Thinking of living in Mamaroneck, NY?

Are you thinking of living in Mamaroneck, NY? Mamaroneck is a beautiful suburb of New York City with a population of approximately 19,217 . Like most NYC suburbs, the majority of households in Mamaroneck consist of families and approximately 22.8% of the population are children under 18 years old. Mamaroneck has a median Income of $102,138. Just over half of the married households in Mamaroneck are dual-income households while 33.4% of married households have either a stay at home mom or stay at home dad. Below you will find useful information if you are thinking of living in Mamaroneck, NY. The information presented in this article is based on data from the US Census American Community Survey.

thinking of living in mamaroneck, ny

What is the population of Mamaroneck, NY?

The population of Mamaroneck, NY is approximately 19,217 with a median age of 41.6 years old. Mamaroneck residents are well educated with the highest level of education being a Bachelor’s Degree for 28.3% of residents and Graduate Degree for 24.9% of residents.

Is Mamaroneck Diverse?

79.7% of Mamaroneck residents are white, 3.9% of Mamaroneck residents are Asians, 24.9% of Larchmont residents are Hispanic and 5.1% of Mamaroneck residents are African Americans.

Are there a lot of families living in Mamaroneck, NY?

Most households in Mamaroneck are families which make up 69.5% of all households. The average family size in Mamaroneck is 3.2. 22.8% of Mamaroneck residents are children under 18 years old and 6% of Mamaroneck residents are under 5 years old.

Are there are lot of Stay at Home Moms in Mamaroneck?

Most households in Mamaroneck are dual income households. There are 53.3% of married households in Mamaroneck with both parents working, 27.4% of married households in Mamaroneck have Stay at Home Moms and 6% of married households in Mamaroneck have Stay at Home Dads.

Are there are a lot of Singles in Mamaroneck?

There is a high percentage of singles in Mamaroneck. Married couples represent 55% of all households in Mamaroneck while single households represent 45.1% of all households in Mamaroneck. Of the single households, 30.5% are singles without kids, 11.1% are single mom households and 3.5% single dad households.

Is Mamaroneck Affluent?

Mamaroneck has a median household income of $102,138.

How Many Cars do Mamaroneck Residents own?

40.2% of Mamaroneck households own 1 car, 33.2% of Larchmont households own 2 cars and 15.7% of Mamaroneck households own 3 or more cars.

Are there a lot of rentals in Mamaroneck?

Most housing units in Mamaroneck are owner occupied with 58.6% of homes in Mamaroneck owner-occupied housing, while only 41.4% of homes in Mamaroneck are rentals.

How Long is the Average Commute to Work for Mamaroneck residents?

The average commute to work for Mamaroneck residents is 32.9 minutes.

Schools in Mamaroneck, NY

Mamaroneck residents are districted to either the Mamaroneck School District or the Rye Neck School District.

  • Rye Neck School District is a smaller district of approximately 1500 students from the City of Rye and Village of Mamaroneck.  The Elementary schools are divided into K-2 and Grades 3-5. K-2 Students attend Daniel Warren School and Grades 3-5 students attend F.E. Bellows School.  Then students move up to Rye Neck Middle School and Rye Neck High School.  
  • Mamaroneck School District is larger with approximately 5,300 students from the Village of Larchmont, Village of Mamaroneck and Town of Mamaroneck.  There are four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school in the the Mamaroneck Public School District. The Elementary schools are Central School, Chatsworth Avenue School, Mamaroneck Avenue School and Murray Avenue School.  Then students move up to Hommocks Middle School and Mamaroneck High School.

Is there School Bus Transportation in Larchmont?

School Bus Transportation is only available for students attending Mamaroneck school district. There is no school bus transportation for students attending Rye Neck School district.

  • There is no school bus transportation for students attending Rye Neck School district.
  • School bus transportation is available for students attending Mamaroneck School district who live more than 2 miles for K-8th grade students and more than 3 miles for High School students.  Private school bus transportation is available for students whose residence in the Mamaroneck School district and who live less than 15 miles from their private school.

Which Metro North train station is closest to Mamaroneck?

Most Mamaroneck residents take the train from the Mamaroneck Metro North train station to commute to NYC. It takes approximately 38 minutes from the Mamaroneck Metro North train station to New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

Is there Parking at the Mamaroneck Metro North Train station?

Mamaroneck train station annual parking permit is issued on a first-come/first-served basis.  The year starts March 1st-February 28th.  Existing parking permit holders will have the chance to renew their permit by mail prior to March 1st and any unsold spots will be available on a first-come/first-served basis on March 1st.  No preference is given to Village of Mamaroneck residents versus non-residents.  Daily metered parking is available for but these parking spaces usually fill up by 7:30am.

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Mamaroneck Cost of Living Calculator

If you are thinking of living in Mamaroneck, you need to know how much it cost to live in Mamaroneck. Use our Westchester Cost of Living Calculator to calculate how much it cost to live in Mamaroneck. Our Westchester Cost of Living Calculator will calculate your mortgage expense, property taxes, commuting expenses, transportation expenses and home maintenance expenses. If you have kids, you can also add in your childcare and other child-related expenses to the cost of living calculator.

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Data Source: US Census 2019 American Community Survey