Helen B. Phillips-Suburban Life of a Not-So-Average Millennial

Helen B. Phillips-Suburban Life of a Not-So-Average Millennial

If you are active on Instagram, you have probably seen Helen B. Phillip’s page. Helen is a twenty-something lifestyle/fashion blogger.  You will recognize her by her signature red hair, sporting her latest fashion finds or sharing her latest fitness obsession.  Here is Helen’s suburban life of a not-so-average millennial.

Tell me about yourself

I’ve lived in Greenwich, CT for the past two years, but grew up about an hour north of here in very rural Redding, CT.  My parents moved to Greenwich when my sister and I were in college.  After college, I moved back in with my parents.

I love Greenwich.  It feels so fast-paced and city-like to me in comparison to Redding!  Redding is such a small town with only 8,000 people, there is nothing to do there- it doesn’t even have a stoplight!  I love living within walking distance to Greenwich Avenue and the train station!  Even though I have a car, I much prefer walking everywhere.  Right out of college, I got a job in Manhattan and did the commute into the city everyday.  Although it wasn’t fun waking up at 5:00am everyday, I had no interest living in New York City and preferred living in Greenwich.

You are fairly new to Greenwich. Did you know anyone when you moved to Greenwich?

The only people I knew in Greenwich were my parents!  I moved in with my parents first to save money, yay for not paying rent! (This is definitely the most millennial thing I’ve ever done!).  Now I live in an apartment in Greenwich, but love that I’m still so close to them!  They’re cool parents.

The first year and a half I didn’t make any friends really, but that is of no fault of Greenwich, it is just the way I am.  Through my blog, I’ve been able to meet a lot of fellow creatives in the area! Most of my new friends are mom bloggers, which is great! I love moms! I’ve made a few blogger friends that are my age, but still working on that!

What is your typical day like?

What I love about living in Greenwich is that it is so easy to stray from your typical day!  I start most mornings with a Pure Barre Greenwich class and if I’m feeling really crazy then I’ll hop on over to Elliptica in Old Greenwich for a second workout class!  Keep in mind, I have not always been like this! I used to never work out. The great thing about Greenwich is that you are constantly motivated to work out.  Being from Greenwich and being in shape are basically the same thing!

After working out, I’ll head back home and from there my day can go in so many different directions!  Sometimes I’ll have a lunch or coffee date planned with a local blogger/creative to brainstorm on new ideas.  Sometimes I’ll have actual work (I have a lot of side projects/jobs at the moment).  Sometimes I’ll take a walk on Greenwich Avenue and by the time noon rolls around I’ll meet up with my mom for lunch! Best part of my day!  Then I’ll walk back to my apartment and get more work done. I don’t usually go out for dinner, so I’ll spend my evenings in catching up on e-mails and cooking dinner!

Helen B. Phillips-Suburban Life of a Not-So-Average Millennial

How would you describe your social life in the suburbs?

Mediocre at best, and I’m okay with that!  Again, I’m not a super social person, and that’s fine!  If I lived in New York City (I would be miserable!), I wouldn’t be hanging out with people all the time because that’s just who I am.  I spend the most time hanging out with my parents, we love going to Tod’s Point Beach in Old Greenwich and barbequing right on the water!

Where do you like to go to shop for food? For yourself?

I typically shop at Whole Foods and Citarella (insider tip: Citarella has the best olives, sushi, and chocolate flourless cake). Our Whole Foods is fine, but I’ve been to much better ones (cough, cough Boulder, CO). If I feel like taking the drive, I’ll go to Darien and stock up on frozen foods from Trader Joe’s.

Where do I shop for myself? Ummm all of Greenwich Ave!! Club Monaco is my all time favorite store!

What are your favorite restaurants in the area?

For a good bar scene/atmosphere – Bar Taco (Port Chester)

For great food – Tarry Lodge (Port Chester)

For great outdoor seating – Le Fat Poodle (Old Greenwich)

For on-the-go lunch – Citarella, Granola Bar, Green and Tonic (Greenwich)

For a sit down lunch in central Greenwich – The Perfect Provenance (AMAZING!, must try!)

Where do you go to recharge?

Pure Barre Greenwich, almost every morning!  I also love Inner Light Wellness in Darien, which is an infrared sauna. Very relaxing and you sweat out all those toxins! And last, but not least, Tod’s Point Beach in Old Greenwich! The beach is my all-time favorite place to relax and recharge!

Any tips and advice for singles without kids moving to the suburbs?

If you’re considering Greenwich, I would suggest living within walking distance to Greenwich Avenue! I love walking places and you never have to deal with finding a parking spot on Greenwich Avenue.  There are probably a lot of places in the Byram area of Greenwich that are more affordable and you are within walking distance to downtown Port Chester, NY!  Definitely a different scene than Greenwich Avenue, but honestly I kind of think Port Chester has much better restaurants!

A general tip? Join a workout studio! I suggest Pure Barre or Ellitpica because they’re my favorites! It’s a great way to meet people and make connections in the community!

About Helen

Helen B. Phillips-Suburban Life of a Not-So-Average Millennial

Helen B. Phillips is a twenty-something blogger of lifestyle/fashion blog, Style Inherited.  She lives in Greenwich, CT.  She is a chocolate chip pancakes, Pure Barre, and Prosecco loving girl who values family time, honest opinions and quality over quantity.

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