Virginia Rodriguez Perlado

From Houston to Rye: Meet Virginia Rodriguez of Colorá Health Coaching

Join us for an exclusive interview with Virginia Rodriguez Perlado, founder of Colorá Health Coaching. She moved from Houston to Rye last July. In this interview, she shares her experience of moving to Rye, why she loves living in Rye, and how she helps her clients achieve optimal health and wellness through health coaching.

Describe your Move from Houston, TX to Rye, NY. Why Did You Decide to Move to Westchester County?

Last July, we moved to Rye after living in Houston for 7 years. Rye is not unfamiliar to us, since we had spent 9 years living in Rye before moving to Houston. And the amazing thing is that we moved back to the same house in Rye! 

Virginia Rodriguez Perlado

What Made You Decide to Move to Rye?

We knew we wanted to be in Westchester and we fell in love with Rye when we first visited in 2007. We looked around in other towns like Larchmont but we didn’t find any house we liked. 

Then we found our house in Rye. It was completely renovated and walking distance to the train station, which was very important for us. We also loved the town, it’s charming, convenient, full of nice restaurants and stores. 

We also wanted our children to attend the best school district possible, and our friends in Westchester had great things to say about the Rye City School district. So we made up our minds and moved to Rye. We are so happy to be back living here!

Where in Rye Do You Live in?

Our house is on Midland Avenue, a short walk from the Rye train station. We love the convenience of living so close to the station!

What are the Major Differences Between Living in Rye, NY versus Houston, TX?

Houston is a city that you have to live in to fully appreciate. It has amazing restaurants, cultural attractions, NASA, Rodeo, sports, and the nicest people. It is also very international. 

In that way, it is similar to Rye (and NYC), which also has a vibrant, fun, and international vibe. However, where we lived in Houston (in the Memorial area), we found it easier to get to downtown, only 20 minutes by car. The Memorial area also had a more urban feel, unlike Rye, which is a smaller and cozier town. 

Houston is modern, with well-maintained highways, while NY looks a bit older, but I think Rye has more charm and artistry. Both cities offer great opportunities for work, and I met many smart and professional people in both places. They are two of the best cities in the country, in my opinion!

Virginia Rodriguez Perlado

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Rye, NY

Pros of Living in Rye

  1. Excellent town
  2. Nice people
  3. Awesome schools
  4. Easy train ride to Manhattan
  5. Great house

Cons of Living in Rye 

  1. Relatively small
  2. Traffic to drive into Manhattan

How Would You Describe Rye Residents?

Rye residents are really friendly, warm and willing to help.

Virginia Rodriguez Perlado

Did you Know Anyone when you Moved to Rye, NY? 

We were lucky to have friends living in Westchester when we first moved to Rye. We got to know many people through our kids’ schools and sports activities.

Being from Spain, I was happy to find a strong Spanish community in Westchester. I met a ton of people from Spain and we still meet very regularly to socialize.

I also expanded my network through my work. My husband, who is a partner at PwC, also introduced me to some of his colleagues who became our friends. 

Any Advice for Newcomers on the Best Way to Meet People in Rye, NY?

One of the best ways to meet people in Rye is to get involved in the school’s PTO. You can also make friends at gyms and work. I remember there was a Newcomers club that I was introduced to when I first moved to Rye.

Virginia Rodriguez Perlado

Where Do You Workout in Rye? 

We started out at the YMCA, where we enjoyed the gym, kids’ sports, and camps. I also took yoga classes at the Wainwright house, which I highly recommend. Now we are members at Lifetime, where we have access to great facilities, pools, and group classes.

Are You a Member of a Country Club?

We never joined a Country club, because we travel frequently and we are happy with Lifetime. However, many of our friends are members of Shenorock and American Yacht Club, and they love it!

How Old are Your Kids? What are Your Favorite Things to Do with Kids? 

I have two boys, Ryan, who is 12, and Ethan, who is 18. Ethan is studying at Boston College and playing on the BC basketball team as a walk-on. We visit him often and travel a lot to watch his games. 

Ryan is in 7th grade at Rye Middle School. He enjoys basketball, track and field, and sailing. Rye has excellent opportunities for sports, with great coaches and leagues. Both of my boys have been playing sports since they were 3 years old. It has been a wonderful way for them to socialize, make new friends, and learn valuable skills.

Virginia Rodriguez Perlado

Any Favorite Restaurants in Rye that You can Recommend?

We have many favorite restaurants in Rye that we can recommend. For lunch or dinner, we enjoy Ruby’s Oyster Bar & Bistro. For Italian cuisine, we go to Rafele, which is outstanding. 

For pizza, we like Sunrise Pizza. For drinks or dinner with friends, we choose Rye Grill & Bar. For Asian food, we prefer Water Moon.

For a varied menu, we go to Village Social, which has something for everyone. For healthier burgers, we head to Bareburger

If we’re craving healthy salads and bowls, we head over to Rye Ridge Plaza in Rye Brook for Cava and Chop’t. Lots of excellent choices!

What has Your Experience been with Schools in Rye?

My kids attended a private Montessori school in Mamaroneck (Liberty Montessori) from 18 months to 5 years old. It was an amazing experience! 

Then Ethan went to Midland School in Rye for Elementary school, which was excellent in both academics and social skills. As a result, he was identified as Gifted and Talented when we moved to Houston. 

After moving back from Houston, Ryan started 7th grade at Rye Middle school and I have been very impressed with the teachers, counselors, organization, and kids. It was an adjustment for Ryan coming from Houston but everyone was supportive and willing to help. He adjusted very well and kept up his excellent grades!

Do You or Your Husband Commute to New York City? 

We don’t commute to NYC every day, but we live very close to the train station (a 7-minute walk). So whenever we have meetings or events in NYC, we can easily take the train from Rye station.

How Long Does it Take to Commute from Rye to New York City? 

It usually takes between 45 min to an hour to commute from Rye to Grand Central, depending on the train you take. 

What has your Experience been with the Commute from Rye to New York City?

The commute from Rye to New York City is very enjoyable. I can read, listen to music, work, or do anything else on the train. We used to have a parking space at the Rye train station, but we don’t use it anymore. It’s also very convenient to take the train to the city on weekends.

Tell Me More about Colorá Health Coaching. 

I am a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I have been running my private practice, Colorá Health Coaching, since 2015. 

I am also a member of the health practitioners team at Sandstone Health in Texas. I work with clients who are referred to me by other doctors, such as physiotherapists, orthopedist surgeons, and sports medicine doctors. 

Virginia Rodriguez Perlado

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I consider how all aspects of your life are interrelated. I help individuals optimize their health by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle management. I offer consultations in person and online. 

As a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, I aim to: identify and address the root cause of disease, understand how the human body functions as a whole, provide quick relief and enhance health. 

I assist clients with improving symptoms related to various health issues, such as: digestion, thyroid, insulin resistance, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, energy levels, sleep, stress, lipids, hormones, and more. 

My passion is to help men and women become healthier and happier through wholesome food and awesome lifestyle. I help them gain energy, make smart food choices, adopt simple healthy habits, improve their health conditions, and feel their best. 

I also love to educate the public, so I give presentations at corporations, chambers of commerce, food stores, schools, and more. I believe that when individuals are happier and healthier, the whole system benefits.

Can You Share a Few Healthy Living and Wellness Tips?

It is essential to focus on mindful eating, nutritious food, stress management and sleep to feel energized and prevent any disease dynamics. I work with my clients on building the right fundamental habits to feel as healthy as possible and increase longevity.

Where to Find Virginia Rodríguez Perlado 


You can also find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook

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