Cruise Ship Buffet

10 Food I’ll Never Eat at a Cruise Buffet

Cruise buffets are very popular- unlimited food all day long- what’s not to love? However, there are some foods that are better off not eaten at a cruise buffet. Here are 10 foods that I’ll never eat at a cruise buffet. 

Food to Avoid at a Cruise Buffet

1. Spaghetti

You won’t find me eating spaghetti at a cruise buffet. I prefer my pasta al dente, and when spaghetti lingers on a steam table, it tends to turn soggy. If I do indulge in pasta at a cruise buffet, I head straight to the Pasta bar for a freshly made-to-order serving of spaghetti.

Cruise Ship Buffet

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2. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a definite no-go for me at cruise buffets. Typically, they’re not prepared with fresh eggs. Instead, large quantities of scrambled eggs are often made using powdered eggs, which I personally find unappetizing and downright gross.

Cruise Ship Buffet

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3. Eggs Benedict

While I love eggs benedict, I steer clear of them at cruise buffets. Why? Well, those poor eggs benedict tend to sit on the serving line longer than I’d prefer. The eggs end up more well-done than I’d like, and the worst part is, the hollandaise sauce has coagulated!

Foods to Avoid at a Cruise Buffet

 4. Fruits on Ice

I’m always wary of eating fruit that’s been sitting on ice at a cruise buffet. The ice can be a breeding ground for germs, and it just doesn’t feel sanitary. Take the strawberries in the photo below—they look extremely pale and unappetizing. I’d rather steer clear of fresh fruits that have been sitting on ice.

Cruise Ship Buffet

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5. Steak

I stay away from steak at cruise buffets. Steak that’s been sitting on a steam table is not appetizing at all! For steak, I’ll make sure I eat it at the Main Dining room or at a specialty restaurant- I want my steak freshly grilled!

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6. Squid

I once made the mistake of trying squid salad at a cruise buffet. Never again! The squid turned out rubbery and unappealing. I normally love squid, but that experience left me slightly traumatized, and had to stay away from squid dishes for a while!

Foods to Avoid at a Cruise Buffet

7. Green Beans

I never eat the green beans at a cruise buffet. They fall into the same category as pasta—sitting on a steam table for too long, they turn into a soggy mess. I prefer my green beans crunchy, so the idea of munching on limp, overcooked ones just doesn’t sit well with me.

Cruise Ship Buffet

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8. Burgers

When it comes to burgers at a cruise buffet, I steer clear if they’ve been sitting on the steam table. For one, they lose that fresh appeal. Besides, I know I can get better burgers at the grill—made to order, just the way I like my hamburger! Take a look at the photo below, I saw these cheeseburgers topped with maraschino cherries at a recent cruise! Would you eat it?

Cruise Ship Buffet

9. Hotdogs

I also never eat hotdogs at a cruise buffet. I just find it really unappealing seeing the hotdogs sitting on the steam table next to the dry hot dog buns. Instead, I head straight to the grill, where they can cook hotdogs to order—juicy and fresh.

Cruise Ship Buffet

10. Dinner Rolls

I never eat dinner rolls and bread at a cruise buffet. It looks tempting but being on a cruise where food is unlimited, I know I can get better dinner rolls at the main dining room. It’s there that I indulge, where I know the dinner rolls will be fresh and warm. Why waste precious carb intake on lackluster dinner rolls?

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