How to pack for vacation

Look fabulous on the beach- how to pack for a beach vacation

It doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you prefer to stick to a checklist or tend to fly by the seat of your pants, packing can be as easy as taking items from your wardrobe and putting them in a suitcase. (Wait…that’s all packing is.) Gone are the days where you dread and postpone the event – because depending on how you approach it, packing your suitcase can actually be a pre-party before your island getaway! So pour yourself a glass of cab, put on your favorite music, and throw open those closet doors. Look fabulous on the beach- here is how to pack for a beach vacation.

Do take into account that outfit suggestions will depend on your final destination, however since it’s summer let’s use a beach holiday as the example.

Set aside ample time to pack

Start with setting aside ample time to pack so you don’t feel rushed or stressed. Too little time will inevitably result in over packing! I usually like to allot 2 hours to pack, this way I can take my time (and usually have time leftover.) It also gives me a good excuse to throw on a movie that’s been on my watch list for months.

Begin with a color palette

My general rule is to opt for 3 main colors supported by neutrals, but you can play around with color palettes based on what you own. Not confident in color pairing? Think cool tones vs. warm tones. For example, blues, violets, and greens would be cool tones. Oranges, reds, and yellows would be warm tones. Sprinkle in neutrals where you think they look best.

Pack in Outfits

If you take only one thing away from this article, let it be this. This way, you’re not stuck with a bunch of tops taking up space in your suitcase with no way to wear them once you get to your destination. I like to physically lay out my clothes on my bed to see how the outfits will look once they’re on. This allows me to visualize my outfits for the week as well as create mix-and-match options to utilize the items I pack in more than one look.

Limit the amount of denim you pack

Denim is heavy and adds extra lbs to your suitcase. Not to mention – it takes up a ridiculous amount of space. Instead, choose one great pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down. Live in your jeans? Try chambray as an alternative for this getaway. It’s more summery, lightweight, and can have a very similar look to denim. (Just make sure that the place you’re going has a steamer or an iron, as chambray can get wrinkled pretty easily.)

Follow the Two Bag Rule

One large tote can be used as your carry on and can fit all of your necessities for the week. Plan on this being your daytime bag, so it should go with every outfit. Your second bag should be of the evening variety – a clutch, a crossbody, or the like. I like my tote to be neutral and versatile, and my evening bag to be a statement piece. 

Limit the number of shoes you pack

Now as much as it pains me to say it, limit the number of shoes you pack. Take this from a serious shoe addict – they add so much weight to your luggage it can make the traveling experience more stressful. Instead, pack a casual day shoe, a comfy walking shoe, and a sexy evening shoe. For good measure, incorporate variety with a flat, a low heel, and a high heel.

Pile on the accessories at the end

You’ve already planned your outfits for the week, so you know which accessories you need. Bring a variety so you can increase the styling options for the few garments that you pack. Jewelry, belts, sunglasses, scarves — whatever makes you happiest! Personally, I love a great pair of head-turning earrings. Statement jewelry can easily elevate your daytime look for an evening on the town. These items are small and can be tucked inside of larger items to save space, too! 

Save your necessities until the morning of travel

If you’re flying out at 10 am, pack things like your toothbrush, comb, and charger at the last minute. You’ll most likely need them before you leave your house anyway, and digging them out of a packed bag will only stress you out and make a mess. 

Feel like shopping now? Take a look at some of my summertime recommendations below. These, paired with the aforementioned tips, hopefully, prepare you for a seamless packing experience and a lovely holiday away!

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