Guide to Metro-North Train Station Parking in Westchester

Insider's Guide to Metro-North train station parking

Obtaining parking permits at Metro-North train stations can be confusing.  Every station parking lot has their own regulations, some parking permits are only available to residents while others are available to non-residents.  Some parking lots have multi-year waitlists while others have a shorter waitlist.  We did the research for you.  Here is a guide to Metro-North train station parking in Westchester.

Bronxville Metro-North Train Station Parking

Bronxville Parking Permit: Bronxville Parking permits are only available to residents of the Village of Bronxville.  You can buy a Resident Parking permit which allows you to park at the spots designated for residents only but you will still need to feed the meters (this option is great for those of you who don’t need to take the train everyday).  Another option is to buy a Resident Parking Permit plus a Prepaid Commuter Buyout.  This means you don’t need to make daily payments (this option is convenient for those of you taking the train daily).  The Parking permits are issued on a first come/first served basis.  The year starts October 1st-September 30th.  Existing Commuter parking permit holders will have to renew prior to September 30th to keep their permit.  After that, permits are sold on a first come/first served basis.

Bronxville Daily Parking: Daily metered parking are available for residents with Resident Parking permit.

Dobbs Ferry Metro-North Train Station Parking

Dobbs Ferry Parking Permit: Dobbs Ferry parking permits are only for Dobbs Ferry residents.  There is little or no wait for the permit and there is a limit of 2 permits per household.  For more information, call 914-693-5500 or visit the Village of Dobbs Ferry website.

Dobbs Ferry Daily Parking: Non-residents can park on the streets adjacent to the Northbound side of the station on Palisade Street and High Street.  There are 12 hours meter parking that accepts cash and credit cards at $1/hour.

Harrison Metro-North Train Station Parking

Harrison Parking Permit: Harrison train station parking permit is available only to Town/Village of Harrison residents.  There is a waitlist of approximately 2 years for the parking permit.  For more information, call 914-670-3030 or visit the Town of Harrison website.

Harrison Daily Parking: There are daily parking spaces available.  If you are parking in the southbound side, you will have to go to the Clerk’s office and purchase a daily pass for $3.00.  Only residents can purchase daily passes.  If you are parking in the northbound side there are meter parking available at $4.75 for 16 hours or $7.50 for 24 hours.

Hartsdale Metro-North Train Station Parking

Hartsdale Parking Permit: Hartsdale commuter parking permits are only available to residents of the Unincorporated Town of Greenburgh.  It’s important to note that if you are within walking distance to the train station, you are not eligible for parking permits.  There is little or no wait to get a Hartsdale Resident Commuter Parking permit.  The permits are sold on an annual or quarterly basis.  Residents submit an application to park in one of the 4 parking lots.  There is a limit of 2 permits per household.  For more information, please call 914-723-1026 or visit the Hartsdale Public Parking District website.

Hartsdale Daily Parking:  If you are not a resident of Unincorporated Town of Greenburgh, then you must use the 15 hour pay stations open to non-residents available at Lots B&D.

Larchmont Metro-North Train Station Parking

Larchmont Annual Parking Permit and Daily Parking: Larchmont train station annual parking permits are available to Village of Larchmont residents on a first-come/first-served basis.  The fiscal year is from June 1st to May 31st.  Parking permits for existing permit holders do not automatically renew.  Every year, prior to June 1st, parking permits are resold on a first-come/first-served basis giving new residents a chance to get a permit.  The annual parking permit is for Lot 1 which is located on the Connecticut bound side.  There are also daily meter parking available in Lot 3 which is on the New York-bound side.  In order to park in Lot 3, you can either get a Daily meter parking permit which will still require you to pay the $6/day parking fee or a combined parking permit which will allow you to park at Lot 3 without having to pay the daily $6 fee.  For more information, please call the Village clerk at 914-834-6230 or visit the Village of Larchmont website.

Guide to Metro-North Train Station Parking in Westchester

Mamaroneck Metro-North Train Station Parking

Mamaroneck Parking Permit: Mamaroneck annual parking permits are issued on a first-come/first-served basis.  The year starts March 1st-February 28th.  Existing parking permit holders will have the chance to renew their permit by mail prior to March 1st and any unsold spots will be available on a first-come/first-served basis on March 1st.  No preference is given to Village of Mamaroneck residents versus non-residents.  For more information, you can 914-777-7722 or visit the Village of Mamaroneck website.

Mamaroneck Daily Parking: Daily metered parking is available for $0.25/hour but these spaces usually fill up by 7:30 am.

New Rochelle Metro-North Train Station parking

New Rochelle Parking Permit: There is a waitlist for parking permits at the New Rochelle transit center lot (the lot by the train station).  However, the waitlist does move and can take a year or so to get a spot (example: recently, there were 132 people on the waitlist but 59 spaces became available).  Permits at the New Rochelle transit center gives you access to the parking lot 24/7.  Another option is to park at the New Roc Garage which is 1.5 blocks from the train station.  There are usually spots available at this garage.  If you live less than a quarter-mile from the garage, you are considered a resident and can apply for the resident permit which gives you access to the garage 24/7.  While if you live more than a quarter-mile, you are considered a business commuter which means you only have access to the garage from 6am-8pm.  If you are parking outside those hours, you have to pay for the additional hours via the Park Mobile app.  You can add your name to the waitlist online.

