Best New Jersey towns to live in without a car

6 Best New Jersey Towns to Live in Without a Car (2023)

Thinking about moving to New Jersey without a car? Wondering if it’s doable to live in NJ without a car? The answer is yes! Some New Jersey towns have walkable downtowns and nearby train stations that make commuting to New York City easy.  This lifestyle is perfect for those who want to avoid car expenses or simply don’t like driving.  Plus, if you ever need a car, you can rent one for occasional use. In this article, we’ll explore the best New Jersey towns to live in without a car.

Best New Jersey Towns to Live in Without a Car

1. Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City is the best New Jersey town to live in without a car. 

Jersey City, New Jersey

Located across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, you don’t need a car if you live in Jersey City because you have the PATH train and Jersey City downtown is very walkable.

For example, if you live in the Journal Square area of Jersey City, it will feel like an extension of the city. You can live in one of the high rises, walk to the PATH train station and easily walk to restaurants and shops. 

The PATH train, which runs 24/7, connects Jersey City to both Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. 

From Jersey City’s Newport PATH station, you can get into Manhattan’s Christopher Street in 9 minutes and to Midtown 33rd Street in 16 minutes!

The truth is, you won’t miss having a car if your routine primarily involves commuting between Manhattan and Jersey City.  

In fact, it will feel more like a burden to have a car, because you will need to pay for a parking garage and you will find yourself not using your car except for the occasional trip to the Jersey Shore! In that case, you are better off renting a car for the few times you need it.

When you factor in the median sale price of $635,000, Jersey City emerges as one of the best New Jersey cities to live in without a car. 

  • Median Sale Price: $635,000
  • Ferry to NYC: 8 minutes (Paulus Hook to Wall Street) 
  • PATH Train to NYC: 9 minutes (Newport to Christopher Street)

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2. Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken stands out as one of the best NJ towns to live in if you don’t have a car. Similar to Jersey City, Hoboken is on the PATH train line.

Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken has one of the fastest commutes to NYC on this list. With the PATH train, Hoboken is just a 9-minute ride to Christopher Street and 16 minutes to midtown Manhattan! 

But it’s not just the fast commute to NYC that makes Hoboken a standout choice. This town is inherently walkable with a bustling downtown filled with shops and restaurants, all within easy walking distance. 

The walkable downtown and convenience of the PATH train makes owning a car feel unnecessary for Hoboken residents.

  • Median Sale Price: $831,115
  • Fastest Train to NYC: 38 minutes

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3. Weehawken, NJ

Weehawken is one of the best New Jersey towns to live in without a car. 

Weehawken, NJ

Located along the Hudson River with spectacular views of NYC, Weehawken is a quick 8-minute ferry ride to Midtown Manhattan!

Weehawken residents are lucky because they not only have one ferry terminal to NYC, but they have 2 ferry terminals to NYC- Port Imperial Ferry terminal and Lincoln Harbor Ferry terminal! The ferry ride from Port Imperial Ferry Terminal to Midtown Manhattan is just 8 minutes while the ferry ride from Lincoln Harbor Ferry Terminal to Midtown Manhattan takes 13 minutes because it stops in Hoboken.

Aside from the ferry, you can also hop on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail at the Port Imperial station in Weehawken to get to Hoboken.

From there, you can easily walk to the shops and restaurants in Hoboken or take the PATH train from Hoboken.

You can also get on NJ Transit Bus 158 to get to the shops on River Road. There is Cityplace Mall in Edgewater that’s right on River Road. Additionally, popular chain stores like Target, Michael’s, and TJMaxx can be found at Edgewater Commons on River Road.

  • Ferry to NYC: 8 minutes

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4. Montclair, NJ

Montclair is a walkable town in NJ where owning a car is not necessary as long as you live near downtown. 

Montclair, NJ

Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair’s main street, spans just over a mile with a range of restaurants, and shops that can easily be explored on foot. 

Besides Bloomfield Avenue, you’ll find walkable commercial areas in Upper Montclair, Watching Plaza, Walnut Street, and the South End, making owning a car more of a luxury than a necessity.

Getting around is made even easier with the Montclair-Boonton Line train that connects you to Manhattan, Newark, and other places, with Bay Street Station and Walnut Street Stations serving downtown. 

Montclair residents are lucky to have not just one but six train stations right in town! And Montclair is a NJ town with direct trains to NYC- no need to transfer trains! 

Direct train service from Montclair to NYC is only 38 minutes. 

Aside from direct trains to NYC, there are also NJ Transit buses to NYC in Montclair. It only takes just 33 minutes from Montclair to NYC.  

With a median sale price of homes of $895,231, Montclair’s bustling downtown and easy commute to NYC, it makes Montclair one of the best NJ towns to live in without a car. 

  • Median Sale Price: $895,231
  • Train to NYC (Bay Street): 38 minutes
  • Bus to NYC (Express Bus from Montclair Heights): 33 minutes

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5. Edgewater, NJ

Edgewater is one of the best places to live in New Jersey without a car. 

Edgewater, NJ

Located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan on New Jersey’s Gold Coast, Edgewater residents enjoy waterfront living with impressive views of Manhattan. 

Not only is the view amazing from Edgewater but living in Edgewater is feasible without a car because you can easily commute to NYC by bus or ferry. 

Edgewater is one of the few NJ towns with a ferry terminal in town.

The ferry ride from Edgewater to New York City’s midtown Manhattan is 20 minutes. 

For Edgewater residents who live far from the Edgewater ferry terminal, they can take NJ Transit Bus 158 which runs on River Road. The bus ride to NYC from Edgewater is 29 minutes.

This same bus route will also get you to the shops and restaurants on River Road, including Cityplace Mall and popular chain stores like Target, Michael’s, and TJMaxx at Edgewater Commons.

If you prefer to walk or bike, the Hudson River Waterfront boardwalk which runs parallel to River Road, is a great place to go to. The boardwalk is particularly convenient if you live in one of the apartment complexes along River Road, think of it as a scenic sidewalk with amazing views of the Manhattan skyline!

When you factor in the attractive median home price of $642,981, easy commute and amazing views, Edgewater emerges as one of the most appealing New Jersey towns for car-free living.

  • Median Sale Price: $642,981
  • Ferry to NYC: 20 minutes
  • Bus to NYC: 29 minutes (bus 158)

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6. Morristown, NJ

Morristown is a NJ town where living without a car is entirely feasible, especially if you live in the downtown area.

Morristown, NJ

Morristown’s walkable downtown is a vibrant and lively area that has everything you need for daily living. Speedwell Avenue, Morris Street, and South Street are lined with shops and restaurants, all within walking distance of each other. 

At the heart of Morristown’s downtown lies a 2 1/2-acre park known as “The Green”.

The Morristown train station is right downtown, providing residents with direct train service to Midtown Manhattan. It only takes an hour to commute from Morristown to New York City.

Morristown is also one of the most affordable commuter towns with a median home price of $797,731.

The easy commute, small-town charm, and affordable home prices make Morristown one of the places to live in New Jersey without a car. 

  • Median Sale Price: $696,731
  • Train to NYC: 1 hour

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Best Places in New Jersey to Live in Without a Car: Source

The median sale price is based on homes sold from June 2022 to June 2023. 

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