winter snowstorm

Snowmaggedon! New Jersey’s Record Breaking Snowstorms

New Jersey is no stranger to heavy snowfall, especially in the winter months. The state has experienced some of the most extreme snowstorms in its history, breaking records and causing disruptions. Whether you love or hate snow, you will be amazed by the facts behind these extreme snowfall ever recorded in New Jersey.

winter snowstorm

New Jersey Record Snowfall

New Jersey record breaking snowfall occurred twice, once in 2016 and another time during the snowstorm of 1905. It was one of the most severe winter events in New Jersey history, affecting the lives of millions of residents.

The most snowfall ever recorded in New Jersey was 30 inches, which occurred twice: once on January 23, 2016 in Somerset County and once on January 26, 1905 in Sussex County. These two events are tied for the highest snowfall in the entire Northeast region of the United States. 

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The second most snowfall in the state was 29.8 inches, which fell on December 27, 2010 in Union County. This snowstorm was part of a larger blizzard that affected much of the East Coast, leaving millions of people without power and shutting down airports and roads. 

The third most snowfall in New Jersey was 29.5 inches, which accumulated on January 8, 1996 in Essex County. This snowstorm was also a massive blizzard that dumped snow from Virginia to Maine, creating drifts as high as 10 feet and killing hundreds of people. 

These snowstorms have challenged the residents and authorities of New Jersey, but also created some memorable and beautiful scenes. Many people have enjoyed skiing, sledding, snowball fights, and building snowmen in the aftermath of these record-breaking snowfalls.

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