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Guide to Metro-North Train Station Parking in Rye, NY

Metro-North train station parking is a challenge for most train stations in Westchester County. Many have multi-year waitlists for parking permits. Here is our Guide to Metro-North Train Station Parking in Rye, NY.

Commute to NYC from Rye, NY

The Metro-North train ride from Rye to New York’s Grand Central Terminal can range from 43-57 minutes.

Parking Permit Waitlist for Metro-North Train Station Parking in Rye, NY

The Rye Metro-North train station has a waitlist of 10-17 years for parking permits.  Only residents of the City of Rye can apply for a parking permit in the Highland/Purchase Lot and Cedar/Purchase Lot.  There is an open sale every year in November where applicants submit their application on a first-come/first-served basis and spots are filled in a matter of seconds. Existing parking permit holders have the option to renew annually, if they fail to renew their permit then the spot will go to the annual open sale.

Note that the Town of Rye is different from the City of Rye.  Port Chester and Rye Brook residents are residents of the Town of Rye and NOT residents of the City of Rye, therefore are not eligible to participate in the open sale.

Daily Parking at the Rye Metro-North Station

There are 12-hour metered parking spaces by the train station that is available on a first-come/first-served basis.  In order to get a spot, you have to get there early because these metered spaces are usually filled by the 7 am train.  The parking fee is $5 for 12 hours.  

Parking at the Metro-North Train station in Rye is definitely challenging. Many residents ride their Vespas and park at the grassy knoll.  Otherwise, they venture to nearby train stations of Harrison or Port Chester.

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