5 Shortcuts to an Organized Home – without losing your mind and spending all day doing it

5 Things you can do everyday to maintain a well-organized home

There’s a lot you CAN do each day to maintain a well-organized home.  But who has the time to do it all?!  As a busy, working mom of 3, I spend less than an hour every day with this routine to keep things in order and to maintain my sanity. Here are 5 shortcuts to an organized home.


5 Things you can do everyday to maintain a well-organized home

I toss a small load in each morning on my way out the door and I fold/put away right before bed. This prevents me from having to carve out a chunk of consecutive hours over the weekend to tackle it all at once. I’m less than pleasant to have around when big chores cut into my weekend fun and family time.

Make Up Bed

5 Things you can do everyday to maintain a well-organized home

Even if a room is untidy, a made bed will completely change the way it feels. I do this the minute everyone gets out of bed so it’s done and I can start my day. 

Clean Bathrooms

5 Things you can do everyday to maintain a well-organized home

Nothing will get your day off to a better start than a clean, well-organized bathroom. In the evening after I’ve prepped for bed I wipe down bathroom surfaces (tub, sink, shelves) with a Clorox Wipe and then make sure all items are put away in their proper home. I declutter when necessary by tossing old toiletries, samples and expired or unused medications. All of this takes about 5 minutes per bathroom.  I also put labels on the inside of my medicine cabinet, above the shelves, labeled “body, hair, teeth” etc. so there are organized sections in that closed door space. And they look so pretty. Make this part of your evening routine and let the morning motivation flow!

Declutter Paper Accumulation

5 Things you can do everyday to maintain a well-organized home

Each day before heading up to bed I tackle all the paper that has accumulated on (and usually taken over) my kitchen counters and table.  I file or recycle everything into it’s proper place (the elfa system, in my case). This adds another 5-10 minutes to my daily routine that is well worth my time.  Coming down to clean counters in the morning means a stress-free start to the day for the whole family. Can you imagine?!

Prep the Launch Pad

5 Things you can do everyday to maintain a well-organized home

Organizing your foyer or mudroom the night before will get everyone out the door more quickly and smoothly in the morning. Mornings are hard enough- so get ahead of it and pack school bags, work bags and gym bags ahead of time.  Check the weather and if needed get out gloves, umbrellas and any other items required for inclement weather.

You’ll be amazed at how these five 5 minute tasks each day change your life. Stress is minimized and life seems to move more smoothly. For example, I noticed I yell at my kids less since beginning my adventure into organization. It’s the little things that effect the most change. Happy Organizing!

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Maura Fitzgerald's Life in Bronxville, NY

Maura Fitzgerald was born in NYC and raised in Bronxville, NY. She holds a BA from Georgetown University and worked in Print and Digital Advertising Sales for 20 years at Forbes and Time Inc. Now Maura is a Luxury Organizational Design Specialist servicing Westchester County September through June and Annapolis, MD in summer months. 

Maura and her husband love working for the weekends where they have non-stop action and fun with their 3 children….and everything isn’t always organized.

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