Chef Brian Lewis OKO Rye: Reviews and Photos

There’s been a lot of buzz around celebrated Chef and Westchester native, Brian Lewis’ second OKO outpost. OKO Rye is set to officially open on December 18, 2019. I got a preview of the OKO Rye dining experience at a recent press tasting. You will not be disappointed, expect excellent quality Japanese inspired dishes in a modern chic setting.

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What to order at OKO

Nigiri Sushi: I’m usually pretty conservative with the type of raw fish I consume. I prefer to stick to my go-to salmon or tuna. I rarely venture out and sample more exotic fish varieties as I’m always so scared of the overly “fishy” taste. So when they started serving nigiri sushi (none of which were salmon or tuna), I knew I had to come out of my comfort zone or end up hungry. I was pleasantly surprised and ended up loving everything I tried including seabass and black cod. There was no “fishy” taste, just the pleasant, delicate flavor of sushi.


Sticky Ribs: I also enjoyed the Sticky Ribs. The ribs were perfectly seared on the outside yet the meat was soft and fell off the bone.

Sticky Ribs

Grilled Shishitos: I couldn’t stop eating the grilled shishito peppers. It was perfectly seasoned and not spicy at all! Bonus: they added bacon (it works!)

Chef Brian Lewis

Vegetable Tempura: You can’t go wrong with OKO’s Vegetable tempura. The vegetables were perfectly crisp and highly addictive. In particular, I love the broccoli tempura and maitake mushroom tempura. The best part is their vegetable tempura is gluten-free! (they keep their fryer gluten-free)

Tempura OKO

Matcha Kit-Kat: You have to order their matcha Kit-Kat for dessert. I love how Chef Brian Lewis has managed to elevate your basic kit-kat with a hint of salt to finish. Note: Their matcha kit-kat is not nut-free.

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OKO Rye: Where to Park

Parking can be challenging at times on Purchase Street in Rye. Fortunately, OKO Rye (located at the old Rosemary and Vine) is near the big municipal parking lots off Smith Street and another one off Locust Avenue.

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OKO Rye Menu

The food menu at OKO will include several styles of Japanese-influenced cuisine, including Sushi Nigiri, Sashimi and Temaki (hand rolls), as well as vegetable tempura, seasonally inspired salads and vegetable dishes, okonomiyaki, homemade tofu, hand-cut soba, Bento Boxes and meat dishes from the teppanyaki grill. 

A traditional Omakase menu will also be available at the Chef’s Table, offering a spontaneous, multi-course menu of the chef’s choosing, as well as a “Chef’s Selection” offering of Nigiri Sushi, Sashimi or Chirashi Sashimi.  A special children’s menu will offer younger guests a variety of Bento Box options. 

Dessert will include house-made soft-serve ice cream and build-your-own sundaes and cones, OKO – Chokobols (housemade chocolates), housemade Matcha Kit-Kats and the restaurant’s signature Ooey Gooey Chocolate-Matcha Birthday Cake.

The beverage program at OKO will also celebrate the Japanese culture with seasonal, local ingredients.  A robust offering of Sake (by the bottle and on tap), Japanese, European and American Beer (by the bottle and on tap), hot and cold iced tea, matcha and wine will be offered.  Custom cocktails and Highballs will integrate traditional Japanese ingredients – sake, barley shochu, Japanese craft whiskey and matcha – with spirits including gin, brandy, rye and tequila.  Creative, non-alcoholic drinks will also complement food options.

OKO Rye at 29 Purchase Street, Rye, NY- 914-481-8660

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