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9 Reasons Why People Regret Moving to Florida

Are you planning to move to Florida? Before you make that big decision, here are 9 reasons why some people regret moving to Florida. These insights might just save you from making a mistake that you’ll end up regretting.

Reasons Why People Regret Moving to Florida

1. Reality Is Not What They Imagined

Some people regret moving to Florida because the reality is not what they imagined. Many people who dream of moving to Florida imagine a vacation lifestyle, life in a tropical paradise with stunning beaches. Unfortunately, the reality of living in Florida can be a bit different from what they had envisioned. 

After the initial excitement wears off, people must contend with the daily grind of commuting, crowded beaches, and the weather. Florida residents also have to deal with heavy traffic, which can be a real challenge. In short, living in Florida is not always the idyllic vacation lifestyle that many people imagine.

Reasons why people regret moving to Florida

2. Shocked by the High Property Taxes 

Some people regret moving to Florida because they don’t realize how high the property taxes are. Homebuyers often make the mistake of assuming that their property tax will be similar to the previous owner’s, without realizing that their property will be reassessed based on the purchase price. 

This typically results in a higher tax bill that catches new homeowners off guard. It’s a common scenario where people are shocked by the amount they have to pay in real estate taxes making them regret moving to Florida.

3. Hot and Humid Summer

Many people regret moving to Florida because they don’t realize how hot and humid the summer is there. They might have visited for a few days, maybe during the winter months. Then, when they move in, the reality hits them that Florida summers can get unbearable. Summer temperatures in Florida can be as high as 90F to 95F, and with the added humidity, it can feel like 100F to 110F. 

4. Traffic Can Be Bad

One thing that people who move to Florida don’t realize is that traffic can get bad. They are imagining a more leisurely pace of life, but some cities in Florida experience extremely heavy traffic. 

For example, according to the Tom Tom Traffic Index, Miami is the 10th most congested city in the United States, with a rush hour speed of just 20 miles per hour. Similarly, Cape Coral-Fort Myers ranks as the 24th most congested area in America, with a slow crawl of 27 mph during peak hours. To make matters worse, public transportation in Florida is generally poor, so most people drive.

Reasons why people regret moving to Florida

5. Insects are a Problem

Many people who move to Florida are caught off guard by the pest problems that homeowners often face. Due to its subtropical climate, Florida is home to a wide variety of pests like cockroaches, termites, and carpenter ants. 

One of the most alarming pests in Florida is the American cockroach, often referred to as the Palmetto bug. These are not your typical cockroaches; they are much larger, measuring 2-3 inches, and can even fly! Yes, they have wings. 

Another pest that plagues Florida homes is termites. Termites can cause significant damage to homes, especially in South Florida, where they are most prevalent.

6. Climate Change

Climate change is an often overlooked issue in Florida that has caused many people to regret their decision to move there. The rise in sea levels is a direct result of climate change, and experts predict that by 2100, a significant portion of Florida’s coastal land will be submerged in water. 

Rising sea levels are not the only concern; more intense storms will increase storm surge, putting Florida at risk. With miles of shoreline and low-lying coastal topography, much of Florida and its coastal population are vulnerable to these impacts. 

XDI, a climate risk specialist, has released a report that says Florida, outside of China, is the most vulnerable state in the world to suffer economic damages due to climate change. This vulnerability is primarily because of the state’s geography, which includes over 1,200 miles of coastline. The Florida Energy and Climate Commission reported that the majority of Florida’s 18 million residents live within 60 miles of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.

7. High Homeowner’s Insurance

Some people are leaving Florida because of the high homeowner insurance premiums. In fact, Florida has the highest home insurance cost in the entire country, approximately 3.5 times the national average. 

Unfortunately, the premiums are continuing to rise. The main reasons behind this surge are the hurricanes, rising sea levels, and increased fraud and litigation, which have made Florida a risky place for insurance companies.

8. High HOA Fees

Some people regret moving to Florida because the cost of living has increased significantly. Homeowner’s Association (HOA) fees have been on the rise, particularly since the collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo building in Surfside in 2021. 

This tragic event led to new condo regulations that require HOAs to evaluate the safety of condo buildings regularly. As a result, condo associations are now required to collect more money to cover the cost of maintenance and repairs if necessary.

9. It’s Expensive to Live in Florida

Many individuals who moved to Florida are now regretting their decision due to the increasing cost of rent in the state. In fact, Miami, Tampa, and Cape Coral are among the top 20 cities with the most expensive rent rates in the nation. 

Surprisingly, in certain areas, Florida’s rental prices even surpass California’s! For example, the average rent in North Port, FL is $2382, which is higher than the rent in Sacramento, California ($2,234)!

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