Top Westchester School Districts within a 45 minute train ride to NYC

Westchester School Districts within a 45 minute train ride to NYC

Families move to Westchester County for the schools. However, the daily commute into the city can be grueling so proximity to NYC is an important factor. The good news is, you can have your cake and eat it too! Here are the top Westchester School districts within a 45 minute train ride to NYC. The school rankings are based on Niche 2019 Best School Districts in Westchester County. One thing to note is that since Westchester School districts often pull students from several municipalities, depending on where you live, your closest train station may be different from what we have in the table below. Availability of parking spots at the train station and train frequency is also an important factor to consider. You may end up having a better commute by driving a little farther to train stations with more parking spots and more frequent trains to NYC.

Top Ranking Westchester Schools within 45 Minutes of NYC

  • Edgemont Union Free School District- Rank #1 and 37 Minutes
  • Scarsdale Union Free School District- Rank #2 and 34 Minutes
  • Bronxville Union Free School District- Rank #7 and 31 Minutes
  • Pelham Union Free School District- Rank #12 and 33 Minutes
  • Ardsley Union Free School District- Rank #13 and 34 Minutes
  • Hastings-On-Hudson Union Free School District- Rank #8 and 39 Minutes
  • Rye City School District- Rank #5 and 42 Minutes
  • Byram Hills Central School District- Rank #10 and 43 Minutes
  • Rye Neck Union Free School District- Rank #3 and 45 Minutes
  • Mamaroneck Union Free School District- Rank #9 and 45 Minutes
  • Blind-Brook Rye Union Free School District- Rank #14 and 45 Minutes

Source: Niche 2019 Best School Districts in Westchester County and HGMLS

Q1 2019 Westchester School Districts Real Estate Metrics with Commute

School District
Niche 2019 Best School Districts in Westchester County Ranking Months Supply of Homes for SaleDays on Market (Median)Median Sales Price (Single Family Homes, Condos and Coops)Median Sales Price (Single Family Homes)Metro North Train to Midtown Manhattan
Edgemont Union Free School District1578$482,500$1,115,00037 Minutes from Hartsdale Station
Scarsdale Union Free School District27.586$1,101,500$1,125,00034 Minutes from Scarsdale Station
Rye Neck Union Free School District34.6118$643,750$696,00045 Minutes from Mamaroneck Station
Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District43.378$775,500$793,50052 Minutes from Scarborough Station
Rye City School District57.950$829,500$1,312,50042 Minutes from Rye Station
Chappaqua Central School District66.755$760,000$840,00053 Minutes from Chappaqua Station
Bronxville Union Free School District710.325$1,230,000$1,726,00031 Minutes from Bronxville Station
Hastings-on Hudson Union Free School District83.559$610,000$767,50039 Minutes from Hastings-On-Hudson Station
Mamaroneck Union Free School District93.538$661,500$995,50045 Minutes from Mamaroneck Station
Byram Hills Central School District107.582$982,500$982,50043 Minutes from North White Plains Station
Katonah Lewisboro Union Free School District117.163$589,750$594,50071 Minutes from Katonah Station
Pelham Union Free School District124.685$620,000$829,50033 Minutes from Pelham Station
Ardsley Union Free School District134.246$728,500$728,50034 Minutes from Scarsdale Station
Blind Brook-Rye Union Free School District145.022$1,144,500$1,249,00045 Minutes from Port Chester Station
Pleasantville Union Free School District153.885$491,750$723,70055 Minutes from Pleasantville Station
Bedford Central School District167.464$500,000$712,00067 Minutes from Bedford Hills Station
Yorktown Central School District172.847$509,500$514,50059 Minutes from Mt. Kisco Station
Croton-Harmon Union Free School District185.584$518,000$515,95553 Minutes from Croton-Harmon Station
Irvington Union Free School District195.788$395,000$889,00045 Minutes from Irvington Station
Eastchester Union Free School District202.856$463,000$686,00036 Minutes from Crestwood Train Station
North Salem Central School District219.180$535,000$535,00078 Minutes from Purdy's Station
Harrison Central School District227.371$1,110,000$1,320,00048 Minutes from Harrison Station
Tuckahoe Union Free School District234.983$525,000$614,75034 Minutes from Tuckahoe Station
White Plains City School District243.466$397,950$640,00039 Minutes from White Plains Station
Somers Central School District254.780$457,500$505,00074 Minutes from Goldens Bridge Station
Union Free School District of the Tarrytowns264.182$391,500$625,00040 Minutes from Tarrytown Station
Hendrick Hudson Central School District274.170$475,000$484,20060 Minutes from Cortlandt Station
Dobbs Ferry Union Free School District283.763$800,750$682,00041 Minutes from Dobbs Ferry Station
Lakeland Central School District293.446$325,000$368,00060 Minutes from Cortlandt Station
Mount Pleasant Central School District303.548$572,500$641,25051 Minutes from Hawthorne Station
Source: Niche 2019 Best School Districts in Westchester County and HGMLS

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