A Glimpse into Jordan Rhodes' Greenwich Life

A Glimpse into Jordan Rhodes’ Greenwich Life

I have known Jordan Rhodes for years, before she had kids, before she became a busy mom of three.  She leads a fabulous life, jet-setting around the world for her luxury travel guide, Glimpse Guides.  She is also very active in the local philanthropic community, chairing galas and luncheons.  When I first asked Jordan for an interview she insists that her move to the suburbs story is boring.  So instead of our typical move to suburbs interview, I think it will be fun to get a glimpse into Jordan’s Greenwich life- suburban jet-setter, philanthropist, writer, and mompreneur.

A Glimpse into Jordan Rhodes' Greenwich Life
Jordan Rhodes with husband and kids

Tell me about yourself

My husband, Noah, and I have lived in Greenwich, CT for 12 years.  Noah and I grew up down south so we love land.  It is one of the reasons we decided to buy in mid-country Greenwich as opposed to town.  Our house backs up to land owned by the Greenwich Land Trust so we love the space and wildlife.  We just finished remodeling our house on Stanwich Road this past year. Although that may have been a mistake because I have three kids who are 5 1/2, 4, and 17 months who are determined to destroy everything in sight!

What is your typical day like?

I get really bored with routine so I like to mix it up. The day always starts with getting the kids to school or camp and then I will schedule meetings for the different charity events I’m working on, or I’ll go to one of my bible studies or meet someone to discuss collaborations for my website (I write city guides for families on Glimpse Guides and also write for LOOK magazine.) I also love to meet friends for lunch and walks, or I’ll schedule play dates with my youngest. My afternoons are typically spent driving my two oldest around or writing.

I couldn’t do any of this though without my au pair whom I found through Cultural Care Au Pair. Without her, I’d go crazy! I also love spending time at Greenwich Country Day School volunteering in some capacity – it is the BEST school. Other charities and organizations I’m passionate about are Waterside School, the Breast Cancer Alliance, the Greenwich Historical Society, the Bruce Museum, the Boys and Girls Club, and the YWCA. There are so many great ones to get involved with, and this is just a tiny list. I’m also in the process of forming my own charity called Give a Glimpse. All profits from the sale of my city guides app or from upcoming travel products we’re creating will help cover travel costs for disadvantaged scholarship students who wish to intern or study abroad. It will also help cover travel costs for artisans creating products we will sell. So days are busy!

Did you know anyone when you moved to Greenwich?  Any advice for newcomers on how to meet people?

Noah’s firm is thankfully based in Greenwich, which was the reason for the move from New York City, but we didn’t know a soul when we got here because his colleagues were still living in Manhattan. I decided to join the Junior League which is how I made my first two friends. Both of them introduced us around and got me involved with other volunteer opportunities. We did not have kids for the first several years, so if you’re not meeting moms in school, the best way to meet people is to volunteer.

A Glimpse into Jordan Rhodes' Greenwich Life
Jordan and Noah Rhodes

Are you a member of a club?  Any advice on deciding which club to join?

We belong to Round Hill Club and joined as junior members several years ago. We feel very lucky to be there because the friends we initially made are also there, so naturally, we wanted to be where they are. When picking a club I would say to consider your hobbies – we love golf and shooting and I’ve been getting back into my childhood love of tennis so RHC made sense for us. And if you can join as junior members that is a much easier, faster process.

What do you like to do with your kids?

Our kids love their after-school activities, from White Tiger taekwondo and Soccer with Aldwin to ballet and hip hop at Dance Adventure, as well as tennis at our club. My youngest loves Songs for Seeds and Jack Rabbits Gymnastics. On the weekends we attend Stanwich Church and hop around to many birthday parties, which are often held at the Greenwich Country Day school gym, the Bruce Museum, or Tod’s Point beach. We also love getting together with other families to cook out or eat at Boxcar Cantina and Bar Taco.

Where do you go on date nights?

We love the Inn at Pound Ridge (Pound Ridge, NY).

Where do you like to shop for food?

Mike’s Organic Delivery brings me a weekly basket of fresh produce, milk, eggs, and fish. Everything else comes from Whole Foods or the Greenwich farmers market by the Greenwich train station in the summer.

Where are your favorite restaurants to go to with friends?

I love Le Penguin and L’Escale in Greenwich.  L’Escale in the summer is so fun because you can sit outside overlooking the harbor.

A Glimpse into Jordan Rhodes' Greenwich Life

Where are your favorite restaurants to go to with kids?

We love Boxcar Cantina, Granola Bar, and the Little Pub in Greenwich.  We also love Bar Taco in Port Chester, NY.

Where do you go to recharge?

I love spending time at Maison d’Alexandre in Greenwich owned by Alexandre Chouery. He is the only person who has ever been able to style my hair. Sometimes I’ll just pop in for a last-minute blowout to unwind, or I’ll have Vera do my makeup. She’s the best. I also spend lots of time with my acupuncturist Sarah Swanberg at Indigo Acupuncture + Wellness in Stamford, CT. She changed my life and now I can fall asleep and stay asleep, and she has cured all my ailments. She’s basically my therapist. And then there’s my trainer Anel Dzafic at Countdown Fitness in Greenwich who keeps me in shape and doesn’t make me give up the wine. And then on Sundays my family and I recharge at Stanwich Church. We couldn’t ask for a better place to worship.

What has your experience been with schools? Any tips on private school application process?

Start the private school application process early. I have friends who wait until Pre-K to apply to Greenwich Country Day School and there are very few spots available, so start with nursery. For preschool, there are so many great ones so I say just go to the closest one to you because the days are so short, but if that’s not an issue, Putnam Indian Field School (where my first two attended) is fantastic.

How would you describe your social life in the suburbs?

We are out several nights a week which can be a little daunting but fun for the most part. There’s always a charity event, or dinner with friends, or girl’s night and trunk shows. And during the school year, there are lots of school-related activities. The Greenwich International Film Festival just ended which was a whirlwind of exciting events that I look forward to every year. I also particularly love the Breast Cancer Alliance’s annual luncheon and fashion show, the Bruce Museum’s Art of Design panel, the Boys and Girls Club’s Fall Gala, the YWCA’s Old Bags Luncheon, the Greenwich Land Trust’s Go Wild! children’s event, and the Greenwich Historical Society’s Antiquarius event. We also never miss Waterside School’s 5k in October.

Any tips and advice for families moving to the suburbs?

Like I said earlier, the best way to make friends in the suburbs if you don’t have kids is to start volunteering, and then you’re also giving back! If you have kids, play a big role in their schools or sign them up for lots of extracurricular activities. And start walking. I’ve made a few friends just walking around neighborhoods and stalking other moms with strollers. And thankfully they all wanted to make friends too so it wasn’t weird…

About Jordan Rhodes

A Glimpse into Jordan Rhodes' Greenwich Life
Jordan Rhodes

Founder and CEO Jordan Rhodes is a wife and mother to three kids living in Greenwich, CT. Travel is an important part of her life, so Jordan set out to find the most stylish and luxurious hotels and restaurants that also welcomed her rambunctious toddlers. Along the way, glimpseguides.com was born so that she could share her finds, report on current fashions for children and adults, and provide a wide variety of travel tips for families, while also promoting the importance of travel as an education for young kids. An app is available in iTunes under Glimpse Guides, with the proceeds going to Give a Glimpse.

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@glimpseguides and @giveaglimpse on Instagram


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