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Never Been on a Cruise? 7 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Cruise Vacation

Are you on the fence about going on a cruise vacation? Don’t be! Here are reasons why you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on a cruise vacation!

Reasons to Go on a Cruise

1. Visit Multiple Countries 

Cruising is a fantastic way to explore different places and countries without the hassle of frequent flying, packing, and unpacking. When you’re on a cruise, you only have to pack and unpack once because your hotel travels with you. 

It’s like staying in a resort with all the amenities, but you get to discover different ports and countries without the inconvenience of taking a flight and dealing with the hassle of packing and unpacking your luggage.

Visiting multiple countries is easy when you’re on a cruise. You disembark to explore the destination when the ship docks at a port. If you’ve seen enough, you can simply get back on board again. Where you can enjoy entertainment, unlimited food, and comfortable accommodation.

Cruising allows you to visit incredible places that might be difficult or expensive to reach otherwise. For example, island hopping in the Caribbean would be a challenge without cruising. Moving from one cruise port to another in Alaska is also quite challenging; you’d have to take a seaplane. Cruising allows you to visit many cruise ports in a short period of time.

Reasons to go on a cruise

2. All Inclusive Resort

Going on a cruise is like going on an all-inclusive resort vacation, but even better. Think of cruise ships as floating resorts, where everything you could want is included. From a variety of restaurants and Broadway-caliber shows to casinos, bars, spas, and duty-free gift shops – it’s all there! 

Cruise ships also offer a wide range of activities, from swimming pools and water park slides to zip lines, an ice skating rink, and even bumper cars. In fact, there’s often more to do on a cruise ship than at an all-inclusive resort.

3. Easy To Plan 

One of the best things about cruising is the ease of planning a cruise vacation. Booking a cruise vacation is much simpler than other types of vacations. This is because a cruise is an all-inclusive experience, eliminating the need to research and coordinate flights, car rentals, hotel accommodations in multiple cities, activities, and restaurant reservations. 

Planning is streamlined. All you have to do is book the cruise and arrange the flight and hotel near the cruise port. That’s it. If you can drive to the cruise port, even better – then all you need to do is book the cruise itself.

4. Easy Shore Excursions

If you are too lazy to research places to visit, then go on a cruise because they do it for you. One of the best things about cruising is that you visit ports you may not otherwise go on your own. Once at the port, just join the cruise line’s shore excursion. They will give you a tour, and you will come back to your ship safely. There is no need to plan and research extensively. It’s hassle-free!

Reasons to go on a cruise

5. Perfect Multi-Generational Vacation

Cruising is undoubtedly the ultimate way to go when it comes to a multi-generational vacation. It allows everyone to pursue their interests during the day and then come together as a family for evening dinner. In fact, cruise industry data shows that 28% of cruise travelers cruise with 3 to 5 generations!

That’s because it’s a hassle-free way to vacation since there’s no need to figure out where to eat or how to accommodate a large group. It’s convenient for the whole family. 

There are also plenty of activities to keep everyone engaged. While the kids are having fun at the kids’ club, parents can visit the spa, casino, art auction or simply unwind on their cabin balcony. There’s so much to do on board the ship—it’s hard to get bored! 

The best part is that it can be more cost-effective for families since cruise lines often offer promotions where kids can sail for free.

6. Perfect Vacation for Passengers with Accessibility Needs

Cruising is the perfect vacation if you have mobility issues. It’s easy, and the cruise industry is committed to catering to passengers with accessibility needs and mobility issues. 

Wheelchair assistance is readily available for easy boarding and disembarking of the ship. Cruise ships have accessible cabins, and the all-inclusive nature of the cruise makes everything hassle-free. 

Also, cruise lines make exploring easy. Many shore excursions are designed to be less physically demanding, catering to passengers with mobility issues. Today, there are more than 100 accessible shore excursions in cruise ports of call, and according to cruise industry data, 45% of cruiser travelers booked an accessible shore excursion last year.

7. Cheapest Way to Vacation

From my own experience, cruising is one of the most affordable ways to go on vacation. The cruise fare covers everything—your hotel room, meals, entertainment, and transportation between ports. 

During the off-peak season, you can even go on a cruise for as little as $100 per person per day, which is incredibly cheap compared to the high prices of hotels these days. 

What’s more, cruising includes unlimited food and a high level of service for a surprisingly low cost. Where else can you get a three-course meal with attentive servers, turndown service (a luxury typically associated with 5-star hotels) and Broadway-caliber shows all for $100 a night? It’s truly the cheapest way to vacation. Want to go on a cruise for $49 per person per day? Find out how to get on Holland America’s last minute list.

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