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10 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing on a Cruise

Planning to go on a cruise soon? Well, then you might want to go through these tips to avoid missing out on the best things to do on a cruise! Otherwise, you’ll regret not doing them! Also, I’m sharing my travel website password tracker as a free printable below.

Things You’ll Regret Not Doing on a Cruise

1. Not Eating Breakfast in Bed (or Balcony)

Don’t miss out on one of the best things about taking a cruise – breakfast in bed! Be sure to order room service breakfast at least once during your trip and savor it while lounging in bed. If you have a balcony, take your breakfast outside and relish the stunning views of the ocean.

This is a unique experience that’s only possible on a cruise ship, so make sure you take advantage of it. You wouldn’t want to look back and regret not indulging in this luxurious experience.

Things You'll Regret Not Doing on a Cruise Ship

2. Not Watching the Sunrise

Watching the sunrise on a cruise ship is a truly unique experience that you should not miss out on. It’s an exhilarating feeling to witness the burst of sunrise from the balcony or the deck of a cruise ship. 

The calm and quiet atmosphere during the early hours of the day adds to the experience, making it even more special. I love waking up early to watch the sunrise and then heading to the buffet for breakfast afterward. Nothing beats the feeling of having the buffet all to yourself, with no one else around! 

And if you’re not an early bird, no worries—instead of the sunrise, catch the sunset! Either way, it’s a not-to-be-missed experience that you’ll always remember.

3. Not Watching an Outdoor Movie

One of the most memorable experiences on our Alaska cruise was watching an outdoor movie on the pool deck. Despite the chilly weather, the crew provided blankets for everyone, so we were all cozy and warm. 

They even arranged pool deck chairs with special cushions for movie nights. It was such a treat to lie down on a deck chair outside at night, watching a movie under the stunning night sky. If you’re on a cruise that offers outdoor movies, don’t miss it! 

4. Not Eating in the Main Dining Room for Breakfast

Many cruisers often miss out on the experience of having breakfast in the main dining room. I know it can be challenging to wake up early for breakfast, especially if you prefer sleeping in, but you should try it at least once! 

The full-service breakfast with servers, white tablecloth, and cooked-to-order meals is truly worth it. I personally love ordering eggs benedict, while my kids can’t get enough of the pancakes and French toast. My husband always goes for the cooked-to-order omelets. 

Although the buffet offers similar breakfast options, it’s not the same as having freshly cooked food served to you in the main dining room. Once you try it, you’ll understand why I’m hooked on it. Trust me, it’s a much better experience than the buffet breakfast!

5. Not Going to the Buffet on Theme Nights

It’s a shame that cruisers often miss out on the buffet theme nights. Most people prefer to dine in the main dining room for dinner and skip the buffet that evening. 

But there’s a simple solution to this problem. If there’s a theme night that catches your eye, why not do both? You could eat in the main dining room and then drop by the buffet to check it out. Personally, I like to go to the buffet to graze and have a little snack so that I can sample the buffet theme night. Some might find this excessive, but I’m a foodie!

Things You'll Regret Not Doing on a Cruise Ship

6. Not Trying All the Restaurants on the Ship

It’s a common regret among cruisers that they don’t explore all the restaurants available on the ship. Most people tend to stick to the main dining room and the buffet, without realizing that there are many smaller eateries throughout the ship that are free (different from the specialty restaurants). 

For example, Norwegian Cruise Line has a great pub, where you can indulge in some tasty fish and chips. Princess Cruise has a trattoria that serves fantastic pizza. And if you’re a fan of hotdogs, Royal Caribbean has a great takeout place. 

Don’t miss out on what the cruise has to offer, take the time to explore all of the ship’s restaurants. And the best part? It’s all free!

7. Not Buying at Least One Cruise Vacation Photo

It’s a shame that some people miss out on the cruise photos. These are the passengers who shy away from the camera and avoid getting their pictures taken. Don’t be that passenger—you’ll regret it! 

Buying a photo of your cruise vacation is priceless, and it will bring a smile to your face whenever you look back at the memories. I know cruise photos are expensive, but it’s worth it—even if you just buy one photo!

8. Not Booking Shore Excursions

Many people who go on a cruise often regret not booking shore excursions. I, myself, am guilty of this. During my first cruise with my husband, which was our honeymoon in the Mediterranean, we didn’t book any shore excursions.

We thought it was too expensive and thought we could wing it. So, we ended up wasting our time wandering around the cruise port aimlessly. Looking back, it was such a waste. I mean, I was in Europe and didn’t get to see its famous sights!

9. Not Participating in the Cruise Activities

Many people regret not participating in the cruise activities. Maybe it’s because they feel shy and don’t want to volunteer to join. But the truth is, this is your chance to have some fun and make good memories! 

Don’t worry about what others might think, because chances are, you’ll probably never see them again. So go ahead and volunteer to be in the game show or belly flop competition. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime fun that you shouldn’t miss out on!

10. Not Chatting with the Cruise Staff

One of the things people do on a cruise is keep to themselves. They don’t talk to the cruise staff. On your next cruise, talk to your server or cabin steward. Get to know them. You will find it fascinating to learn about their life on the ship. It’s a totally different world. 

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