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The 3 Latest Netflix Scams to Watch Out For (Know the Red Flags)

Are you a Netflix customer? If so, being aware of the latest Netflix scams is important. Falling for them could be disastrous, so it’s important to stay alert. Below are real life examples of victims of the latest Netflix scams that you need to know about so you don’t become a victim yourself! 

1. Fake Netflix Email

This latest Netflix scam is an email phishing scam. Here is how it works: the scammer first sends an email to you claiming that your Netflix subscription has expired or that your billing information needs to be updated. 

If you click on the link provided in the email, you will be directed to a fake website that looks similar to the official Netflix website. The scammers then trick you into entering your credit card details, which they use to steal your money. Below are real-life examples from Better Business Bureau. Make sure to be alert and keep an eye out for similar emails so you don’t fall for them! 

Netflix scams

Here is a fake Netflix email reported by a New Mexico resident in April 2024.

“Scammer sent me email saying my Netflix account expired. And it looked like it could have been an email from Netflix. Within the body of the email it said credit card would not be charged but was needed for identification purposes only. As soon as I put in my credit card information I was charged $189.95 for a subscription to a place called “Healthy Habbits Hub 2024”. Which does have a web site with contact information, a refund policy, and an avenue to register an account to begin purchasing items. However, the entire web site is a scam. None of their contact info is legit and it’s not possible to register an account.”

Here is a fake Netflix email reported by a Louisiana resident in November 2023.

“Received an email saying it was Netflix, asking to update my billing information. It look very real! I checked my Netflix account and everything was correct. I checked the actual email address on the email and it was from a personal iCloud account!”

Here is a fake Netflix email reported by a Minnesota resident in December of 2023. 

“Received an e-mail stating my Netflix subscription expired. Included an offer to renew for 90 days for free but had to enter a credit card for validation of the account (with a promise that they would not withdraw any amount).”

Here is a fake Netflix email in July 2023 and the victim lost $168.

“Company posed as Netflex updating payment information. Recently Netflix announced they are going to make changes to accounts because of individals sharing multiple login with others without an account. The Email was asking to verify name ,email and payment information. I entered the requested info. After I hit enter the email disappeared and mintues later I was notified by my bank I was charged $138.85 and $29.95 for membership and a diet. Nothing about Netflix. I notified my bank immediately my debit card was canceled however the amounts were in pending transactions. Bank opened an investigation to try to get my money back.”

Netflix scams

2. Google Search Results Produce an Incorrect Netflix Customer Service Number

There have been several reports of Netflix customers falling victim to this scam. It usually starts with the person needing to contact Netflix regarding their account, but instead of going to the Netflix website directly to get the Netflix customer service number, they do a quick search on Google instead. 

Unfortunately, the Google search result is inaccurate, and it brings up a fake phone number belonging to scammers. The Netflix customer, believing Google to be trustworthy, calls the fake Netflix phone number and ends up speaking to the scammer and giving them their credit card information. One of the victims even lost $1200 as a result of this Netflix scam! Below are real-life examples of victims you got scammed. Learn from their mistakes. Don’t trust Google search results; they can bring up fake phone numbers!

Here is a real life report by a Nebraska resident in March 2024.

“I did a quick Google search for Netflix Customer Service phone number. This number came up 877-421-4001, foolishly I called it. The purpose of my call was to switch my paid subscription to a free with T-Mobile account. The “scammer” who answered posed as a Netflix employee. He was knowledgeable of all the Netflix plans, pricing, etc. He said if I gave him 2-3 hours (first red flag) he could “merge” my existing account with a new T-Mobile free account. He then said he needed an external browser added to my computer, and tried to get me to download a program to my computer. At that time I told him I did not trust him, and would not enter that information on my computer. Before I could hang up he tried very hard to convince me, even questioning why I would question him. He said, “Ma’am, I am trying to help you!! Why would you question me?!” and sounded offended. DO NOT trust googling these numbers. I had a similar experience trying to reach Apple Customer Service in the fall.”

Here is a Netflix victim from Kentucky who lost $1200 in April 2024.

“I realize that I was paying for 2 Netflix accounts. I called the number provided by Google search and a guy named Max was asking me a lot of questions. He told me that I was hacked. I couldn’t get into the account to cancel. After he had me download an app he then asked if I had a Venmo or cash app. This is when I got suspicious. Then he wanted me to open my bank account to get to Zelle. I told him I had to call him back. I reverse checked phone number it showed up legit. When I called it connected but sounded like a stream of water running. Never said it was Netflix. Unfortunately, I don’t check charges often then I realized they got me for approximately $1200 over time.”

3. Beware of Netflix PopUp

Another Netflix scam that’s been reported is a popup that appears while you’re watching Netflix. The popup says your account has been hacked and that you need to call the phone number directly. The scammer then asks for your credit card information. 

Here is an Illinois resident who fell victim to the Netflix scam. In April 2024, she lost $499.

“My wife was watching Netflix, and a popup appeared on her TV saying that her account had been hacked. She called the phone number as directed by the scam and was connected to someone who said she needed to contact her bank. She must have given them enough info to initiate a Zelle payment of approximately $499.”

How to Protect Yourself from These Common Netflix Scams

When you receive any email from Netflix regarding subscription renewal or updating your billing information, the first step is to give it a closer look. Is the email really from Netflix? Does the email address seem suspicious, with random letters and numbers that do not make sense? Is the email poorly written, with spelling and grammatical mistakes? 

The next step is to verify the email address. Go straight to Netflix to confirm the email. You could call Netflix directly to check your account and confirm the subscription renewal details. Remember, never call the customer service phone number on the email, since it is probably a fake phone number- the scammer’s number!

Also, do not just do a quick Google search online to look up Netflix’s phone number since the Google search results may bring up a fake, scammer phone number. Make sure that you find the legitimate Netflix website and get the phone number from there.

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