What is the difference between Scarsdale and Scarsdale PO?

What is the difference between Scarsdale and Scarsdale PO?

What is the difference between Scarsdale and Scarsdale PO? It can get very confusing.  Why do some homes in Edgemont have Scarsdale zip code?  Why is there a discrepancy with home prices within the Scarsdale zip code?

10583 Zip Code

Let’s start off with the similarities between homes in Scarsdale and Scarsdale PO.  Both have the 10583 zip code.  What this means is that just because a home has 10583 zip code, it does not mean it is located in the Village of Scarsdale or is districted for the coveted Scarsdale Union Free School District.

Scarsdale PO

Scarsdale PO homes are homes with the 10583 zip code but are located outside the Town and Village of Scarsdale.  These areas include homes in Eastchester, Edgemont, Town of Mamaroneck, New Rochelle and Yonkers.  Areas of Eastchester with 10583 zip code includes Garth Road, Green Knolls, Greenvale and North End.  Most of Edgemont shares the same zip code as Scarsdale with the exception of a small section that has Hartsdale’s zip code.  Murdock Woods in the Town of Mamaroneck has the Scarsdale zip code.  Meanwhile, in New Rochelle areas with 10583 zip code includes Bloomingdale Estates, Dorchester Hills, Quaker Ridge, Scarsdale Downs, Scarsdale Parks, Stratton Hills, Wilmot and Wilmot Woods.  And the Beech Hill section of Yonkers have 10583 zip code.

Village of Scarsdale

The Town and Village of Scarsdale boasts the coveted 10583 zip code.  Homes located in the Town and Village of Scarsdale are districted for the Scarsdale Union Free School District.  The residents of these homes are eligible for some privileges that are not available to Scarsdale PO residents.  Some of these privileges includes eligibility to apply for the Scarsdale Resident Commuter Parking Permits and Meter Parking passes at the Scarsdale Train station parking lots.  Another perk for Town and Village of Scarsdale residents is that their homes are more desirable and usually more expensive than homes with Scarsdale PO.

The Scarsdale zip code is a very desirable zip code.  However, don’t get confused.  Know the difference between homes in Scarsdale versus homes in the Scarsdale PO.

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