Simply by Simone’s Shares her Blogging and Fashion Secrets

Are you a blogger or an aspiring social media influencer? We interviewed social media influencer, Simone Piliero. Simply By Simone shares her blogging and fashion secrets.

What are your favorite Spring Trends?

I cannot wait to wear my biker shorts with dad sneakers! I’m also warming up to tie-dye. I’m also in the market for an open knit sweater to wear with white jeans!

What are your Spring wardrobe go-to?

I can’t live without an oversized denim jacket in the Spring!

What are your favorite timeless pieces in your wardrobe?

Definitely my structured black blazer I have from Mango, my black Chanel bag and a crisp white blouse from H&M.

What is the number one tip you can give to aspiring bloggers?

If it’s really something you’re passionate about, be invested. Emotionally, financially, really want it and be yourself. Your unique voice is what is going to get people to follow you! 

What are some tips you can give to aspiring bloggers on posing for photos and taking great photos?

Pause and look at the photos as you take them and adjust yourself. Look on Pinterest and in magazines (or online magazines) for inspiration on how to stand/sit and where to place yourself in the shot. I’ve also practiced how to pose in a mirror in the beginning!

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About Simone Piliero

Created in 2014 as a creative outlet, has become a destination for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. Simone graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BBA, has worked in sales for a high end department store, in human resources for a fortune 500 company and most recently for an iconic global brand. Through her education and experience, Simone has created a platform where women trust her style and advice. Being based in Westchester County, right outside of New York City, gives Simone a unique aesthetic and style all her own. City vibes with suburban girl reality.

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