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9 Reasons Why I’m Skipping Port Days on My Next Cruise

Cruising is a great way to explore multiple destinations in a short amount of time. But do you really need to go down at every single port, or can you skip some of them? Here are reasons why you might want to stay on the ship during your next port call.

Reasons to Stay on the Cruise Ship While in Port

1. You’ve been there Before

If you’ve been to a particular port before and this is a repeat visit, you may want to just stay on the ship. Relaxing on an empty ship can be a great way to unwind and enjoy the amenities without the crowds.

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2. The Cruise Port is Far from the Main Tourist Attraction

It’s not uncommon for cruise ships to dock far from the main tourist attractions. If you don’t want to make the trek, you may want to stay on the ship. 

For example, during our British Isles cruise, our ship docked at Greenock, which was 45 minutes away from Glasgow. We overslept that day, so by the time we got up, we realized we didn’t have enough time to go back and forth to Glasgow. Instead, we took a quick walk around Greenock, but there wasn’t much to see. After that, we went right back to our ship.

Reasons to Stay on the Cruise Ship While at Port

3. Port Day Discounts

Cruise ships usually offer discounts during port days. If you’re looking to pamper yourself on a cruise, you’ll be happy to know that many cruise ships offer discounts on spa services during port days. To take advantage of these discounts, it’s a good idea to book your spa day on one of the port days.

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4. Get Away from the Crowd

If you’re looking to escape the crowds, staying on the ship during port days can be a great option. Most people leave early in the morning, so by late morning, the buffet is less crowded and the pool and hot tub are empty. It’s the perfect time to relax and enjoy the amenities without the crowds.

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5. Take a Break from Back to Back Port Days

If you’re on a cruise itinerary with back-to-back port days, it can get pretty exhausting to be out sightseeing every single day. To give yourself a break, consider making your own sea day. 

It’s a great opportunity to relax and take it easy, and enjoy the amenities on board the ship. You could catch up on some reading, take a dip in the pool, or indulge in a spa treatment. It’s your vacation, so make sure you take some time to recharge your batteries.

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6. Raining or Bad Weather

If it’s raining or the temperature is just too hot, it’s best to stay on the ship. You’ll just be miserable sightseeing or shopping when the weather is bad. You’re better off enjoying a day watching a movie on the ship and having a leisurely lunch.

Reasons to Stay on the Cruise Ship While at Port

7. Travel Advisory

Sometimes, popular cruise ports are put on a travel advisory by the US Department of State. For example, the travel advisory for The Bahamas was recently increased to Level 2 due to crime and water safety issues. If you don’t feel comfortable being at that cruise port, then it’s best to stay onboard the ship.  

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8. Get on the Rides You Want

If you’re looking to ride the popular attractions on a cruise ship without having to wait in long lines, staying onboard during port days is a smart move. You can enjoy the waterslides, go on the race car, play mini-golf, and go on the roller coaster – all without having to line up.

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9. Enjoy the Cruise Ship Activities without the Crowd

If you’re looking to enjoy the cruise ship activities without the crowds, staying on the ship during port days is a great option. You can join seminars, participate in cruise trivia, sing karaoke or learn to dance. Then, go enjoy the afternoon tea – it’s a nice leisurely way to spend the day.

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