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7 Worst Things to Forget to Bring on a Cruise

Are you going on a cruise? Make sure you don’t forget to pack these essential items that you need on your cruise. These are the last things you’d want to forget to bring on a cruise because you’ll have a hard time finding a replacement. It can really ruin your vacation!

Worst Things to Forget to Bring on a Cruise

1. Passport

Forgetting your passport is the worst mistake you can make when going on a cruise. First of all, most cruises require a passport for boarding, and without it, you could be denied boarding. 

Even on closed-loop cruises, where you technically don’t need your passport since you start and end at a US port and travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, it’s still smart to bring your passport. 

In an emergency, such as being stranded at a foreign port, you will need your passport to board a plane. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

You should also always double check the expiration date of your passport and make sure it’s not yet expired or within 6 months of expiration because sometimes cruise ships will deny boarding passengers with almost expired passports!

Worst Things to Forget to Bring on Cruise

2. Prescription Medication

One of the worst things to forget to bring on a cruise is your prescription medication. If you forget your meds, finding a pharmacy that can fill your prescription can be challenging, especially if you’re cruising internationally. 

I once forgot my son’s EpiPen for his nut allergy. I was only able to find regular adult EpiPen but had trouble finding EpiPen Junior, which had the correct dosage for kids. It was scary not to have the right emergency medication for my son! 

When packing for a cruise, always remember to bring your prescription medications and extra meds in case of unexpected delays.

3. Credit Card with No Foreign Transaction Fee

One of the worst things to forget when going on a cruise is your credit cards without a foreign transaction fee. You will end up wasting money, paying unnecessary foreign transaction fees when you could have used a credit card that didn’t charge these fees. 

So, when you’re packing for your cruise, make sure to double-check your wallet to ensure you are bringing the correct credit cards—the ones without foreign transaction fees.

4. Cellphone

Forgetting to bring your cellphone is one of the worst things that can happen when you go on a cruise. It will be really hard not to be able to use your smartphone to take pictures, text, and use the cruise app!

It’s also dangerous not to have your cellphone because you won’t have one in case of an emergency. Imagine being left behind by the cruise ship—you will need your cellphone to call the port agent and the cruise line! Make sure you double-check and bring cellphones with you when you go on your cruise.

Worst Things to Forget to Bring on Cruise

5. Cellphone Charger

Forgetting to bring your cellphone charger is one of the worst things that can happen on a cruise. It can be challenging to buy a charger—sometimes, the cruise ship gift shop may not carry the type you need. And at international cruise ports, you might have a hard time finding a compatible charger. 

Sure, you can try to borrow cellphone chargers from other cruise passengers or cruise staff, but it’s a hassle! Make sure you bring your cellphone charger with you when you pack for your cruise.

6. Bathing Suit

One of the worst things to forget when going on a cruise is your bathing suit. Sure, you might be able to buy one at the gift shop or at the port, but what if they don’t have your size? It’s even worse if you forget your kids’ bathing suits, most gift shops don’t carry as many kids’ sizes. It can really spoil your vacation if you can’t find a bathing suit, especially on a Caribbean cruise!

7. Prescription Glasses

It’s important not to forget your prescription glasses when you’re going on a cruise, especially if you rely on them for clear vision. It will be impossible to replace them once you’re onboard. I speak from experience – forgetting my glasses meant I couldn’t see properly, which made it impossible for me to enjoy the cruise evening shows fully!

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