Pros and Cons of Living in Greenwich, CT (by a local)

Are you thinking about moving to Greenwich, Connecticut? I’ve been a resident of Greenwich for almost two decades, so I’ve got a good grasp of what life is like in this town. Greenwich is a pretty affluent town situated along the Long Island Sound. It’s got its own set of advantages and disadvantages, like any other place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of living in Greenwich, giving you a straightforward assessment of what to expect. 

Greenwich avenue

Hopefully, this article will provide you with some insider’s perspective to help you decide if Greenwich is the right place for you.

Pros of Living in Greenwich, CT

1. Close to New York City (45 minute train ride)

Greenwich is the closest Connecticut town to NYC. Located right on the New York-Connecticut border, living in Greenwich means you have an unbeatable commute into the city. 

In just 45 minutes, you can find yourself in the heart of midtown Manhattan! 

And that’s not all, Greenwich has four Metro North train stations so chances are you are close to a train station wherever you live in Greenwich!  

2. Greenwich has Low Property Taxes

Greenwich has the lowest property taxes in Fairfield County. In fact, it has the second lowest property taxes in all of Connecticut.

Greenwich has the lowest property taxes in Fairfield County because it has the second lowest mill rates in Connecticut (check out our article explaining Connecticut Mill rates).  

Now let’s compare the property tax of a $1 million home in Greenwich, CT versus the property tax of a $1 million dollar home in Hartford, CT. (Hartford has the highest property taxes in Connecticut!)

The real estate tax for a $1.0 million home in Greenwich is $11,200 per year while property taxes for a $1.0 million home in Hartford is a whopping $68,950. The difference in property taxes is significant! Hartford is 6x more expensive than Greenwich when it comes to property taxes!

Want to know how Connecticut Property Taxes are calculated? Check out our article: How to Calculate Property Taxes in Connecticut.

3. Lots of Shops and Restaurants

Greenwich is home to a plethora of shops and restaurants. It has an upscale shopping scene that rivals the best, with luxury shops lining Greenwich Avenue, often dubbed the “Rodeo Drive of Connecticut.” 

Greenwich is home to many retail stores you’d normally find in Manhattan. Greenwich Avenue is lined with upscale stores such as Saks to Hermes to Lululemon to local boutique stores on Greenwich Avenue. 

It’s convenient living in Greenwich because you don’t have to go to NYC to shop. Plus Greenwich shoppers enjoy the lower Connecticut sales tax!

But that’s not all, Greenwich has multiple shopping districts. You can also find shops and restaurants in Old Greenwich on Sound Beach Avenue and on Putnam Avenue in Cos Cob.

Restaurants are also plentiful in Greenwich. If you are a foodie, you will be happy living in Greenwich. Greenwich is home to many restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine types. Whether you are craving Thai food, Italian, Tapas, or crepes, there is something for you! 

In addition to local restaurants, Greenwich is a few minutes from the restaurants in Port Chester, NY, and Stamford, CT.

Are you looking for restaurant recommendations in Greenwich? We asked local Greenwich residents for their favorite restaurants. Here are the 15 Most Recommended Restaurants in Greenwich, CT

4. Gourmet Food Stores

Greenwich is home to many gourmet food stores. 

You will find New York gourmet food stores like Citarella and Balducci’s on Putnam Avenue, sparing you the trip to Manhattan.

There are also local gourmet food stores right in town such as Mike’s Organic, Fjord Fisheries and Villa Nuova.

Greenwich also has your traditional grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop and Acme.

5. Beaches and Private Islands

Greenwich has two public beaches and two private islands for its residents to use! You can easily go from a day at the beach to a Broadway show in NYC. 

Greenwich residents are spoiled. Not just because of the private islands but because the beaches are never crowded! Sure, non-residents can buy day passes and parking passes but it’s expensive and not easy to buy.

Below are the Greenwich Beaches and Islands.

Greenwich Point Park (locals call it Tod’s Point Beach) 

Greenwich Point Park or Tod’s Point is a beautiful beach located in the Old Greenwich section of town.

It’s easy to spend the day at Tod’s Point beach, lounging, biking or kayaking. There is a lot to do at Tod’s point. There is a bike trail. You can rent kayaks and paddle boards at Greenwich Community Sailing.

