babysitter safety tips covid-19
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8 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe with the Babysitter During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Is it safe to hire a babysitter to watch your child in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic? According to the CDC, Covid-19 most commonly…

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housekeeper covid-19
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My Housekeeper Got Covid-19. We Did Not. Covid-19 Safety Tips Around House Cleaners

Are you wondering if its safe to have your housekeeper or house cleaner clean your house in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic? With Covid-19…

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air purifier and air filter Covid-19
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Upgrade Your Air Filters and Air Purifiers to Reduce Indoor Covid-19 Transmission

Can upgrading HVAC air filters protect against indoor Covid-19 airborne transmission? Can air purifiers reduce indoor Covid-19 airborne transmission? Yes, improving air ventilation in your…

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quarantine child covid-19 exposure
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How to Safely Quarantine Your Child Exposed to Covid-19

This summer, I spent many sleepless nights weighing the pros and cons of sending my child to in-person school versus remote learning. It was a…

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