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Snowmaggedon! Virginia Record Snowfall

Did you know that it snows in Virginia? You might think of Virginia as a state with mild winters and moderate snowfall, but that is not always the case. Some parts of Virginia can receive heavy snowfall in a single storm, breaking records. Are you wondering how much snowfall Virginia gets? Below, we will explore the top five snowfall records in Virginia’s history.

Virginia Record Snowfall

The record for the highest snowfall in Virginia belongs to Loudoun County, where 36.6 inches of snow fell on January 24, 2016 as part of a historic blizzard that affected the eastern United States, known as Winter Storm Jonas or Snowzilla. 

The storm dumped heavy snow from the Appalachians to the Atlantic coast, causing widespread power outages, travel disruptions, and fatalities. Some of the impacts of the storm in Virginia included the closure of the Dulles International Airport, the suspension of the Washington Metro service, and the declaration of a state of emergency by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

winter snowstorm

The Second Highest Snowfall Record in Virginia

The second-highest snowfall was 33.5 inches, which occurred in Page County on March 3, 1994 during a powerful nor’easter that brought snow, ice, and strong winds to the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

 The storm caused severe coastal flooding, roof collapses, and school closures. Some of the effects of the storm in Virginia included the evacuation of thousands of residents and the damage of several historic buildings.

winter snowstorm

The Great Atlantic Storm of 1962 in Virginia

The third-highest snowfall was 33 inches, which happened in Madison County on March 6, 1962 as part of a massive storm system that affected the eastern seaboard, known as the Ash Wednesday Storm or the Great Atlantic Storm. 

The storm produced hurricane-force winds, high tides, and heavy snow from Florida to Maine, causing extensive damage and erosion. 

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Ash Wednesday Storm in Virginia

The fourth-highest snowfall was 30.5 inches, which also took place in Warren County on the same day as the Ash Wednesday Storm. The storm was devastating, where many roads, bridges, and buildings were destroyed by the snow and flooding resulting in the rescue of hundreds of stranded motorists.

Fifth Record Snowfall in Virginia

The fifth-highest snowfall was 27 inches, which was recorded in two different counties on two different dates: Botetourt County on December 19, 2009 and Clarke County on February 6, 2010. 

These were two separate snowstorms that occurred in the same winter season, known as the 2009-2010 North American winter or Snowmageddon. 

The first storm was a major nor’easter that brought snow and wind to the eastern U.S. and Canada, while the second storm was a fast-moving clipper that followed a similar track. The storms caused widespread travel chaos, power outages, and school cancellations. 

These are some of the most impressive snowfall records in Virginia’s history.

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