Metro-North Train station parking

Guide to Parking at the Scarsdale Metro-North train station

Parking is a challenge at all Metro-North train stations. Parking permits at the train stations are hard to come by and there are usually multi-year waitlists. Here is an insider’s guide to parking at the Scarsdale Metro-North train station.

Parking at Scarsdale Metro-North Train Station

How long does the train take to get from Scarsdale to Grand Central Terminal?

The fastest train from Grand Central Terminal to Scarsdale is 28 minutes and the slowest train takes 55 minutes. However, most trains run around 37 minutes.

Scarsdale Annual Parking Permits

Scarsdale annual parking permits are very limited and issued via a lottery or on a first come/first served basis depending on the garage.  The year starts July 1st-June 30th.  An existing parking permit holder will not receive guaranteed annual renewal.  Parking permit issuing starts fresh every year. There is an annual open application process. Call the village clerk at 914-722-1175 for more information.  

Christie Place Garage

There are approximately 240 parking spaces at the Christie Place Garage. Permits are distributed via a lottery. Christie Place Garage accepts applications from Village of Scarsdale residents only. Non-Residents are not eligible to apply.

Freightway Garage

Freightway Garage permits are issued on a first come/first served basis. There are approximately 495 parking spaces at the Freightway Garage (72 Freightway). Both Village of Scarsdale residents and Non-village of Scarsdale residents can apply to the Freightway Garage but Village of Scarsdale residents receive priority placement. 

ProPark America Commuter Lot

You can also get a monthly pass at the ProPark America commuter lot (20 Freightway).  This is a privately operated lot and is open to both residents and non-residents.  However, priority is given to Village of Scarsdale residents. There is a waitlist of approximately 2-3 months.  Call 914-472-0240 for more information.

Scarsdale PO residents are NOT considered Village of Scarsdale Residents

It’s important to note that anyone residing in Scarsdale PO addresses are considered non-residents.  Homes in Scarsdale PO have the 10583 zip code but are not considered Village of Scarsdale residents. Scarsdale PO homes are located outside the Town and Village of Scarsdale.  These areas include homes in Eastchester, Edgemont, Town of Mamaroneck, New Rochelle and Yonkers. You should call the village clerk at 914-722-1175 to check whether or not you are a Village of Scarsdale resident.

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How to Apply for a Scarsdale Metro-North Parking Permit?

Be on the lookout for information and parking permit applications in the middle of May.  For more information, you can call the village clerk at 914-722-1175.  

Daily Parking at Scarsdale Metro-North train station

Daily parking is available at the meters.  However, if you plan to park before 11am, you will need to have a meter permit.  Meter permits are only available to Village of Scarsdale residents. There is no wait on the meter permit.  Daily meter parking fee is $1.00/hour for the first 4 hours and $0.75/hour thereafter.

Daily parking is also available at ProPark America Commuter Lot (20 Freightway). However, the lot usually fills up by 9am. Call 914-472-0240 for more information.

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