Ritz Carlton Aruba: Perfect Family Vacation

Why I’ll Go Back to the Ritz Carlton Aruba

Living in the Northeast, I will take any opportunity I can get to plan a beach family vacation. I’ve been to several islands in the Caribbean but it was my first time in Aruba. Predictable weather was top of mind when I was choosing a new spot for our family vacation and Aruba seemed like a safe choice because it is out of the hurricane zone. Here are the reasons why I would plan another family vacation at the Ritz Carlton Aruba.

Kid-Friendly Beach in Aruba

When I was planning our family vacation, it was important to have a kid-friendly beach. I did not want a beach filled with seaweed or a beach where the water is rough. The Ritz Carlton Aruba is perfect for a family vacation. It is located in a beautiful beachfront property that is very kid-friendly. The water is calm and shallow. The sand is perfect- very fine and white. The beach is perfect for kids. As a mom, I usually err on the side of caution but because of the kid-friendly beach conditions, I was OK with letting my 7 and 10 year old get on a kayak on their own without an adult riding with them.

Tip: Aruba is hot. It is near the equator so the sun is intense. Make sure to reapply sunblock and try to get the highest SPF sunblock you can find. Don’t forget to bring hats especially for your kids. Even though it is hot, the good thing is there is always a breeze in Aruba. It can get very windy so make sure to bring hats with chin straps so you are not chasing after hats.

Family Vacation Ritz Carlton Aruba
Aruba Beach- Calm Water
Family Vacation Ritz Carlton Aruba
Complimentary Paddleboard rentals at the Ritz Carlton Aruba

Complimentary Non-Motorized Water Sports at Ritz Carlton Aruba

Guests of Ritz Carlton Aruba have unlimited use of non-motorized water sports equipment. My kids took advantage of this perk every day. We used the kayaks, stand up paddleboards, paddle boats, and Zayaks (a flotation device with a viewing window). Snorkeling gear was also available for guests.

Family Vacation Ritz Carlton Aruba
Kids love the complimentary Zayak rentals at the Ritz Carlton Aruba

Love that the Ritz Carlton is the Last Beach on the Strip

Almost all the resorts in Aruba are located on one strip. The Ritz Carlton Aruba is the last resort on the strip so the beach is less busy and more private. Since beaches in Aruba are public, being located at the end of the strip is a big plus.

Service on the Beach

I love going on vacation and eating on the beach! However, sometimes, the problem is it is hard to track down a server. At the Ritz Carlton Aruba, the servers are on Segways so you will often find one zooming by your lounge chair ready to serve.

Ice Cold Beer at the beach in Aruba
Ice Cold Beer at the Ritz Carlton Aruba
Lunch at the beach in Aruba
Beachside Lunch at the Ritz Carlton Aruba

Easy Walk to Restaurants and Shops

Even though the Ritz Carlton is at the end of the strip, it is within a 10-minute walk to a nearby outdoor mall. The mall has many restaurants and shops. Plus it is a scenic walk because you are walking on a path along the beach.

Aruba Downtown
Shops at Downtown Aruba

Exceptional Club Level Service at the Ritz Carlton Aruba

I’ve been to many Ritz Carlton club lounges and I’d say this is one of the best ones ever. The service is exceptional. When they found out my son has a nut-allergy, not only did they make sure to prepare nut-free dishes for him but they had it ready for him whenever we walked in. And what I like is there is always a kid-friendly dish so I don’t have to order off the room service menu for the kids.

Club Lounge at Ritz Carlton Aruba
Club Lounge at the Ritz Carlton Aruba

The Spa at the Ritz Carlton Aruba is Amazing

The spa facilities are amazing. As a guest, you have unlimited access to the jacuzzi, relaxation lounge and saunas. I love the outdoor jacuzzi, it was such a treat and it made me feel like I got away. There were thoughtful touches that I liked such as complimentary sugar scrubs and complimentary snacks and drinks in the relaxation lounge. Plus it was never crowded, in fact, the few times I went it was almost always empty. What a treat to have the jacuzzi all to myself!

Jacuzzi at the Ritz Carlton Aruba
Jacuzzi at the Ritz Carlton Aruba
Sugar Scrubs at Ritz Carlton Aruba
Sugar Scrubs at the Ritz Carlton Aruba
Ritz Carlton Aruba Spa
Complimentary Snacks at the Ritz Carlton Aruba Spa

The Hiccups

Don’t get me wrong, we did experience a few hiccups during our stay. I’m not crazy about the housekeeping as there was one incident where our room was not cleaned early enough in the day. Coming back to dirty towels and unmade beds after a day at the beach was not fun! However, they did make up for it and housekeeping really improved the rest of our stay. We also had some issues with beachside food and beverage service. However, despite all that, I’m already planning our next family vacation to the Ritz Carlton Aruba.

Aruba Oceanview
Oceanfront Room at the Ritz Carlton Aruba
Ritz Carlton Aruba Bathroom
Typical Ritz Carlton Bathroom
Ritz Kids
Ritz Kids at the Ritz Carlton Aruba
Ritz Carlton Aruba Balcony
Balcony at the Ritz Carlton Aruba

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