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Life in Pleasantville, NY: Maya Sheinberg of Beneboon

Maya Sheinberg is a mother of two and founder of successful gifting company, Beneboon. She took time off her busy schedule to talk to Suburbs 101 about her move to Westchester and to give us a peek into her life in Pleasantville, NY.

Many people are moving out to the suburbs these days. Any advice you can give to someone who is looking to move to Westchester?

Moving to the suburbs is always an adjustment, especially if you’re coming from a city. Take the time to research different communities and school districts, so that you can be sure to choose the best place for you and your family.

Describe your move back to Westchester and specifically to Pleasantville, NY. Why did you decide to move to Westchester? Why did you decide to move to Pleasantville?

I grew up in Westchester, and I always pictured raising my children in Westchester. After living in New York City with a child and having plans for a second one, it was time for more space and less noise! It took us a full year to find our home. We checked out a bunch of Westchester towns, starting as far south as Hastings-on-Hudson, and as far north as Somers. We decided on Pleasantville/Armonk when we found the right house in one of the best school districts in Westchester. The fact that it is absolutely beautiful
around here also helped make that decision!

Why do you like living in Pleasantville? How would you describe Pleasantville residents?

We live right where Pleasantville, Armonk, and Chappaqua meet – it’s an excellent location in Westchester! Though our house has a Pleasantville post office address, we live in the Byram Hills School District. The Byram Hills School District is an excellent school district in Westchester. My girls are so lucky to have all the extra opportunities that are available to them. We live in a lovely area with supportive neighbors, which is always helpful, especially when the kids were young. I also love this location for its convenience to the nearby towns and highways.

Did you know anyone when you moved to Pleasantville? Any advice for newcomers on the best way to meet people?

We didn’t really know anyone when we first moved to Pleasantville, but it didn’t take long before I started bumping into old friends and acquaintances from growing up and from living in Manhattan. Also, because I grew up in Westchester, quite a few of my friends live in Westchester county. So having friends nearby and my family too relieved a lot of pressure in the beginning. If you have little children, preschool, playgroups and parent & me classes are a great way to meet people. There are lots to choose from!

What has your experience been with schools in the Byram Hills School District?

We have found that the Byram Hills School District offers so many opportunities, as well as support for our girls. The teachers and the administration are engaged and invested in the students’ education and progress. I know it’s not like this everywhere, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this public school system.

What has your experience been with the Metro North train commute from Pleasantville to NYC?

My husband used to commute on a regular basis from Plesantville to Manhattan. Because of the location of our home, train station parking permits were easily obtained from the Town of Mount Pleasant, and he would park in the Hawthorne station, about 8-10 minutes from home. The trip to Grand Central is just under 50 minutes, and he would use this time to read, listen to podcasts, and relax. He actually enjoyed it!

You started Beneboon. Tell me more about it.

Beneboon is a gifting business that offers handpicked gift arrangements that are filled with high-end, responsibly-made, and useful items to indulge in and elevate our busy, everyday lives. It’s a modern day answer to gift baskets. We offer gifts for any occasion large or small for business needs or for your BFF. We also provide a service for custom corporate arrangements, and have ready-to-ship options too!

beneboon gift box

About Maya Sheinberg

Maya Sheinberg co-founded Beneboon in 2019 with her husband Roy. Growing up in the jewelry business, Maya inherited her father’s eye for design and has always focused on the beauty in things and appreciated well-made, quality items. After staying home and raising her two daughters, Maya’s creative juices needed an outlet and she started working in floral design, first as a hobby and then in a shop. Her work utilizing color, texture and form perfectly translates into the skills she needs to curate Beneboon’s gift arrangements.

About Beneboon

Beneboon was born out of creative expression and a need to find beautiful, thoughtful, and cohesive gifts that stand apart from anything else. Maya, Founder & Designer, is passionate about making each gift arrangement thoughtful & meaningful. Relentlessly hunting for the best products to create the perfect packages that wow! Her background in floral design seamlessly transitioned to curating gift arrangements. Just like creating a centerpiece, each package has harmony, balance, and unity. Add quality and function, and you have a gift like no other! Website: Follow Beneboon on Facebook and Instagram.


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