chef carlos baez the spread
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Best Westchester Restaurants: Chef Carlos Baez

Chef Carlos Baez is the executive chef at The Spread. Carlos is an award-winning chef known for his innovation. His ambition and passion for the industry…

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masterchef junior kyle sisitsky
Posted in Current Parenting

Behind The Scenes with a MasterChef Junior Mom

Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of Gordon Ramsey’s reality TV show, MasterChef Junior? We sat down with Westchester County mom,…

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Westchester Cost of living
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$10,000 a Month to Live in Westchester: Cost of Living Calculator 2020

Are you thinking of moving to Westchester? How much does it cost to live in Westchester? Does it really cost $10,000 a month for a…

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Spring 2020 Fashion Trends
Posted in Fashion

What to Wear: Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

While “2020” evokes feelings of newness, beginnings, and the unknown, the 2020 SS runways threw an unexpected twist by relying on decades past for inspiration….

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Valentine's Day in Westchester
Posted in Food Guide

Where to Go for Valentine’s Day in Westchester 2020

Wondering where to go for Valentine’s Day in Westchester? There are so many restaurants in Westchester, who has time to call around to decide where…

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