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Snowpocalypses! Ohio Record Breaking Snowstorms

Ohio is a state with diverse and extreme weather, including heavy snowfall in some regions. The state has some of the highest snowfall records in the United States. Below we will go over the record breaking snowstorms in Ohio.

Ohio Record Snowfall

The most snowfall ever recorded in Ohio was 30 inches on April 20, 1901 in Trumbull County, which is located in the northeastern part of the state. This snowfall was caused by a strong low-pressure system that moved across the Great Lakes and brought cold air and moisture to the region. 

The snow was so deep that it covered the roofs of houses and cars, and made travel impossible for several days. The snow also damaged crops and trees, and caused power outages and flooding.

winter snowstorm

Second Highest Snowfall in Ohio

The second highest snowfall in Ohio was 26.5 inches on December 23, 2004 in Warren County, which is in the southwest. This snowfall was the result of a powerful winter storm that affected much of the eastern and central United States. 

The storm produced strong winds, heavy snow, freezing rain, and thunderstorms. The snow accumulated rapidly and created drifts of up to 10 feet. The snow disrupted air and road traffic, closed schools and businesses, and left thousands of people without electricity and heat.

winter snowstorm

Third Record Breaking Snowfall in Ohio

The third highest snowfall in Ohio was 25 inches on the same day as the first one, April 20, 1901, in Licking County, which is in the central region. 

This snowfall was part of the same low-pressure system that affected Trumbull County, but it was more intense in Licking County because of its higher elevation and proximity to the Appalachian Mountains. 

The snow was wet and heavy, and it resulted in collapsed roofs. The snow also caused widespread flooding, as the melting snow combined with the spring rains and overflowed the rivers and streams.

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Fourth Highest Snowfall

The fourth highest snowfall in Ohio was 24 inches on January 17, 1994 in Gallia County, which is in the southeast. This snowfall was associated with a massive blizzard that swept across the Midwest and the Northeast. 

The blizzard brought frigid temperatures, gusty winds, and blinding snow. The snow piled up quickly and created huge drifts that blocked roads and railways. The snow also caused numerous accidents, injuries, and fatalities. The blizzard was one of the worst weather disasters in Ohio’s history.

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Fifth Highest Snowfall in Ohio

The fifth highest snowfall in Ohio was 22 inches on February 16, 2003 in Monroe County, which is in the east. This snowfall was part of a large winter storm that affected many states from the Plains to the East Coast. 

The storm produced heavy snow, ice, and sleet, and created hazardous driving conditions. The snow was so thick that it buried cars and stranded many motorists and travelers. The snow also caused power outages, roof collapses, and school closures. The storm was one of the most severe snowstorms in Ohio’s recent history.

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