There are touch tanks at the Bruce Museum Seaside Center as well as daily programs for children such as fish feeding and fish seining. 

Tod’s Point is a very social beach. The chances of bumping into a neighbor or someone you know is really high. A day at the beach is one big playdate for both the kids and adults!

Even on weekdays, it’s common to see families meet at the beach for a picnic dinner. Friday night and Saturday night are bustling with locals! You just can’t beat the lifestyle of being so close to the beach and yet only 45 minutes away from New York City!

Byram Beach in Greenwich, CT

Byram Beach is another Greenwich beach located in the Byram section of Greenwich. The beach is smaller than the beach at Greenwich Point Park but it has an amazing pool.

The Greenwich town pool is big, consisting of two pools (a kiddie and a zero-entry lap pool), a splash pad, a concession stand, bathrooms and lockers.

The town and the Junior League of Greenwich raised $6.8 million to build the Greenwich town pool. Greenwich residents are lucky to have such a beautiful pool with amazing views of Long Island Sound.

Aside from the pool and the beach, Greenwich residents can enjoy the playground at Byram Beach (it has amazing Long Island Sound views), tennis courts and marina. If you are a boating enthusiast, you can even join the Byram Shore Boat Club.

Great Captain Island and Island Beach

Aside from the beaches, Greenwich residents also have access to two private islands- Great Captain Island and Island Beach. The town of Greenwich runs a daily ferry service to Island Beach during the summer months.

It is always a treat to get on the ferry to Island Beach. The experience always feels like you are going on a mini-vacation yet you are only minutes from downtown Greenwich.

You can easily spend the day at Island Beach, enjoying the beautiful beach, playground, grills, picnic tables, and concession stand.

Great Captain Island is another private island for Greenwich residents. The town of Greenwich runs a ferry service to Great Captain Island. It is less developed than Island Beach and lacks a concession stand.

Aside from hopping on a ferry and spending the day at the private Greenwich islands, you can get overnight camping permits at these private islands.

Families apply for overnight camping permits and they spend the night camping. It is old-fashioned fun and always a blast! 

6. Diverse Housing Options

The median home price in Greenwich is $1,719,154 which may seem high but the good news is there is a wide range of housing options in Greenwich.

Housing options in Greenwich are diverse. From the more affordable Byram neighborhood to multi-million-dollar estates in Belle Haven, you can find a range of price points to fit your budget.

Even with waterfront homes, you have a wide range of prices- there are the more affordable townhouses on the water in Cos Cob and on the high end, you have the multi-million dollar waterfront estates on Byram Shore Road.

If you are looking for more affordable prices, you should check out Byram and Pemberwick. 

The Byram section of Greenwich is more affordable with a median home price of $746,950 and the Pemberwick section of Greenwich is also on the more affordable side with a median home price of $966,269. 

So, yes, you can afford to live in Greenwich it’s just a matter of finding the right home that fits your budget!  

7. Greenwich has Excellent Schools

Greenwich Public Schools is consistently ranked as one of the best in Connecticut. ranks Greenwich Public Schools as the #3 Best School District in Connecticut.

There are 11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 1 high school in Greenwich. Many of these schools are award-winning magnet schools.

Greenwich is also home to some of the top private schools in Connecticut.  Top Connecticut private schools located in Greenwich are Greenwich Academy, Brunswick School, Whitby, and Greenwich Country Day School. 

Greenwich is also 15 minutes away from one of the best private schools in the country, Rye Country Day School.

Plus, for a town of only 60,000 people, Greenwich residents have many preschools to choose from. Greenwich is home to Mencius Mandarin Preschool, the only Chinese Language Immersion Preschool in Fairfield County.

If you are looking into preschools in Greenwich. Check out my Insider’s Guide to Greenwich Preschools.

8. Greenwich is a Family Friendly Town

Greenwich is a family-friendly town with plenty of activities for kids. If you have kids, you will never get bored living in Greenwich! In fact, the opposite can happen. If you let it, your calendar will be filled with family activities in Greenwich.

