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Best Metro North Station for Rye Brook Residents

What is the Best Metro-North Station for Rye Brook Residents? Since Rye Brook does not have a Metro-North train station, Rye Brook residents will need to drive to nearby stations to catch the train. Below we will go over which is the best metro north station for Rye Brook residents.

What Metro-North Stations are near Rye Brook, NY?

Rye Brook residents can take the train to NYC from four Metro-North train stations near Rye Brook. Rye Brook residents can catch the Metro-North train to NYC from Port Chester, Rye, Harrison or White Plains stations.

The White Plains Metro-North train station is approximately 12 minutes away from Rye Brook. The Harrison Metro North train station is 13 minutes away while both Port Chester Metro North train station and Rye Metro-North train station are both 7 minutes away.

There are 3 factors to consider while you are trying to decide between the four stations 1.) find out how long it takes to commute to New York City, 2.) check the train frequency to New York City and 3.) check the availability of parking at the train stations.

How Long is the Commute to New York City from Rye Brook?

Your commute from Rye Brook will depend on which Metro North train station you take. If you catch the train from the Harrison station, the Metro North train ride from Harrison to New York’s Grand Central Terminal is approximately 40-50 minutes. While the Metro North train ride from White Plains to Grand Central is approximately 38-42 minutes. If you take the train from Rye, the Metro North train ride from Rye is approximately 43-57 minutes and the Metro North train ride from Port Chester to NYC is approximately 46 minutes to 1 hour. Of the four metro north train stations near Rye Brook, the fastest train will be from the White Plains Metro North station.

How Frequent are the Metro North Trains?

At the White Plains Metro North station, trains come very frequently, during peak hours there are as many as 10 trains per hour or a train every 10 minutes which means you will not have to wait long at the platform to catch a train. Compare this to Harrison, Rye and Port Chester Metro North stations where during peak hours, trains come 4-5 trains per hour or a train every 15-20 minutes. It’s smart to go to a train station with more frequent trains to NYC so you don’t have to waste your time waiting to catch a train.

Best Metro north station for rye brook

Which Metro North Train Station has Parking for Non-Residents?

Rye Brook residents are not eligible to apply for resident parking permits at the Rye, Port Chester, Harrison or White Plains Metro North stations. When deciding which Metro North train station to take, it is important to look at the parking regulations for non-residents.

  • Harrison Metro-North Train Station Parking
    • Parking permits are available only to Town/Village of Harrison residents.  There is a waitlist of approximately 2 years for the parking permit.  
    • There are daily parking spaces available.  If you are parking on the southbound side, you will have to go to the Clerk’s office and purchase a daily pass for $3.00.  Only residents can purchase daily passes. If you are parking on the northbound side there is meter parking available at $4.75 for 16 hours or $7.50 for 24 hours.
  • Port Chester Metro North Train Station Parking
    • The Port Chester Metro North station has daily metered parking at the covered lot at The Waterfront at Port Chester which is a great choice for non-residents.
    • There is a waitlist for parking permits which is open to both residents and non-residents.
    • It is usually easy to park for the day at The Waterfront parking lot even without parking permits. This parking lot is a great choice for Rye Brook residents catching the Metro North from the Port Chester station.
  • White Plains Metro North Train station parking
    • The parking lot at the White Plains train station is only open to White Plains residents so that is not an option for Rye Brook residents. 
    • The Lexington-Grove East West Parking Garage (the lot at Galleria at White Plains mall) is located a few blocks from the train station and has some open spots.  This lot is open to both residents and non-residents of White Plains.  Please call 914-422-1391 for more information.
  • Rye Metro North Train station parking
    • There is a 10-17 year waitlist for Rye Parking Permits. That means, daily parking at the Rye train station is very competitive.
    • There are 12-hour metered parking spaces by the train station that is available on a first-come/first-served basis.  These metered spaces are not easy to come by and are usually filled by the 7 am train.  The parking fee is $5 for 12 hours.  

So what is the best metro-north train station for Rye Brook, NY residents? Compared to Harrison, Rye and Port Chester, commute times from White Plains to NYC is faster and White Plains beat Harrison, Rye and Port Chester in train frequency. There is a higher chance of securing a parking spot at White Plains and Port Chester for non-residents. Looking at commute times, train frequency and parking, White Plains seems like the better choice for Rye Brook, NY residents. However, depending on where you live in Rye Brook, you need to spend some time computing exactly how long it takes to commute door-to-door. You should also try commuting from each station to find out which station works best for you.

Note: Parking regulations and fees do change, please check with Metro-North to confirm the latest rates and regulations.

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