Guide to Preschools in Darien, CT

Guide to Preschools in Larchmont, NY

Are you looking for preschools in Larchmont, NY? Fortunately for Larchmont residents, you have a variety of preschool options.

There are Bilingual programs, faith-based preschools, preschools that offer full-day programming for families with dual working parents, etc.

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How to Choose the Right Preschool Program

  • Pick a Preschool Close to Home
    • Typical preschool programs are short. You need to take into account the drive to and from preschool. Make sure you pick a preschool that works with your schedule, whether you are a family with one stay at home parent or a family with full-time working parents.
  • Are you going to private or public school
    • There are some preschools that primarily feed into private schools. Other preschools feed into local neighborhood public elementary schools. Do send your child to the preschool that feeds into your elementary school so that your child will already have friends even before he/she starts Kindergarten.
  • Specific Preschool programs
    • Are you looking for specific preschool programs? Montessori-based program? Language immersion program? Faith-based program?

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When Should You Apply to Preschools in Larchmont, NY?

If you are new to the preschool application process in Larchmont, NY, it’s important to know that you need to start thinking about preschools at least a year in advance. 

If your child is starting preschool next September, begin your preschool search this Fall. Many preschools start tours and applications in September and October.


Still, to maximize your preschool search, ideally, you should start researching preschools 1.5 years in advance. 

Some preschool applications are received on a first come first served basis so you want to make sure you are ready to submit applications when they open the application process! 

Plus, some Larchmont preschools give priority enrollment to congregation members, you may want to plan ahead and become members of the congregation prior to applying in the Fall! 


You Just Moved to Larchmont, NY, and Did Not Apply to Preschools in the Fall, is it Too Late to Get into a Preschool?

Recently moved to Larchmont, NY, and missed the Fall application period? Don’t worry!

There are many preschools in Larchmont, NY where you can apply. You may not get your first choice preschool, but you will get into a preschool even with a late application in the Spring or Summer.

And there are also many preschools in neighboring Westchester towns that you can look into in case you don’t find a suitable preschool in Larchmont.


While you may not get your first choice preschool and you will most likely be stuck with an afternoon session but you will still be able to secure a spot at a Larchmont, NY preschool. 

If you miss out on your first-choice preschool, remember it’s always possible to transfer your child there the following year. 

This is particularly true for the 2s program since there are usually fewer spots in the 2s program and it tends to fill up quickly due to smaller class sizes. 

While there are more openings in the 3s class, so you can usually get into your first choice preschool in their 3s class the following year.


What Age Do You Send Your Child to Preschool in Larchmont, NY?

In Larchmont, NY, most children start preschool at 2 years old in the 2s program, typically a half-day schedule running 2-3 days a week. 

Extended day options and 4-5 day programs usually start at 3 years old. 

Larchmont, NY families send their kids to preschool from age 2 to 4, or even 5, depending on the child’s birth date and whether or not they are holding their child back for private school admission.


What’s Better: Afternoon or Morning Preschool Sessions?

Morning sessions are typically more popular because it doesn’t interfere with afternoon nap schedules.

However, don’t be discouraged if you’re assigned an afternoon session. I actually prefer the afternoon session because it’s less rushed and more relaxed. 

I enrolled my daughter in the afternoon session, but she ended up skipping the afternoon nap and went to bed early instead!


Do I Need to Potty Train My Child to Start Preschool in Larchmont, NY?

Typically in the 2s program, you don’t need to potty train your child.

In fact, the teachers will help with the potty training process by providing a supportive environment where your child will learn to potty train with their classmates! 

But, if you plan to enroll your child in the 3s program, most 3s programs will require your child to be potty trained, so it’s important to check with the individual schools.


Preschools and Daycares in Larchmont, NY

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