The town offers many recreational sports, including ice skating clinics, softball, baseball, field hockey, basketball, fencing, dance, and soccer. 

On weekends, there are family events to attend, such as the beloved Greenwich Reindeer Festival, where kids can visit Santa and his reindeer. 

In the summer, there are numerous summer camp options for kids, including the popular Sand Piper beach camp and the Music, Art, and Dance camp. The town also offers Kamp Kairphree, a full-day summer camp program with school bus transportation. 

For older kids, there is the Greenwich Skate Park and the Arch Street Teen Center, which hosts events and activities for teenagers. 

There are children’s programs at the libraries (Greenwich has 4 libraries!) Each library has its own children’s program, ranging from Baby Lapsit to Spanish Read-Aloud to Lego Building Class. The library programs are free, and they are a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged. Parents can also meet other local moms at the library, making it a great social activity as well.

9. Lots of Recreation in Greenwich

Greenwich has a diverse range of recreational facilities to suit everyone’s preferences. For sports enthusiasts, there are numerous options such as golfing, biking, boating, shooting, skating, and tennis. 

The town has a public golf course and an indoor ice skating rink that is never crowded. 

There are also outdoor skating rinks, tennis courts, paddle courts, playgrounds, and parks that are open year-round.

Art lovers will feel at home in Greenwich, with the award-winning Bruce Museum and local museums such as the Greenwich Audubon Center, Greenwich Botanical Center, and Bush Holly House Museum. 

Greenwich also has private country clubs and yacht clubs for those interested in joining, and the Cos Cob Revolver and Rifle Club for shooting enthusiasts.

Despite the town’s population of only 60,000 people, all recreational facilities are well-maintained and never crowded.

In conclusion, Greenwich offers a wide range of activities and interests to suit everyone’s preferences. 

Are you looking into Country Clubs in Greenwich? We asked members to give us the inside scoop. Check out our article: Insider’s Guide to Country Clubs in Greenwich, CT

10. Easy to Make Friends

It’s easy to make friends in Greenwich. It’s particularly easy to make friends in Greenwich if you are moving in from New York City with a small child or are starting a family because I’ve found that a lot of new Greenwich residents are from NYC looking to settle down. You’ll have a lot in common.

To expand your social circle, you do have to put yourself out there and get involved in the community to meet people.

One option is to join the Greenwich Newcomer’s Club, which is geared towards helping newcomers connect. There are also local nonprofit organizations like the Junior League of Greenwich where you can get involved. 

If you have kids in school, participating in the PTA can be a good way to meet other parents. And if you’re expecting, consider joining the Greenwich Hospital’s New Moms Group, a great way to meet others in the same boat.

Cons of Living in Greenwich, CT

1. Expensive

Greenwich is an expensive town to live in. Restaurant prices and food prices are much higher in Greenwich.

In fact, even the McDonald’s in Greenwich is priced higher than the McDonald’s in Port Chester. NY!

Home repair services such as plumbing and electrical tend to be more expensive in Greenwich. Unfortunately, when service providers find out that you live in Greenwich you will get the “Greenwich Price” which usually means a higher price!

2. Traffic

Traffic congestion on I-95 can slow to a crawl during rush hour. It’s probably a problem that is not unique to Greenwich, most of Connecticut that is connected via I-95 encounters this traffic!

3. Old Housing Stock

If you are looking for brand new construction in a planned community, you won’t find it in Greenwich. Greenwich is an old town where homes are older. When you buy a house in Greenwich, you will most likely be buying a renovated home or you will most likely have to do some home renovation to get the house to your liking.

4. Expensive Homes

Compared to other towns in Connecticut, it’s expensive to buy a house in Greenwich. With a median home price of $1,719,154, Greenwich may not fit everyone’s budget. 

The good news is there are areas in Greenwich that are more affordable. If you are set on moving to Greenwich but are on a tight budget, you can look into the less expensive parts of Greenwich such as Byram and Pemberwick.

Below is a video of Greenwich, CT

Check out 10 Reasons to Move to Greenwich, CT (by a local mom)

Move to Greenwich, CT: FAQ

What is the population of Greenwich, CT?

The population of Greenwich, CT is approximately 63,518 with a median age of 42.3 years old.

