The Truth About Living in Armonk, NY (Infographic)

Are you thinking of living in Armonk, NY?  Armonk is a beautiful suburb of New York City with a population of approximately 4,438.

Located in Westchester County‘s Town of North Castle, Armonk is an affluent suburb and for a family of four, it cost more than $13,000 a month to live in Armonk.

The corporate headquarters of IBM is located in Armonk. Like most NYC suburbs, the majority of households in Armonk consist of families, and approximately 27.1% of the population are children under 18 years old.

Armonk NY Infographic
Armonk NY Infographic

Armonk is an affluent town in Westchester County with a mean income of $304,144. Just over half of the married households in Armonk are dual-income households while 38.1% of married households have either a stay-at-home mom or stay-at-home dad.

Below you will find useful information if you are thinking of living in Armonk, NY. The information presented in this article is based on data from the US Census American Community Survey.

Why Armonk, NY is a Great Place to Live In

Country Feel with an Easy Commute to Manhattan

Armonk is a suburb of NYC with a rural vibe- homes are more spread out than lower Westchester County homes. Yet, despite that, Armonk residents can still easily go to NYC to have dinner and watch a Broadway show! It’s only an hour’s drive from Armonk to Manhattan! 

Walkable Downtown 

Downtown Armonk is very walkable. There is a charming main street with restaurants and shops in Armonk.

Armonk, NY
Armonk, NY

Excellent Schools

Armonk schools are highly rated schools. Armonk residents are districted to attend the Byram Hills School District schools which is one of the best school districts in Westchester County. 

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Great Restaurants in Armonk

If you are a foodie and you love Italian food, Armonk is a great place to live in! There are lots of really good restaurants in town or within a few minutes drive. Many highly rated restaurants in Westchester County have opened their second outpost in Armonk. 

In fact, Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant, Macelleria Italian Steakhouse has an Armonk location. Popular Italian restaurants such as Zero Otto Nove and Fortina have restaurants in Armonk. Lenny’s has opened a Lenny’s North Seafood and Steakhouse in Armonk. 

best pizza in westchester county
Fortina Pizza

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What is the population of Armonk, NY?

The population of Armonk, NY is approximately 4,438 with a median age of 44.1 years old. Armonk residents are well educated with the highest level of education being a Bachelor’s Degree for 35.7% of residents and a Graduate Degree for 44.3% of residents.

Is Armonk Diverse?

87.3% of Armonk residents are white, 6.2% of Armonk residents are Asians, 11.1% of Armonk residents are Hispanic and 1.8% of Armonk residents are African Americans.

Are there a lot of families living in Armonk, NY?

Most households in Armonk are families which make up 80.9% of all households. The average family size in Armonk is 3.34. Over a quarter of Armonk residents are children under 18 years old (27.1 % of the population under 18 years old) and 8.7% of Armonk residents are under 5 years old.

Are there are a lot of Stay at Home Moms in Armonk?

There is a high percentage of stay at home moms and dads in Armonk. 35.2% of married households in Armonk have Stay at Home Moms and 2.9% of married households have Stay at Home Dads. There are 53.4% of married households with both parents working.

Are there are a lot of Singles in Armonk?

Most households in Armonk are comprised of married couples. Married couples represent 73% of all households in Armonk while single households represent 27% of all households in Armonk. Of the single households, 19% are singles without kids, 6.6% are single mom households and 1.2% are single dad households.

Armonk New York
Armonk, New York

Is there a Large Senior Citizen Population in Armonk, NY? 

13.60% of Armonk residents are seniors aged 65 years old and older. Compare this to overall Westchester County where 17% of Westchester County residents are seniors aged 65 years old and older.

Is Armonk, NY a Wealthy Town?

Armonk is a wealthy town in Westchester County. Armonk residents have a mean income of $304,144. Compare this to overall Westchester County where the mean income is $170,509.

In fact, for a family of four, it costs more than $15,000 a month to live in Armonk, NY. Check out our Armonk Cost of Calculator to find out how much it cost to live in Armonk.

