What to Pack for a Family Weekend Ski Trip: Ultimate Packing Guide

Do you have ski trip coming up? Do you know what to pack for your family weekend ski trip? It’s so important to plan ahead especially if you are also packing for your spouse and your kids. You want to make sure you have everything and everyone is comfortable on the slopes. So what should you pack for a family weekend ski trip? We asked Zineb, a home organizing enthusiast and a Westchester mom of two boys who we consider a packing expert to share her packing secrets with us. Zineb and her family ski at Belleayre Mountain every weekend for winter (all four family members are enrolled in different seasonal ski programs there.) She packs for skiing every weekend and has developed a packing system. Zineb takes packing to a whole new level by using her home organizer mindset and creating a fool-proof ski trip packing system. She shares her packing secrets and shortcuts with us! Here is how to pack for a family weekend ski trip.

Packing for a ski weekend might seem challenging, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!  For frequent skiers as well as occasional ones, the key to a successful getaway is being prepared!  With an exhaustive checklist and a good system in place, you can be done with packing in no time.

What to Pack for a Family Weekend Ski Trip?

Packing Cubes  

The secret to packing for a family weekend ski trip are packing cubes! For those of you who have never heard of packing cubes, packing cubes are zippered fabric containers that help organize items in your luggage. When preparing for the slopes, packing cubes are your friends!  Every member of my family has a set of 4 packing cubes. They are labeled with our names and each person is assigned a color so we can easily tell our packing cubes apart. There is one cube for each ski day. I have a packing cube for Day 1 (Saturday) and another packing cube for Day 2 (Sunday). And I pack everything we need for each day of skiing in our packing cubes. This makes it easy for kids to grab their cube and get ready on their own. I pack all the after ski items in the third packing cube and the fourth packing cube is reserved for accessories.

Luggage or Duffel Bags

Every member of the family needs their own duffel bag or luggage. All four packing cubes will go into the luggage. I suggest you assign a color to each member of the family and buy a luggage or duffel bag the same color as the packing cubes to prevent mix-up and to save time when you pack and unpack. Another trick that I use is I have different clip on key chains to tell our duffle bags apart. Having a luggage or duffel bag for every member of the family will come in handy not just for weekend ski trips but for other family trips as well.

Ski Boot Bag

Every member of the family needs their own ski boot bag. These boot bags are for ski boots, helmets, goggles and other accessories making it easier for you to manage everyone’s ski gear because everything is packed in one bag. Loading and unloading your car will also be much simpler with ski boot bags.

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What to Pack in the Luggage or Duffel Bags

First Cube (Day 1 of skiing):

Second Cube (Day 2 of skiing)

Pack the same items as Day 1

Third Cube (After ski items)

  • 2 sets of clothes.  When on the mountain we keep it simple, warm and cozy

Fourth Cube (Accessories)

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Also in the duffel bag or luggage

What to Pack in the Ski Boot bag 

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What to Pack in the Car

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Label Everything

It’s so easy to get ski gear and clothing mixed up. I don’t like wasting time trying to figure out which items belong to whom. The trick is to label everything. Accessories like helmets, goggles, face masks, neck warmers and water bottles can easily be mixed up, I label them with each of our names.  There are many types of labels you can use: stickers, stamp with your name or iron-on labels.

Getting ready for the first family weekend ski trip of the season is always the hardest. It takes time to gather everything you need to pack for the ski trip. If you are new to skiing, you will have to take your time to buy items for your trip. If you are packing for kids, you have to check everyone’s sizes to make sure everything still fits (chances are you will have to buy new items since its been a year!) But once you have all the items and you use my packing system, you will be amazed at how easy it is to pack for future family weekend ski trips.

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About Zineb

Zineb is a social media manager specializing in small businesses.  She uses @myhome1projectatatime as her home organization and decorating journal.  It is a space for her to share her organization projects and her love for decor with others.  Through the different accounts she manages, she is very active on social media and loves connecting with other local bloggers.  Other than home organization and decor, she enjoys fashion, exercising, skiing, hiking and being active in general.  Zineb lives in Rye, NY with her husband and two sons. Instagram Page.

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