Are Greenwich Residents Well Educated?

66.6% of Greenwich residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Compare this to overall Connecticut where 39% of CT residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

Greenwich Sidewalk Sale

Is Greenwich Diverse?

83.4% of Greenwich residents are white, 7.6% of Greenwich residents are Asians, 13.8% of Greenwich residents are Hispanic and 3.7% of Greenwich residents are African Americans.

Are there a lot of families living in Greenwich, NY?

Most households in Greenwich are families which make up 60% of all households. The average family size in Greenwich is 3.21. 25.6% of Greenwich residents are children under 18 years old and 5.6% of Greenwich residents are under 5 years old.

Are there are lot of Stay at Home Moms in Greenwich?

There are 41.2% of married households in Greenwich with both parents working, 33.3% of married households in Greenwich have Stay at Home Moms and 7.6% of married households in Greenwich have Stay at Home Dads.

Are there are a lot of Singles in Greenwich?

There are more singles in Greenwich 06830 zip code compared to other sections of Greenwich. Married couples represent 44.7% of all households in Greenwich while single households represent 55.3% of all households in Greenwich.

Of the single households, 40% are singles without kids, 12.7% are single mom households and 2.6% single dad households.

Byram Beach greenwich CT
Byram Beach

While in Old Greenwich, married couples represent 75.5% of all households, singles without kids represent 16.4% of households, single mom households represent 6.2% of households and single dads represent 1.5% of households.

Compare this to Cos Cob where married couples represent 57.9% of all households, singles without kids represent 26% of households, single mom households represent 11.5% of households and single dads represent 4.6% of households.

While in Riverside, married couples represent 70.3% of all households, singles without kids represent 20% of households, single mom households represent 6.9% of households and single dads represent 2.7% of households.

Is there a Large Senior Citizen Population in Greenwich, CT? 

18% of Greenwich residents are seniors aged 65 years old and older. Compare this to overall Connecticut where 18% of Connecticut residents are seniors aged 65 years old and older.

Is Greenwich, CT a Wealthy Town?

Yes, Greenwich is a wealthy town. It has a mean household income of $314,450.

However, there are parts of Greenwich that are wealthier than others. The nice thing about living in Greenwich is it does have socioeconomic diversity.

Old greenwich, ct

How Many Cars do Greenwich Residents own?

44.4% of Greenwich households own 1 car, 30.3% of Greenwich households own 2 cars and 16.9% of Greenwich households own 3 or more cars.

How Much Is Rent in Greenwich, CT? 

The median gross rent in Greenwich is $1,910. Compare this to overall Connecticut where the median gross rent is $1,180.

Old greenwich, ct

What is the Median Home Value in Greenwich, CT?

The Median Home Value of owner-occupied homes in Greenwich is $1,710,154.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Greenwich?

Want to know how much it costs to live in Greenwich? It costs over $17,000 a month for a family of four to live in Greenwich! We used our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator to do the math.

Tod's Point Beach in Greenwich, CT

Use our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator to calculate how much it costs for you to live in Greenwich. 

Our Greenwich Cost of Living Calculator will calculate your mortgage expense, property taxes, commuting expenses, transportation expenses and home maintenance expenses.

If you have kids, you can also add your childcare and other child-related expenses to the cost of living calculator.

What County is Greenwich, CT located in?

Greenwich, CT is in Fairfield County.

How Big is Greenwich, CT?

Greenwich is 47.62 square miles.

How Long is the Average Commute to Work for Greenwich Residents?

The mean travel time to work for Greenwich residents is 33 minutes. Compare this to overall Connecticut where the average time to work is 27 minutes.

How long is the average commute to work for Greenwich residents?

The average commute to work for Greenwich residents is 29.1 minutes.

What is the Housing Stock Like in Greenwich, CT?

Greenwich has a good variety of housing. There are condos, coops, townhouses, multi-family and single family homes. Whether you are looking for a waterfront home or a massive country estate or a multi-family home, there is something for everyone in Greenwich.

thinking of living in greenwich, ct

Where are the Condos and Coops in Greenwich, CT?

