Thumbs Downing a Drink on Cruise Ship

Do Cruise Lines Water Down Drinks? You’re Not the Only One Who Suspects This!

There are a lot of rumors and questions about cruise lines watering down their alcoholic beverages. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself. Your pina colada may taste more like pineapple juice than alcohol and lacks its usual punch. The question is, do cruise lines actually dilute their drinks? Let’s discuss why many cruise passengers think so. I’m also sharing my travel website password tracker as a free printable below.

You’re Eating More

Cruise passengers often believe that their drinks are being diluted by the cruise lines. One reason for this perception is that when you’re on a cruise, you tend to eat more than usual. This can make it feel like the alcoholic drink you’re enjoying on board is weaker. 

That’s because when you eat food, it slows down the rate at which the alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream. As a result, you may feel like the cruise line is watering down your drink because your alcoholic drink seems weak.

Do Cruise Lines Water Down Drinks

You are Drinking More Water

When you’re on a cruise vacation, it’s common to drink more water than you usually do at home. The exceptional level of service offered by cruise ships ensures that your waiter is attentive and will continuously refill your water during dinner. Additionally, at the buffet, there are plenty of waiters available to assist you in getting drinks.

Because you are drinking more water, the alcohol in your system takes longer to affect you. This is because being overly hydrated slows down the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol. As a result, you think that your alcoholic drink is weak and not affecting you at all. 

Do Cruise Lines Water Down Drinks

You are More Active

Another reason why you may not feel the impact of alcohol as much while on a cruise is because you’re more active during your vacation. When you’re on a cruise, you’re likely to be more physically active than you would be at home. 

You are participating in trivia game shows, pool activities, taking trips to the buffet, and going on shore excursions. As a result, if you drink and remain active throughout the day, you’re less likely to feel the effects of alcohol than if you were seated all day in front of the TV, drinking.

Alcohol is Strictly Measured

If you’ve ever observed your cruise bartender prepare your drink, you probably noticed that they are quite meticulous in measuring the alcohol. This is because cruise lines have strict guidelines for their bartenders that dictate how drinks should be prepared. 

Even the robot bartenders at Royal Caribbean are programmed to measure the exact amount of gin in your gin and tonic. This ensures consistency and a certain level of standard across the board. 

When compared to your local bar, you may have experienced bartenders who give a more generous pour. As a result, you think your drink on the cruise is weaker than normal.

Thumbs Downing a Drink on Cruise Ship

What to Do About Your Watered Down Drink?

Whenever I feel that my drink was too weak, I simply asked the bartender to make me another one, and they have always been happy to oblige. 

From my own experience, I have always been able to get a new drink that is stronger and more to my liking without any issues. Plus, I have found that slipping a few extra dollars to the bartender often results in a more generous pour.

So, Do Cruise Lines Dilute Alcoholic Beverages?

I don’t think cruise lines water down their alcoholic beverages. The reason why people feel that their drinks are weak on a cruise ship is that their body is not absorbing the alcohol as quickly because they are well-fed and well-hydrated on the cruise. 

Also, when you think about it, how could it be an issue that is across the board for all cruise lines and all cruise ships. When you read the complaints on social media, I don’t see one cruise line being singled out. It’s because it’s a phenomenon that is a result of being on a cruise vacation. Alcoholic drinks on a cruise don’t feel as strong as they are on land!

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