Thinking of living in Westchester County, NY?

Are you thinking of living in Westchester County, NY?  We compiled lots of information regarding schools, school bus transportation, commute and demographics for various municipalities in Westchester County, New York. Check out our interviews with local suburbanites to get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Westchester. Below you will find useful information if you are thinking of living in Westchester County, NY.

thinking of living in westchester county

Thinking of Living in Westchester: Town by Town Information

We have compiled valuable Westchester County town by town information. If you are on the fence about moving to Westchester County, we hope the information we have below will help with your decision making process. Also, if you need help narrowing down where in Westchester County to move to, the town by town information below will give you valuable data and insights. Check out our article: Read This First Before You Move to Westchester County

Armonk, NY

Ardsley, NY

Bronxville, NY

Chappaqua, NY

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Eastchester, NY

Harrison, NY

Hartsdale, NY

Irvington, NY

Larchmont, NY

Mamaroneck, NY

Mount Vernon, NY

New Rochelle, NY

Pelham, NY

Purchase, NY

Rye, NY

Rye Brook, NY

Scarsdale, NY

Tarrytown, NY

White Plains, NY

Westchester County Commute to New York City

Many people commute to New York City when they move to Westchester County. Below you will find articles on the commute from Westchester County to NYC.

How long are the waitlist for Metro-North Train Station parking?

Top 5 Westchester Towns with the Shortest Commute and Best Schools

How do working mothers juggle their commute?

Westchester Metro-North Train Stations with the Most Trains to NYC

Metro-North Railroad- Number of Trains to New York City

Westchester County School Districts

Which Westchester School Districts Provide School Bus Transportation?

Why is there No School Bus Transportation to Rye Public Schools?

Private School Admissions: How to Boost your chances of getting in

Private School versus Public School

Westchester County Taxes

How to save on Westchester Real Estate taxes

Westchester Cost of Living Calculator

Thinking of living in Westchester County? Want to know how much it cost to live in Westchester? Use our Westchester Cost of Living Calculator to calculate how much it cost to live in Westchester. Our Westchester Cost of Living Calculator will calculate your mortgage expense, property taxes, commuting expenses, transportation expenses and home maintenance expenses. If you have kids, you can also add in your childcare and other child-related expenses to the cost of living calculator.

Westchester Real Estate

Affordable Westchester Towns with the Best Schools

Top Westchester School Districts within a 45 minute train ride to NYC

Top 5 Westchester Towns with the Lowest Median Home Prices and Best Schools

What is the difference between Scarsdale and Scarsdale PO?

Where to live? Westchester County, NY versus Fairfield County, CT?

Westchester Country Clubs and Beach Clubs

Insider’s Guide to Private Beach Clubs in Westchester County, New York

Insider’s Guide to Country Clubs in Westchester

Westchester Restaurants

Chef David DiBari: Westchester’s Most Sought After Chef

Westchester Michelin Restaurant: Dubrovnik

Michelin Restaurants in Westchester County

Chef Julio Genao’s Favorite Restaurants in Westchester and New York

Chef Peter Kelly’s Favorite Restaurants in Westchester

Chef Albert DeAngelis’ Favorite Restaurants in Westchester

Four Most Authentic Chinese Restaurants in Westchester and Fairfield County

Waterfront Restaurants in Westchester

Interviews with local Westchester Residents

Check out our interviews below with local Westchester County residents. Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in Westchester County. Most of our interviews below are with local Westchester County moms, this will give you insight to what it’s like to raise a family in Westchester County. You will also get a peek at their thought process on why they moved to Westchester and what they love about living in Westchester.

Interview with Armonk, NY residents

Nikki Levinson’s Life in Armonk NY

Interview with Bronxville, NY residents

Adrienne Harper’s Move to Bronxville, NY

Maura Fitzgerald’s Life in Bronxville, NY

Interview with Chappaqua, NY residents

Dr. Whitney Bowe’s Beauty Secrets and her Life in Chappaqua, NY

Samantha Levine: Why She Loves Living in Chappaqua, NY

Sarah Shapiro’s Life in Chappaqua

Katy Winter: What it’s like to live in Chappaqua, NY

Pam Moskowitz’s Second Career and her Life in Chappaqua, NY

Interview with Eastchester, NY residents

Simply by Simone- Social Media Influencer in Westchester, NY

Interview with Irvington, NY residents

Jackie Ourman’s Life in Irvington, NY

Interview with Larchmont, NY residents

Why Jen Aloisi Ham loves Mamaroneck and Larchmont

Interview with Fashion Arts Studio Director Ying Su

Interview with Mamaroneck, NY residents

Why Jen Aloisi Ham loves Mamaroneck and Larchmont

Interview with Mount Vernon, NY residents

Nicole Roque’s Move to Mount Vernon, NY

Interview with Pleasantville, NY residents

Life in Pleasantville, NY: Maya Sheinberg of Beneboon

Interview with Purchase, NY residents

Kim Motola’s Move to Purchase, NY

Interview with Port Chester, NY residents

Sara Swisher-Anderson’s Life in Port Chester, NY

Interview with Scarsdale, NY residents

Jamie Robinson- DIY Home Renovation in Scarsdale, NY

Mom-to-Be Jamie Robinson’s Move to Scarsdale, NY

Interview with Rye, NY residents

Lisa Perlman’s Move to Rye, NY

Stylish Westchester’s Move to Rye, NY

Interview with Rye Brook, NY residents

Marla Beth Enowitz: Art and Life In Rye Brook NY

Interview with White Plains, NY residents

Erin O’Keefe’s Life in White Plains, NY

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