best noodles in westchester

Where to Get the Best Noodles in Westchester County (NY)

Are you craving for noodles? Craving for ramen? Here are my go-to places for the best noodles in Westchester County. Below you will find a list of Asian restaurants that serves the best noodles in Westchester County- ramen to lo mein noodles to Vietnamese Vermicelli noodles. Bon Appetit!

Best Noodles in Westchester County, NY

Best Chinese Pan Fried Noodle in Westchester County

If you are looking for authentic Chinese noodles, then you need to go to Aberdeen Seafood and Dim Sum. Aberdeen is a go-to for authentic Chinese food and dim sum in Westchester County. Aberdeen Seafood and Dim sum is a Chinese restaurant serving Cantonese food located in White Plains, NY. The taste and quality at Aberdeen is as good as the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown and Flushing. Aberdeen is a popular Westchester restaurant for dim sum. I think Aberdeen has the best Chinese Pan Fried noodle in Westchester. Order the Pan Fried Noodle and you will be hooked. The noodles are fried perfectly so it is crispy and topped with pan fried noodle sauce, vegetables and meat. Aberdeen Seafood and Dim Sum is located at 3 Barker Avenue, White Plains, NY. Phone: (914)-288-0188

best noodles in westchester

Best Vietnamese Noodles in Westchester County

Vietnam Central is a go-to for Vietnamese food in Westchester County. I think Vietnam Central has the best Vietnamese noodles in Westchester County. Vietnam Central is located in a little strip mall in Scarsdale, NY. The popular Westchester eatery serves Vietnamese dishes like Pho, Rice Vermicelli and Grilled Pork. The Pho is well made and delicious but my go-to Vietnamese noodle dish at Vietnam Central is the Grilled Pork Vermicelli. If you are not familiar with Vietnamese rice vermicelli noodles, it’s not a soup based noodle dish, it’s more similar to a salad or Poke Bowl. The Grilled Pork Vermicelli noodle dish at Vietnam Central comes with rice vermicelli, lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts, scallion, fish sauce and topped with grilled pork. Once you try it, you will be hooked. Vietnam Central is located at 694 Central Park Ave. Scarsdale, NY. Phone: (914)-723-7222

vietnam central best noodles in westchester

Best Ramen Noodles in Westchester County

Ramen Musashi is a go-to for ramen in Westchester County. It’s a ramen noodle shop in Scarsdale, NY. Order the Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen- creamy pork broth, perfectly cooked ramen noodles and topped with pork slices, scallions and mushrooms. If you want spicy ramen, get the Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen. Ramen Musashi is located at 816 White Plains Road, Scarsdale, NY. Phone: (914) 874-5290

ramen musashi best noodles in westchester
Photo Credit: Ramen Musashi

Best Lo Mein Noodles in Westchester County

If you are craving for lo mein noodles, PF Chang’s makes the best lo mein in Westchester County. I know you are not expecting a national chain restaurant on this list, I wish I can name an independent mom and pop Chinese restaurant in Westchester County but my favorite lo mein noodles in Westchester County is from PF Chang’s. PF Chang’s is located in The Westchester mall in White Plains, NY. The Signature Lo Mein noodles from PF Chang’s is consistently good- perfectly cooked noodles with onions, carrots and meat. If you have kids who are constantly picking out vegetables from their Lo Mein noodle, you will like the Lo Mein from the kids meal. The ratio between noodles to vegetables in the kids meal Lo Mein is mostly noodles to satisfy the picky eater. PF Chang’s is located at 125 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY. Phone: (914) 997-6100

best noodles in westchester
Photo Credit: PF Chang’s

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