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10 Easiest Herbs to Grow in Your Garden (Lazy Gardener)

Are you looking for easy-to-grow herbs for your vegetable garden? Ideally, you want to grow fast growing herbs that are low maintenance so you can harvest them all season long. These are the easiest herbs to grow in your vegetable garden.


10 Easy Herbs to Grow in Your Vegetable Garden

1. Basil

Basil is a simple herb to grow.Beginners and expert gardeners alike will have an easy time growing basil plants in their vegetable garden. Just plant your basil, water it, and harvest your basil all season long. It’s that easy to grow basil. Basil is an aromatic, fast growing annual, so it’s always a pleasure to walk past your basil plant.

2. Chives

Chives are another easy to grow herb. It is a perennial herb that produces one of the first green shoots of spring. Simply harvest them by cutting the long, grass-like leaves. The chive leaves will grow back all season long! Chives are self-sowing, meaning they can quickly spread all over your vegetable garden. You’ll probably want to plant your chives in containers.

3. Dill

Dill is an easy to grow herb for the novice gardener. It’s an annual that will grow rapidly in your garden. Similar to chives, dill plants are self-sowing, so they will easily grow all over your garden. You probably want to plant your dill in containers. Dill is a pleasant herb to grow in your garden because the aroma is strong, so it’s a pleasure to walk past it.

4. Lavender

Lavender is another easy to grow herb (shurb) in your garden. It’s a perennial, so your lavender plant will come back year after year. Growing lavender is an extremely rewarding plant. The lavender aroma is priceless, and the purple lavender blossoms are stunning to look at. The best part is that growing lavender in your garden is effortless.

5. Mint

Mint is the easiest herb to grow in your garden. In fact, it’s so easy to grow mint that it can easily take over your garden. Mint grows like weeds. Just plant your mint and it will spread all over your garden and come back year after year. I suggest growing mint in a container so it doesn’t take over your garden. If you are introducing gardening to kids, mint is an easy, fool-proof plant for them. It’s guaranteed to live!

6. Oregano

Oregano is a simple herb to grow in your garden. It’s a perennial that will spread. It’s always handy to have oregano in your garden. You can’t beat cooking with fresh oregano!

7. Parsley

Parsley is a plant that is simple to grow. You can harvest parsley and it will keep growing all season long. Parsley is a biennial plant, so it lives for 2 years. When it comes to parsley, nothing beats freshly picked. Freshly picked parsley enhances your dishes tremendously!

8. Rosemary

Rosemary is an easy to grow herb. It is an evergreen plant that will keep growing all year long. If you live in a colder climate, you should bring your rosemary plant indoors in the winter. Fresh rosemary will bring out the best in your recipes.  

9. Sage

Sage is an easy to grow herb. It is a low, sprawling perennial herb that will grow back year after year. Freshly picked sage from your vegetable garden is always a treat.

10. Thyme

Thyme is another easy to grow herb. It is a perennial that will grow back year after year. The distinct herbal-minty flavor of sage complements a variety of dishes.

Is it Better to Plant Herbs from Seeds or Seedlings?

The easiest and fastest way to grow herbs is to buy your herbs as seedlings and plant them in your garden. Growing herbs from seeds is more difficult. However, it is the least expensive way to grow herbs. If you are new to gardening or just want an effortless gardening experience, then your best bet is to plant your herbs from seedlings.

Is it Better to Plant Herbs in Pots or Ground?

Herbs grown in the ground will be more bountiful. However, it may be too bountiful for your liking since many of the herbs I’ve mentioned above can easily spread like weeds. For example, if you plant mint in the ground, it will grow everywhere. I personally think it’s better to grow herbs in pots and containers so you have better control of where they grow. Plus, when grown in pots and containers, you can easily move your herbs indoors in the winter months.

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