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7 Wealthiest Beach Towns in Indiana 2024

When you think of Indiana, upscale beach towns might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But Indiana has its share of affluent lake towns located on Lake Michigan and on smaller, quieter lakes. Here are the richest beach towns in Indiana.

Lake Michigan Beach

The rankings on this list are based on both income and home prices.

Richest Lake Towns in Indiana

1. Clear Lake, IN

Clear Lake is the wealthiest beach town in Indiana with a median home price of $1,289,000 and residents earning a mean income of $202,908. 

Beach with sand toys

Clear Lake is located in the northeastern part of the state known predominantly for its freshwater lake with waterfront homes and cottages.

Residents enjoy Clear Lake Beach, a stretch of sandy shoreline that provides an idyllic setting for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking.

Aside from the beach, Clear Lake is a haven for boating enthusiasts, fishermen, and water sports aficionados. 

Clear Lake is a classic Midwestern beach town with pristine waters and affluent lakeside living. 

Clear Lake
Median Home Value$1,289,000
Mean Income$202,908

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2. Dune Acres, IN

Dune Acres is one of the richest lake towns in Indiana with a mean income of $233,497. 

Lake Michigan

Located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, Dune Acres is an affluent Indiana lakes town with a median home value of $850,500.

Dune Acres is a small lake town made of 165 single family homes on expansive lots, some with panoramic lakeside views.

Dune Acres residents enjoy 2 miles of sandy beach on Lake Michigan- perfect for swimming or just relaxing on the beach!

At its heart, the historic Clubhouse atop a towering dune offers residents unparalleled views of Chicago and the vast lake.

Its exclusivity is further underlined by 24-hour security, ensuring residents enjoy both tranquility and an unmatched sense of safety.

Located just an hour from Chicago and South Bend and connected by the South Shore Line’s Dune Park station, Dune Acres residents enjoy the best of Indiana’s lakeside living paired with urban conveniences.

Dune Acres
Median Home Value$850,500
Mean Income$233,497

3. Long Beach, IN

Long Beach is the wealthiest Indiana beach town on Lake Michigan. It is one of the best Indiana beach towns with a median home value of $707,164.

Indiana Beach on Lake Michigan

Located along the southern shores of Lake Michigan, Long Beach is an affluent Indiana lake town with a mean income of $175,149. 

Long Beach stands out as a quintessential beach town with a population of 1,189. 

Renowned for its breathtaking water views and sandy beaches, it attracts residents and tourists alike. 

Long Beach is a sweeping expanse of sandy shoreline that serves as a hub for sunbathing, swimming, and shoreline strolls. 

The beach seamlessly blends with the town, where homes, cottages, and tree-lined streets create an upscale beach town setting. 

Long Beach
Median Home Value$707,164
Mean Income$175,149

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4. Shorewood Forest, IN

Shorewood Forest is one of the best lake towns in Indiana. While it may not be a traditional beach town on Lake Michigan, it is a planned community on Lake Louise with a private beach for its affluent residents.

Lake Michigan

With a median home value of $549,692 and a mean income of $248,431, Shorewood Forest residents have the upscale resort lifestyle in their own private lake town community.

Aside from a private beach, Shorewood Forest has a 6 lane swimming pool complete with a slide and diving board, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, parks, and a clubhouse with stunning lake views. 

Fishing and boating enthusiasts will love living in Sherwood Forest, where there are 74 boat docks and a boat ramp, exclusively for residents.

Located near Valparaiso and just eight miles east of Interstate 65 on Highway US 30, it’s approximately 45 miles from Chicago and 15 minutes from Indiana Dunes State Park. 

Shorewood Forest
Median Home Value$549,692
Mean Income$248,431

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5. Beverly Shores, IN

Beverly Shores is one of the wealthiest lake towns in Indiana. 

Indiana Dunes State Park Beach Lake Michigan

Located on the southern coast of Lake Michigan, Beverly Shores is an affluent Indiana beach town where residents earn $146,056 and the median home value is $612,630.

Located in Porter County, just 55 miles from Chicago,

Beverly Shores is known for its beautiful beaches including picturesque Kemil Beach on Lake Michigan. 

It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its close proximity to Indiana Dunes National Park.

Beverly Shores
Median Home Value$612,630
Mean Income$146,056

6. Michiana Shores, IN

Michiana Shores is one of the wealthiest Indiana towns on Lake Michigan. It is a wealthy Indiana lake town where residents earn a mean income of $127,353.

Indiana Dunes State Park Beach Lake Michigan

Located on the Southern edge of Lake Michigan, Michiana Shores is one of the best lake towns in Indiana with median home prices of $614,767. 

Michiana Shores residents enjoy a stretch of sandy coastline and breathtaking views of Lake Michigan- perfect for swimming, boating and just relaxing on the beach.

Located just 67 miles from downtown Chicago, Michiana Shores gives its residents a peaceful lakeside retreat while still being relatively close to Chicago’s attractions.

Michiana Shores
Median Home Value$614,767
Mean Income$127,353

7. Ogden Dunes, IN

Ogden Dunes is one of the richest Indiana lake towns. It’s an affluent lake town on Lake Michigan, located just 40 miles from Chicago.

Beach on Lake Michigan

Ogden Dunes is an upscale beach town with a median home value of $461,750 and residents enjoying a mean income of $165,963. 

Ogden Dunes is one of the best lake towns in Indiana. 

It is a sought-after Indiana lake town with almost a mile of sandy beach at Ogden Dunes Beach, breathtaking sunsets over the lake, and a stone’s throw from the neighboring Indiana Dunes National Park.

With its proximity to the Indiana Dunes National Park, Ogden Dunes is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Ogen Dunes is one of the wealthiest lake towns near Chicago, perfect for those seeking a balance between lakeside living and city life.

Ogden Dunes
Median Home Value$461,750
Mean Income$165,963

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