Students in the Greenwich Public School system have the option to apply via a lottery process to these magnet schools.

  • School Enrollment- Public School 61.2% and Private School 38.8%
  • Private school bus available for Greenwich residents attending Greenwich Private schools
  • School bus available at the following schools: North Street school, Riverside school, Cos Cob school, Old Greenwich school, Glenville school, Hamilton Avenue school, Julian Curtiss School, International School at Dundee, Western Middle School, Central Middle School, Eastern Middle School and Greenwich High School.
  • No school bus to New Lebanon school
  • Bus is available to after school programs to Boys and Girls Club, YWCA and YMCA

Greenwich, CT: Metro-North Train Commute to NYC

There are 4 metro-north train stations in Greenwich.   The express trains to Grand Central Terminal stops at the Greenwich station.

  • Greenwich to Grand Central at 42 minutes
  • Cos Cob to Grand Central at 51 minutes
  • Riverside to Grand Central at 52 minutes
  • Old Greenwich to Grand Central at 54 minutes

Greenwich, CT: Train Station Parking

Like most towns, train station parking is a challenge.  There are multi-year waitlists in all 4 stations with the shortest wait at the Cos Cob station.  You can call 203-618-3060 for more information and to be added to the waitlist.

  • Greenwich station parking permit waitlist is 5 years for the outdoor parking lot and 10 years for the covered parking lot, daily parking available
  • Cos Cob station parking permit is a 1 year waitlist, daily parking available
  • Riverside station parking permit is 3-5 years waitlist, daily parking available
  • Old Greenwich station parking permit is 3-5 years waitlist, daily parking available

Daily parking is available at all stations for $5.00 per day.  Simply park your car in a daily parking space and you will get a ticket for $5.00.  Please make sure you park in the daily parking spot and not the permit parking spot.  If by mistake, you park at a permit parking spot without a permit, you will receive a $55.00 ticket.  Parking at the station on weekends is free.

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*Population 20-64 years old, female with children under 18 Years old

Source: 2016 American Community Survey and 2010 Census