Cruise Cabin Mistakes

7 Cruise Cabin Mistakes that Will Ruin Your Cruise

Are you planning a cruise vacation? Before making your cruise reservation, it’s important to be aware of some common mistakes people make while choosing their cabins. Avoid these cruise cabin mistakes; otherwise, they could ruin your vacation! 

Cruise Cabin Mistakes to Avoid

1. Booking a Cabin that is Too Small

A mistake people make when it comes to cruise cabins is booking a cabin that is too small for them. Even if a cabin is designed to accommodate 4 people, it doesn’t mean you should fit 4 people. 

If you’re traveling with big kids or four adults, you are better off booking 2 cabins instead of one. First, the bathroom situation will be more comfortable. The four of you don’t need to share 1 bathroom. Also, you’ll have more space to spread out. 

Many cruise lines charge the same rate for adults and children, so it’s worth pricing out two cabins versus one to see if the cost difference is negligible. You might be surprised to find that two cabins cost only slightly more, or even the same as a single cabin for four people. In such cases, it’s a good idea to split your group up into two cabins to avoid feeling cramped during your cruise.

Cruise Cabin Mistakes

2. Booking a Cabin in the Front of the Ship If You’re Prone to Seasickness

For those who are prone to seasickness, it’s a big mistake to book cabins at the front of the ship. This is because the front of the ship tends to be much rockier than the rest of the ship when it encounters rough seas. This is especially true if you’re on a small ship because the entire ship will move more and being in the front of the ship is just bad. 

If you want a more stable experience, book cabins in the middle of the ship instead. This is because the middle of the ship cabins tend not to rock, making them a better choice for anyone who wants to avoid seasickness.

3. Not Choosing a Cabin

Many people make a mistake when it comes to choosing cruise cabins by selecting “guaranteed cabin.” A Guaranteed cabin is when the cruise ship assigns the cabin for you. It’s usually the cheapest rate. 

The cruise ship guarantees a stateroom in your cabin category with a chance for an upgrade. It’s tempting to choose “guaranteed cabin” because you think you have a chance to get a free upgrade! It seems like a good deal, right? The truth is, the upgrade rarely happens, and you will most likely end up in the worst cabins in your category—poorly located cabins that have not been handpicked by other passengers. 

When I first started cruising, I always selected the Guaranteed Cabin option, thinking it was the best deal since it was the cheapest. 

I didn’t realize that the good cabins get booked early and the reality is I’m stuck with the worst cabin by choosing the guaranteed cabin option. It certainly did not help my seasickness, because I never got a midship cabin!

4. Falling for Cabin Upgrades

It’s common for cruise passengers to fall into the trap of accepting cabin upgrades. After making your cruise reservation, many cruise lines send an email offering an opportunity to upgrade your cabin. 

You can bid for the upgrade, and if you win, you’ll be upgraded to a better cabin. Sounds like a great deal, right? But the reality is, even if you win, you’ll be assigned the worst cabin in the category. These cabins are the ones that no one else has chosen, and they’re usually the cabins that are in poor locations. So, if you’re susceptible to seasickness or sensitive to noise, you might want to think twice before accepting the upgrade. It’s better to select your cabin and avoid seasickness and sleepless nights.

Cruise Cabin Mistakes

5. Cabins near the Elevator

One common mistake people make when booking cruise cabins is choosing ones near the elevator. Unlike hotel rooms on land, cruise cabin doors are not soundproof. You may notice grills at the bottom of the cabin doors, which provide airflow but also allow outside noise to come in. 

That’s why it’s best to avoid cabins near the elevator. You’ll hear the elevator ding, people walking in the hallway, and the banging of cabin doors, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

6. Not Looking at the Cruise Ship Deck Plan

When you are booking your cruise and selecting your cabin, make sure you take a look at the cruise ship’s deck plan. You want to know exactly where your cabin is located to see if there are potential noise issues. Below are cruise locations to avoid. 

Cabins Under the Pool

Avoid cabins under the pool deck. Cabins located under the pool deck can get noisy at night when the crew is rearranging lounge chairs and moving things around. If you’re a light sleeper or sensitive to noise, it’s best to avoid the cabins under the pool.

Cabins Above the Casino

Cabins located above the casino can also get noisy at night, with the beeps of slot machines and the sound of people talking and laughing. If you’re sensitive to noise, it’s best to avoid these cabins.

Cabins Above the Theater and Lounge

Similar to being above the casino, the cabins above the theater, lounge, clubs, and piano bar will be noisy at night. You don’t want to listen to random strangers singing karaoke at night while you’re trying to sleep! 

7. Not Speaking Up When Something is Off

It’s common for people to make the mistake of not talking to their cabin steward when they’re unhappy about their cabin. I’ve been on multiple cruises where, as soon as I walked in, the bathroom smelled like urine. I remember when I first started cruising, and this happened to me, I didn’t speak up and it ruined my cruise. 

Now, whenever this happens, I immediately let my cabin steward know in a nice way. I also always slip him a few dollars and ask him to reclean the toilet. On my most recent cruise, the cabin steward said he chlorine-washed the entire bathroom, and the unpleasant odor was gone. So, if you’re not pleased with your cabin, don’t suffer in silence. Speak up and let your cabin steward know because it can make a significant difference in your cruise experience. Check out my article on 6 Things About Your Cruise Cabin that Will Surprise You.

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