If you want condos and coops, downtown Greenwich is a good place to look. There are also condos and townhouses in Old Greenwich, Pemberwick and Glenville.

Are there Multi-Family Homes in Greenwich?

There are multi-family homes in Greenwich. Due to zoning, multi-family homes are mostly in Cos Cob, downtown Greenwich, Byram, Glenville and Pemberwick.

Greenwich avenue

Where are the Walkable Neighborhoods in Greenwich?

Old Greenwich, Riverside and Byram are walkable neighborhoods in Greenwich. South of post road in Cos Cob is also walkable. The homes in Milbrook are also walkable (although there are no sidewalks but traffic is usually light in the Milbrook area).

Check out our article: Six Things You Didn’t Know About Milbrook Club

How Many Zip Codes are in Greenwich, CT?

There are 5 zip codes in the town of Greenwich. Greenwich, CT is subdivided into 06830 and 06831. The neighborhoods of Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich have their own zip codes. Cos Cob, CT zip code is 06807, Riverside, CT zip code is 06878 and Old Greenwich zip code is 06870.

Greenwich NeighborhoodsZip Codes
Greenwich (mostly northern section)06831
Cos Cob06807
Old Greenwich06870

What are the Neighborhoods in Greenwich, CT?

Greenwich is divided into several neighborhoods.  The west side of Greenwich is Byram, Glenville, Pemberwick and Chickahominy.  The midsection of Greenwich is Mid-Country, Back Country, Belle Haven, Milbrook and Downtown Greenwich. The eastern side of Greenwich is comprised of Cos Cob, Riverside, Old Greenwich and North Mianus.

SectionsGreenwich Neighborhoods
Western GreenwichByram
Central GreenwichMid-Country
Back Country
Downtown Greenwich
Belle Haven
Eastern GreenwichCos Cob
Old Greenwich
North Mianus

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What are the Schools in Greenwich?

The Greenwich Public School system is often rated as one of the top public school districts in Connecticut.  There are 9 neighborhood Elementary schools, 3 middle schools and one high school. Greenwich High School is a big high school with an enrollment of 2600 students.  

SchoolsGreenwich Schools
Elementary SchoolsNew Lebanon School (magnet school)
Julian Curtiss School (magnet school)
Hamilton Avenue School (magnet school)
International School at Dundee (magnet school)
Cos Cob Elementary School
North Street School
Parkway School
Riverside Elementary School
Old Greenwich School
Middle SchoolsWestern Middle School (magnet school)
Central Middle School
Eastern Middle School
High SchoolGreenwich High School

What are the Magnet Schools in Greenwich?

There are 4 magnet elementary schools in Greenwich- Hamilton Avenue School, Julian Curtiss School, International School at Dundee and New Lebanon School.  

There is 1 magnet middle school- Western Middle School. Students in the Greenwich Public School system have the option to apply via a lottery process to these magnet schools.

Are Most Greenwich Residents Enrolled in Private Schools or Public Schools?

61.2% of Greenwich children are enrolled in public schools and 38.8% of Greenwich children are enrolled in private schools.

Is there School Bus Transportation in Greenwich?

School bus transportation is available to students attending the Greenwich Public School District. School bus transportation is available for the following schools: North Street school, Riverside school, Cos Cob school, Old Greenwich school, Glenville school, Hamilton Avenue school, Julian Curtiss School, International School at Dundee, Western Middle School, Central Middle School, Eastern Middle School and Greenwich High School.

Is there School Bus Transportation for New Lebanon School students?

There is no school bus transportation for students attending New Lebanon elementary school. Most students attending New Lebanon elementary school walk to school. Byram is a small walkable neighborhood in Greenwich

Is there School Bus Transportation for Greenwich Private Schools?

Private school bus transportation is available for Greenwich residents attending Greenwich Private schools.

Is there School Bus Transportation to After School Programs in Greenwich?

School bus transportation is available for after school programs to the Boys and Girls Club, YWCA and YMCA. Students are picked up from their school and driven to the after school program. This is a great service for working parents.

Preschools in Greenwich, CT

There are many preschool options in Greenwich. The Greenwich Public School has a preschool program and is enrollment is based on a lottery. There are also many private preschool programs for families. Check out our preschool guides below:

Is there a Dog Park in Greenwich?