Salaries in New York

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How Many Cars do Armonk Residents own?

Most Armonk residents own more than one car. 50% of Armonk households own 2 cars and 41.5% of Armonk households own 3 or more cars.

Why do Armonk residents need more than 2 cars? It’s common for families in Armonk to have a 3rd car because you need that extra car for your babysitter or au pair.

Are there a lot of rentals in Armonk?

Most housing units in Armonk are owner occupied with 88.9% of homes in Armonk owner-occupied housing, while only 11.1% of homes in Armonk are rentals.

How Much Is Rent in Armonk, NY? 

The median gross rent in Armonk is $2,596. Compare this to overall Westchester County where the median gross rent is $1,537.

thinking of living in armonk

How Much are Homes in Armonk, NY?

The Median Sales Price of homes in Armonk is $1,601,000. (based on 12 month period ending January 2023)

What County is Armonk, NY located in?

Armonk, NY is in Westchester County.

How Big is Armonk, NY?

Armonk is  6.1 square miles.

How Long is the Average Commute to Work for Armonk Residents?

The mean travel time to work for Armonk residents is 37 minutes. Compare this to overall Westchester County where the average time to work is 35 minutes.

Schools in Armonk, NY

Armonk residents are districted to the Byram Hills Central School District. There are two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school in the Byram Hills Central School District.

Elementary Schools: Coman Hill Elementary School and Wampus Elementary School

Middle Schools: H.C. Crittenden Middle School

High Schools: Byram Hills High School

Is there School Bus Transportation in Armonk?

School Bus transportation is available for students attending Byram Hills Central School District Schools. Armonk residents attending private schools may also be eligible for school bus transportation services.

Armonk, NY
Armonk, NY

Which Metro-North Train station is closest to Armonk?

Armonk does not have a Metro-North train station. The closest Metro-North train station to Armonk is the North White Plains station. Armonk is approximately 15 minutes from the North White Plains station. It takes approximately 1 hour from North White Plains to Grand Central Terminal.

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Is there parking for Armonk residents at the North White Plains Metro North Train Station?

Parking is available for Armonk residents at North White Plains Metro North train station. Below you will find more information on places to contact to secure a parking permit at the North White Plains train station.

Parking Permit at North White Plains Metro North Station: There are several parking lots at North White Plains Metro-North station, they are ran by separate operators. Non-residents can buy parking permits from the LAZ Parking Lot at North White Plains.

The City of White Plains has parking lots at North White Plains, you can contact the City of White Plains directly for parking permit information.

Westchester County also operates a parking lot at the White Plains Metro North station and the parking permits are open to non-residents but there is currently a waitlist.

The Town of North Castle also operates a parking lot at North White Plains station and you can contact the Town of North Castle to add your name to the waitlist. The parking lot on Fisher Lane managed by the Town of North Castle is available for Town of North Castle residents only which includes Armonk residents.

Daily Parking: Daily parking is also available at North White Plains Metro North station.

Where are the Fenced-In Dog Parks near Armonk, NY?

Check out our list of fenced-in dog parks in Westchester County.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Armonk, NY?

If you are thinking of living in Armonk, you need to know how much it costs to live in Armonk. Use our Armonk Cost of Living Calculator to calculate how much it costs to live in Armonk.

According to our Armonk Cost of Living Calculator, it will cost a family of four $13,789.66 per month to live in Armonk. Remember this is just basic housing, school and childcare expenses- we didn’t even include food expenses and fun stuff like family vacations, entertainment and clothes!

Our Armonk Cost of Living Calculator will calculate your mortgage expense, property taxes, commuting expenses, transportation expenses, and home maintenance expenses. If you have kids, you can also add your childcare and other child-related expenses to the cost of living calculator.

Interview with Local Armonk Resident

Check out our interview with Armonk mom, Nikki Levinson: Nikki Levinson’s Move to Armonk NY

Life in Armonk NY
Nikki Levinson

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Data Source: US Census American Community Survey

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