Nikki Levinson’s Life in Armonk NY

Life in Armonk NY

Nikki Levinson, mom of 3 and founder of Nanny Solutions moved from NYC to Armonk, NY. She took time off her busy schedule to talk to Suburbs 101 and give us a peek into her life in Armonk, NY.

Describe your journey to Armonk? 

I was very hesitant about moving to the suburbs as I am a city girl. We looked at a few towns in Westchester. My husband grew up in Rye and we ended up falling in love with Armonk. It did help that my best friend from college lived in Armonk.

What do you love about Armonk?

Armonk is a very warm community with an amazing school system, great people and a very family-oriented town. I live on the Armonk side of town which is 2 minutes from the schools and town. It is very convenient especially when you have kids all over the place. I met people right away from baby classes and introductions.

Can you describe your social life?

My social life consists of dinners with friends, parties, charity functions, mahjong, and dinners in the city. I also love Broadway shows and concerts. I love traveling and meeting people from around the world and different cultures.

Where do you go to stay fit?

I am obsessed with Soul Cycle but Ripped Fitness in Rye Brook is where I see results. I also love Hot Yoga and my Peloton bike when I am in a time crunch.

What are your go-to places and go-to service providers?

How old are your Kids?

I have twin boys that are 15 years old and a daughter that is 10 years old. They are active in sports and dance. Fortunately, there are are so many options with sports and dance programs in the area. My daughter loves Westchester Dance Academy.

What has your experience been with schools in the area?

Armonk schools are and after school sports programs are great;  it’s part of why we moved to the area. We decided to move one of my twins, diagnosed with dyslexia, to the Winward School and it was life-changing.

Are you a member of a country club? If so, which one?

We have been members of Fairview Country Club and Tamarack Country Club. There are several wonderful ones in the area. They are great if you love golf like my husband does!  

Things I don’t like about Armonk

Some things I don’t like about Armonk are the pickup lines at the Wampus school as I tend to rush around a lot. I also don’t like it when I go to Beascakes Bakery and they are out of challah bread; its the best ever!

Any advice you can give to someone looking to move to Armonk?

Armonk is very spread out, so when moving to Armonk you need to have a realtor who really shows you the lay of the land. To me, it was very important to be close to town and highways. The Bedford side of Armonk is gorgeous and you may get a bit more land, so there are trade-offs.

Do you or your husband commute to the city?

Fortunately, we don’t commute daily to the city. I do go into the city twice a week but I drive into the city. It’s relaxing for me and I can take calls on the way.  Armonk doesn’t have its own train station, so when we do go into the city by train, we use either the North White Plains station or Mount Kisco Station.

Tell me more about Nanny Solutions

After the birth of my oldest children, twin boys, I knew I needed full-time help. I finally found help after many frustrating hours spent interviewing. I quickly recognized a hole in the marketplace for accessible, high-quality help. That’s when I decided to start Nanny Solutions. 

Aside from childcare help, Nanny Solutions also places live in/live out housekeepers, chefs, house managers, drivers- we are a full home staffing agency. We also give CPR classes and professional cleaning classes to nannies. All our candidates are screened and background checks are run on everyone that is being hired. Our placement fee is taken once we find the right fit for the family. We take 4 weeks of the nanny’s salary and we give 45 days to make sure the family likes that nanny. Within those 45 days if things are not going as expected, we start the interview process over again until we find the client the best fit. No extra fee is taken for replacement. We do not have a lot of turn-over as we work very hard with the client and the candidate to make sure everyone is happy before we proceed to the hiring process.

How Much does Childcare Cost?

The average hourly rate for live-out ranges from $20-25 hours and this is determined by the amount of experience they have, if they drive, what their job description is.  Some nannies make $35-50 an hour depending on what languages they speak and if they have childhood education experience. Live-in nannies range from $750-1100 per week.

Have you read any good books lately? Any recommendations?

I love to read but have not been able to lately with work and kids in every direction. The last book read was The Clockmaker’s Daughter and I really enjoyed it.

About Nikki Levinson

Nikki Levinson is the founder of Nanny Solutions, a full home staffing agency. She started Nanny Solutions after the birth of her oldest children, twin boys. After many frustrating hours spent interviewing help, she quickly recognized a hole in the marketplace for accessible, high-quality help. Nikki lives in Armonk, NY with her husband and three children. Website: Nanny Solutions

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