Bathroom tile ideas

15+ Bathroom Tile Ideas

Are you doing a bathroom remodel? Choosing the right bathroom tiles is essential when it comes to bathroom renovations. Whether you’re aiming for a serene spa-like retreat or a bold statement, there’s a tile design for you. Below are some bathroom tile ideas to inspire you.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Marble Tiles

For a luxurious touch, marble tiles are unbeatable. Choose from Carrara, Calacatta, or other marble varieties. The color and intensity of the marble vein will vary by the type of marble you choose. Use large-format marble tiles for a seamless look or create a mosaic with smaller pieces. 

Bathroom design ideas

Pro Tip: I suggest going to a reputable tile distributor and choosing the marble you want. They will sell you the marble by lot. You choose the actual lot you want. If you want a white, clean look, choose a marble tile lot that has less marble veining. 

Bathroom design ideas

Subway Tiles with Herringbone Shower Floor Tiles

Classic and timeless, subway tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms. Arrange them in a traditional brick pattern. Opt for white or light-colored subway tiles to create a clean and airy feel.

The grey herringbone shower floor is a nice contrast to the white subway tile shower wall. The subway tile is larger than the typical which gives it a unique vintage feel.

Bathroom design ideas

Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagon-shaped tiles add a touch of geometry to your bathroom. The hexagon bathroom tiles below is interesting because it is a hexagon tile bordered by a hexagon tile border.

Bathroom design ideas

Wood Like Tiles

The gray wood like porcelain or ceramic tiles gives this ultra modern bathroom a contemporary fee.

Bathroom design ideas

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles allow you to play with the reflection. The color of the tiles can change depending on the light and time of day. The bathroom below uses natural river stone tiles as an accent wall to give it a spa-like, natural look.

Bathroom design ideas

Oversized Tiles

Oversized tiles (such as 12×24 inches or larger) minimize grout lines and create a sleek appearance.

Bathroom design ideas

Vintage Tiles

The vintage designed oversized bathroom tile below gives it a more spacious feel and looks elegant with the silver bathtub.

Bathroom design ideas

Penny Tiles

Small, round penny tiles evoke a vintage vibe. Use them on the floor, shower pan, or as a backsplash. Experiment with different colors or mix metallic penny tiles for a contemporary twist. Penny tiles are fun in kids’ bathrooms. 

Bathroom design ideas

Triangle Penny Tiles

Small triangle tiles similar to penny tiles gives this bathroom a fun yet classic vibe.

Bathroom design ideas

Geometric Tiles

Geometric patterns, such as chevrons, diamonds, or triangles, add visual interest. Combine different shapes and colors for a playful effect.

The white marble with emerald green tiles combination in the bathroom below works perfectly together.

bathroom tile ideas

Round Bathroom Tiles

The unique round tile pattern below creates a visually appealing bathroom floor.

Bathroom design ideas

H-Shaped Bathroom Tiles

The H-Shaped tile in black and white gives a striking, bold look to this bathroom.

Bathroom tile design

Checkered Bathroom Tiles with Floral Border

Checkered tiles with a floral border gives the bathroom a softer, femine touch. The light grey shade also makes the checkered bathroom less intense and less harsh.

Bathroom design ideas

Basket Weave Bathroom Tiles with Mosaic Border

Basket weave tiles are classic. In the photo below, they used mosaic and larger tiles as border for the basket weave tiles.

Bathroom tile ideas

Square Tile with Basket Weave Border Powder Room Tiles

I love the basket weave with square tile pattern in the powder room below. It gives the powder room a wow factor.

Bathroom design ideas

Large Herringbone Bathroom Tile Pattern

Herringbone tiles using large oversized tiles gives this bathroom an unexpected yet elegant look.

Bathroom design ideas

Bathroom Tile Tips

Remember to consider maintenance, slip resistance, and overall aesthetics when choosing your bathroom tiles. Typically, the smaller the tile more slip resistance it will be. And don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles for a personalized look.

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