Home Organization Tasks for December: Easy Areas to Tackle When You are Busy

In December there are two areas in my home that I like to tackle.  Its a busy month that’s over in blink so its important not take on a huge organization project this month.  You risk leaving a space unfinished and more cluttered due to time constraints. Here are two easy home organization tasks for December.

Home Organization Tasks for December: Your Master Bedroom

The first manageable space I tackle this month is The Master Bedroom.  Typically your bedroom is the most neglected space in the home. My interior design friends agree –  we mostly tend to take care of everyone else before ourselves. And for them, the Master Bedroom is often the last room designed.  Even in my home, the organization of the basement storage room takes precedence over my own bedroom – if I let it. The Master Bedroom also becomes a dumping ground for everything that you will “put away later”.  I recommend taking some time for your self. Organizing your Master is the ultimate act of self-care in a month when nutrition and exercise tend to fall by the wayside (at least they do for me!). Here are easy home organization tasks you can do in December:

  • Take time to declutter bedside tables
  • Donate or give finished books to friends
  • Pitch magazines
  • Grab some drawer dividers on Amazon or at The Container Store and reorganize drawers
  • Pull all the plastic dry-cleaning bags out of the closet and get clothing onto uniform hangers. This will make getting dressed for all the festivities a lot easier.
  • Organize your jewelry.  I highly recommend the Pottery Barn Cloche Collection. Its chic and allows you to see all your pretty pieces, every day. 

In the end, make your bedroom space a clutter-free oasis.  We all need that at the end of busy and festive days.  

Master Bedroom
Pottery Barn Cloche

Organize Your Celebration Station

In the world of organizing, we refer to the area that holds your gift wrap and gift supplies as a ‘Celebration Station’.  It’s great to have an organized Celebration Station and there’s no better month than December to set one up. Hostess gifts, holiday gifts plus the regular scheduled programming such as birthday party gifts truly make December the month of giving. I love giving so I set up space near the kitchen that has everything I need to run out the door with a gift in hand. Paper, Scissors, Tape, Ribbon and Cards can all get saved into drawers or left out making for an unsightly area in your home.  There are 2 preferred ways to create the Celebration Station. One is on an open surface such as an unused sideboard.  The other option is to use the Elfa Door & Wall Rack.  It can be hung on a door or wall and it maximizes otherwise unused vertical space. And it looks great – especially if you label the baskets and bins. This system is available at The Container Store.  If you set up a Celebration Station now, now you’ll thank me all year long, I promise. Also, get a small box and organize cards by occasion.  It’s a huge time saver.  

Home Organization Tasks for December
Elfa Door and Wall Rack

I’m sure you will find the time to tackle these easy home organization tasks during this busy month of December. Happy Holidays!  Love , Your Friends at Fitz Just Right & Labelize It!

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