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Westchester Metro-North: Most Trains to NYC

Don’t you just love it when you arrive at the platform and within minutes a train arrives?  Or on the flipside, you just missed the train and will have to wait 30 minutes before the next one arrives.  Train frequency matters.  You can strategically plan your morning commute if you choose the right station to depart from.  Sometimes, going to the closest station might not always be your best option.  It might be worth it for you to drive that extra 5-10 minutes to another Metro-North station with more frequent trains.  Lucky for you, we did the research for you.  We looked at Westchester Metro-North trains heading to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal departing between 7:25am-8:35am (give or take 3 minutes) and calculated the train frequency per station.  Here are the Westchester Metro-North Train Stations with the most trains to NYC.

Westchester Metro-North Stations with the most trains to NYC

Most stations average around 4-5 trains between the hours of 7:25am-8:35am.  By far, White Plains has the most trains to Grand Central in the morning.  North White Plains comes second with 8 trains and Mt. Vernon West and Mt. Kisco at 7 trains.  While Harrison and Bronxville stations are slightly above average with 6 trains.  Here are the stations with the most trains.

White Plains- 10 trains

North White Plains- 8 trains

Mt. Vernon West- 7 trains

Mt. Kisco- 7 trains

Harrison- 6 trains

Bronxville- 6 trains

Metro-North Trains to New York City

Westchester Metro-North Stations with the least trains to NYC

Here are the metro-north stations with the least trains to Grand Central.

Valhalla- 3 trains

Hawthorne- 3 trains

Bedford Hills- 3 trains

Katonah- 3 trains

Glenwood- 3 trains

What does this mean for your commute to NYC?

I suggest you take out a map and compute how far you are to the stations with the most trains.  For example, if you live in Rye which gets 4 trains and has an impossible train station parking waitlist (14 years!) then you are better off driving to Harrison (6 trains) or White Plains (10 trains).

By mapping out the distance between where you live and the stations with the most trains to NYC, hopefully you will discover a station that will cut down your morning commute!

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Check out the link below to get the comprehensive list of number of trains to New York City by Metro-North stations.

Metro-North Railroad- Number of Trains to New York City

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*All information were accurate when we were putting this guide together, however, please check the Metro-North Railroad schedule to verify that nothing has changed.

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