How to Care  for Your  Kalanchoe

(Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)

Beginner's Guide

Tip #1: Prefers Full, Direct Sun

Tip 2:  Don't overwater! Your Kalanchoe is a succulent.

Tip 3:  Use well-draining, organic, all-purpose potting mix

Tip 4:  Fertilize  once a month Don't fertilize in the winter

Tip 5:  Repot your Kalanchoe when it outgrows its current pot

Tip 6:  Drainage is Essential for Your Kalanchoe

Tip 7: Daytime Temp 75-85 F (24-30C) Nighttime Temp 65-75 F (18-24 C) Winter 60-70 F (15-21C) Fall 55-65 F (13-18C)

Tip 8:  Your Kalanchoe can tolerate dry indoor air

Tip 9:  It's Tricky to Get Your Kalanchoe to Flower

To Get Your Kalanchoe to flower, it needs a light treatment, cold treatment and dark treatment

Light Treatment:  Outdoors in the summer Keep in dappled shade

Cold Treatment:  Outdoors in the Fall  Bring it in back indoors when temp gets to 40F (4C)

Dark Treatment:  Needs 14 hours of darkness for 30 days Keep your Kalanchoe covered under a cardboard box

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