Frank Pepe's Chicken Diavolo Pizza

Frank Pepe’s New Chicken Diavolo Pizza

Attention Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria fans! Pepe’s Pizza has a new pizza available for a limited time only! Run, don’t walk…Frank Pepe’s new Chicken Diavolo pizza is only available as a winter special from now until March 26!

What is Frank Pepe’s Chicken Diavolo Pizza?

Frank Pepe’s Chicken Diavolo is a spicy chicken pizza- slices of mozzarella topped with tender oven-roasted chicken coated in hot sauce on top of Pepe’s signature crispy yet chewy, slightly charred crust. White onions and gorgonzola cheese add a touch of tang and sweetness, and grated Pecorino Romano cheese and a drizzle of olive oil enhance the flavors of this crave-worthy pie.

Frank Pepe's Chicken Diavolo Pizza
Frank Pepe’s Chicken Diavolo Pizza

“Our customers play a huge role when it comes to curating our new menu ideas, and when we saw an increase in requests for a spicy pizza, we listened. We put our own spin on a classic diavolo and created something savory that could be enjoyed by all heat-tolerance levels. While the Chicken Diavolo is on the mild side, those looking to kick up the spice even more can add hot cherry peppers. We’re excited for all the Pepe’s fans to try it!”

Jennifer Kelly, Granddaughter of Frank Pepe

Frank Pepe’s Chicken Diavolo Pizza Sizes

Frank Pepe’s Chicken Diavolo Pizza is available in 3 sizes- small (12 inches) for $16.75, a medium (16 inches) for $26.25 or a large (18 inches) for $33.

What Else is Good at Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria?

In addition to the Chicken Diavolo pizza, we recommend the famous White Clam Pizza- fresh clams with pecorino romano, fresh garlic, and oregano. Meat lovers will love Frank Pepe’s Amanti Della Carne pizza- crushed Italian tomatoes, mozzarella, meatball, pepperoni, sausage, bacon and pecorino romano.

About Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria

The iconic Connecticut-based eatery was founded in New Haven by Frank Pepe in 1925, who immigrated to the United States in 1909 at the age of 16. In its 98 years in business, the family owned and operated pizza eatery has established itself as an American classic, amassing a legion of fans around the world along with a growing list of accolades and recognitions from top-tier organizations and national critics.

Frank Pepe’s operates restaurants in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Virginia and South Florida—with more in the pipeline. For more information and store locations, visit

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