Why Alessandra Messineo Long loves living in Greenwich, CT

I’ve known Alessandra Messineo Long for many years. I had the privilege to see Alessandra in action as the president of the Junior League of Greenwich a few years ago when I sat on her board.

She is a great leader, well-loved in the Greenwich community and has a big heart.

Alessandra gives us a peek into her life in Greenwich and why she loves living in Greenwich, CT.

Describe your journey to Greenwich

My aunt and uncle raised my 3 cousins here in Greenwich so I have been visiting Greenwich all my life for family occasions with my large Italian family!

Why Alessandra Messineo Long loves living in Greenwich, CT?

My husband Scott and I ended up in Greenwich after a five year stint out West in Southern California, in La Jolla. We both worked out there and I had our first child, Declan in La Jolla.

We did look at Darien, Westport and New Canaan but it came down to being closer to family and proximity to NYC.

Scott had received a job offer three months before our wedding in 1999 to become a Partner at Nicholas Applegate so I left my law firm in NYC to relocate after the wedding, studied to take the California Bar Exam and became an Attorney for Sempra Energy in the Office of General Counsel.

Did you know anyone when you moved to Greenwich? Any advice for newcomers on the best way to meet people?

Obviously, playgroups are great if you have younger children. Graham Clarke sets up music-related playgroups.

Local non-for-profits are a great way not only to give back to the community and get to know the community but to meet people and build a solid social network.

Also, if you do have children, clearly the parents you meet through your children’s school events and by becoming involved in your school is a great way to develop long lasting friendships.

Also, professional local networking groups are also a great way to meet new people and interesting people if you are still pursuing your profession while raising your children.

Can you describe your social life?

Active…between my interests in the community as well as my law practice and my three children’s active schedules our social life is quite busy.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of conflicts and have to pare things down in order to balance it all.

How old are your kids? What do you like to do with your kids in the area?

I have 3 kids, Declan (16), Isabella (14) and Sophia (12). We love to go to Tod’s Point to bike, run, kayak and paddleboard.

Connecticut Beach

We also enjoy golf at Innis Arden Golf Club.

We enjoy taking part in the many events the town has to offer – The Greenwich Town Party, and the Greenwich Food and Wine Festival.

Obviously, as the children have gotten older their interests have changed a bit. We love spending time with our family and friends.

How would you describe Greenwich residents?

Greenwich residents are friendly, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, philanthropic, entrepreneurial, well educated and fun.

What are your favorite restaurants in Greenwich or in the area?

My favorite restaurants in Greenwich are Douro, Miku Sushi, East End, Le Fat Poodle and Louie’s Italian Restaurant and Bar

Why Alessandra Messineo Long loves living in Greenwich, CT?

What are your go-to places in Greenwich or in the area?

My go-to places in Greenwich is Tod’s Point, Yoga at the Water Club, Soul Cycle.

For coffee, I got to Ada’s. And for breakfast, I go-to Ada’s or Sweetpeas. I also love Aux Delices as my go-to quick anything…

What are some things you don’t like about Greenwich?

Traffic….Construction…the loss of the Mom and Pop shops…..

Are you a member of a country club? Can you give some advice on how you decided which club to join? How do you like it?

We are members of Innis Arden Golf Club. I am a yoga member at the Greenwich Water Club.

And we are also members of the Greenwich Skating Club.

Convenience and family friendliness are important factors…think about what will really work for your family and what your interests are.

Proximity is important, it needs to be convenient.

You should also think long term in terms of proximity…like when your kids are teenagers and can they ride their bike or walk on their own or even drive to the club?

What has your experience been with schools in the area? Private schools? Any tips/advice on the private school admissions process?

My children have attended both Private School and Public school in Greenwich.

As for the private school admission process, I think you need to talk to people as well as look at the schools and decide what type of school you would like your family to be integrated into.

I have had a great experience at both private schools and Greenwich Public schools.

Do you or your spouse commute to the city? What has your experience been with the commute?

No. I only go into the city to meet with clients that I have there on occasion and for social reasons and to pick up and drop off my daughter who lives there.

I use the Riverside station and park in the daily spot and just pay the daily fee which is inexpensive and easy.

Any advice you can give to someone looking to move to Greenwich?

Find a great realtor and some great women to lead you in the right direction with recommendations..that is key.

Tell me more about your law practice.

I am currently the founder of my own firm specializing in Wills, Trusts, and Estates and Business Law…with a few sexual abuse cases.

This is a result of reinventing myself after a break from practicing law to raise my children after moving here from California and focusing my efforts on my non-profit endeavors exclusively.

I previously served as In House Counsel for Long Island Lighting Company in New York as well as Sempra Energy in San Diego and worked for two law firms in Manhattan.

I am licensed to practice law in NY, CT, CA, and DC.

The Law Offices of Alessandra Messineo Long, LLC. gives me the opportunity to interact with families and assist them.

I am able to work with so many types of families at different stages in their lives.

I work with young families just starting out, families that need their estate documents redone after many years, women or men following a divorce, as well as families dealing with a loved one that have passed away and need assistance with probate and administration and all stages in between.

I also serve to counsel small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporations with their business law needs. This allows me to use my business degree from NYU Stern and really rounds out my practice well.

I am very involved in women’s issues and causes. I was recently honored and asked to be on the Advisory Board of a new initiative to recognize Badass Women Fairfield County where the mission in part is “to inspire young women to become entrepreneurs.”

Any Book Recommendations?

I just read a book on RGB and hoping after a very busy year to read some of the easy reads on my nightstand such as Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” and Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis (I am a bit behind the times).

Sadly I have about a stack of 15 by my bed ready for me to read, mostly historical fiction that my husband Scott bought me over the last two Christmases …who knows when I will get to them, maybe when Sophia is in college!

About Alessandra Messineo Long

Alessandra is currently the Principal at her own firm, Law Offices of Alessandra M. Messineo Long, LLC. Alessandra practices in the areas of estate & tax planning, trust & estate administration, and business succession planning. Ms. Messineo Long regularly advises individuals, families and business owners on developing tax efficient and practical wealth management strategies, including wills, revocable living trusts, insurance trusts, and business succession plans. She also helps guide fiduciaries and beneficiaries through the trust and estate and administration process.

Alessandra is also very involved with the community. She held numerous leadership and board positions at the Junior League of Greenwich. She was President of the Junior League of Greenwich in 2015-16. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Metro New York North Red Cross, Board of Directors of the Old Timers Club of Greenwich (1st Female Board Member) and the Advisory Board of Abilis and the Advisory Board of the Calisto Project. You can get in touch with her via her website, Instagram @alesslong and Facebook @alessandramessineolonglaw

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