Yes, there is a dog park at Grass Island Park in Greenwich. It’s located near the Belle Haven section of Greenwich near exit 3 on I-95.

The Grass Island Park Dog Park is fully fenced in with 2 sections- one for small dog and another section for larger dogs.

In terms of amenities at the Greenwich dog park, there is a faucet with running water, free poop bags, benches with some shade and exercise equipment for your dogs to climb on in the fenced in dog park.

Grass Island Dog Park in Greenwich CT

How Many Beaches are in Greenwich, CT?

Greenwich has 2 beaches and 2 private islands. The 2 beaches are Greenwich Point Park (locals call it Tod’s Point) and Byram Beach and the islands are Island Beach and Great Captain Island.

Greenwich Point Park or Tod’s Point Beach

Greenwich Point Park or Tod’s Point is located in Old Greenwich. It has a long stretch of sandy beach, several shaded pavilions ( you don’t need to bring your own umbrella!), 2 concessions stands, the Old Greenwich Yacht Club and the Innis Arden Cottage.

Tod's Point Beach in Greenwich, CT

Byram Beach

Byram Beach is located at the opposite end of town in the Byram section of Greenwich. It’s a newly renovated park with a marina, sandy beaches, a shaded pavilion, a concessions stand (really good lobster rolls!) and a massive town pool.

The town pool consists of a kiddie pool, a splash pad and a big zero-entry pool. There are changing rooms and lockers at the pool.

Island Beach

Island Beach is a private island in Greenwich. There is daily ferry service to Island Beach. Island Beach is a beautiful island with a sandy beach, concession stand, playground, pavillion, picnic area and BBQ grills.

Greenwich residents are allowed to apply for a permit to spend the night camping at Island Beach! Below is a picture of my tent when I camped out at Island Beach!

Camping at Island Beach in Greenwich, CT
Camping at Island Beach in Greenwich, CT

Great Captain Island

Great Captain Island is another private island in Greenwich. It’s a less popular beach with a sandy beach, picnic areas, as well as a historic lighthouse.

Which Metro North Train station is closest to Greenwich?

There are 4 Metro North train stations in Greenwich.  

Greenwich Metro North Train Stations
Greenwich Station
Cos Cob Station
Riverside Station
Old Greenwich Station

The express trains to Grand Central Terminal stops at the Greenwich station. The commute from Greenwich Metro North train station to Grand Central is 42 minutes, Cos Cob station to Grand Central is 51 minutes, Riverside Metro North station to Grand Central is 52 minutes and Old Greenwich to Grand Central is 54 minute.

Is there parking for Greenwich residents at the Greenwich Metro North Train Stations?

Like most towns, train station parking at the Greenwich Metro North stations is a challenge.  There are multi-year waitlists in all 4 stations with the shortest wait at the Cos Cob station.  

You can call 203-618-3060 for more information and to be added to the Greenwich train station parking permit waitlist.

Daily parking is available at all stations. Please make sure you park in the daily parking spot and not the permit parking spot.  If by mistake, you park at a permit parking spot without a permit, you will receive a parking ticket.  Parking at all Greenwich Metro North train stations are free on the weekends.

You should read this:

Insider’s Guide to Parking at the Greenwich Metro-North Train Station

How long are the Waitlists for Metro-North Train station parking in Fairfield County, Connecticut?

What is the Property Tax Rate in Greenwich, CT?

Every town in Connecticut sets its own property tax rate (mill rate). To get Greenwich’s mill rate, check out our article: Connecticut Mill Rates: Town by Town List

How to Calculate Connecticut Property Taxes

Use our Calculator to Compute Your Property Taxes: How to calculate Property taxes in Connecticut?

How to Appeal your Connecticut Property Taxes

How Much is the Real Estate Transfer Tax in Connecticut?

Selling Your Home in Connecticut? Use our Calculator to compute the transfer tax: Connecticut Real Estate Transfer Tax Calculator

Salaries in Connecticut

Are you getting paid enough? What are the Highest Paying Jobs in Connecticut? (Infographs)

Interviews with Greenwich Residents

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Source: US Census American Community Survey

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