New Rochelle Daily Parking: Daily parking spots are available at the New Rochelle transit center on a first-come/first-served basis for $1 per hour.

Guide to Metro-North Train Station Parking in Westchester

Pelham Metro-North Train Station Parking

Pelham Parking Permit: Parking at the Pelham Metro-North train station parking is very limited.  There is a multi-year waitlist for the Pelham resident parking permit. The chances of getting a spot is almost impossible. For example, in Lot 1 which is closest to the train station there are only 29 spaces available with a waitlist of over 100 people and usually zero new open spaces available.   To be placed on the waitlist, you can email  You can call the Village Clerk’s Office at 914-231-3320 for more information or visit the Village of Pelham website.  In addition to the Pelham Village parking lots, there is also parking on the station managed by Laz Parking.  There is a waitlist.  You can call Laz Parking at 1-888-682-7275 for more details.

Port Chester Metro-North Train Station parking

Port Chester Parking Permit: There is a waitlist for the parking lot by the train station and the parking garage at the Waterfront at Port Chester (2nd floor), however, the waitlist does move.  In order to be placed on the waitlist for the lot by the train station, you must first be a permit holder for the garage parking (Waterfront at Port Chester location).  Both residents and non-residents of Port Chester are eligible for the parking permits.  Please call 1-888-682-PARK for more information.

Port Chester Daily Parking: There are meter parking available at the Waterfront at Port Chester (2nd Floor), parking garage.

Rye Metro North-Train Station Parking

Rye Parking Permit: Rye train station parking permit has a waitlist of 10-17 years.  However, if you are a resident of the City of Rye, you can apply for a parking permit in the Highland/Purchase Lot and Cedar/Purchase Lot.  There is an open sale every year in November where applicants submit their application on a first-come/first-served basis and spots are filled in a matter of seconds.  Existing parking permit holders have the option to renew annually, if they fail to renew their permit then the spot will go to the annual open sale. Note that Town of Rye is different from the City of Rye.  Port Chester and Rye Brook residents are residents of the Town of Rye and NOT residents of the City of Rye, therefore are not eligible to participate in the open sale.  For more information, please call the Town Clerk at 914-967-7371.  If you are interested in a spot, you should also sign up for the Rye Commuter Parking Updates distribution list where you will receive emails sent out by the Clerk’s Office regarding commuter parking.

Rye Daily Parking: There are 12 hours meter parking spaces by the train station that is available on a first-come/first-served basis.  However, these meter spaces are usually filled by the 7am train.  The parking fee is $5 for 12 hours.  Many residents ride their Vespas and park at the grassy knoll.  Otherwise, they venture to nearby train stations of Harrison or Port Chester.

Scarsdale Metro-North Train Station Parking

Scarsdale Annual Parking Permit: Scarsdale annual parking permit are very limited and issued via a lottery or on a first-come/first-served basis depending on the garage.  The year starts July 1st-June 30th.  An existing parking permit holder will not receive guaranteed annual renewal.  Parking permit-issuing starts fresh every year. There is an annual open application process.  Christie Place Garage permits are distributed via a lottery while Freightway Garage permits are issued on a first-come/first-served basis. Village of Scarsdale residents can apply to Christie Place Garage and Freightway Garage.  Non-village of Scarsdale residents can only apply to Freightway Garage with Scarsdale residents given priority.  It’s important to note that anyone residing in Scarsdale PO addresses are considered non-residents (read this if you are confused about Scarsdale PO vs. Non-Scarsdale PO).  Be on the lookout for information and parking permit applications in the middle of May.  For more information, you can call the village clerk at 914-722-1175 or visit the Village of Scarsdale website.

You can also get a monthly pass at the ProPark America commuter lot at 20 Freightway.  This lot is open to both residents and non-residents.  There is a waitlist of approximately 2-3 months.  Call 914-472-0240 for more information.

Scarsdale Daily Parking: Daily parking is available at the meters. However, if you plan to park before 11am, you will need to have a meter permit.  The meter permit is only available to Village of Scarsdale residents and there is no wait on the meter permit.  Daily meter parking fee is $1.00/hour for the first 4 hours and $0.75/hour thereafter.  You can also park daily at the ProPark America commuter lot at 20 Freightway, however the lot usually fills up by 9am.

White Plains Metro-North Train Station parking

White Plains Parking Permit: The parking lot at the White Plains train station has a very long waitlist.  It will be almost impossible to get a spot.  This waitlist is only open to White Plains residents.  Another alternative is the Lexington-Grove East West Parking Garage (the lot at Galleria at White Plains mall) is located a few blocks from the train station and has some open spots.  This lot is open to both residents and non-residents of White Plains.  Please call 914-422-1391 for more information.

White Plains Daily Parking: Daily parking is available at the Lexington- Grove East West parking garage lot.

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