Best Places to Live in Connecticut

15 Best Places to Live in Connecticut (2023)

Are you looking for the best places to live in Connecticut? From charming small towns to bustling cities, there is a place for everyone to call home. Whether you are a family looking for great schools, or a young professional seeking an urban vibe, Connecticut has it all. In this article, we will explore the best places to live in Connecticut. 

We have included towns in a variety of budgets, from affordable options to the more expensive Fairfield County towns. We have also included towns on the coast for those who dream of living the beach lifestyle. So, whether you are a lifelong resident or considering a move to the Nutmeg State, read on to discover the best places to live in Connecticut.

Best Places to Live in Connecticut

1. Greenwich

Greenwich is the best place to live in Connecticut. Greenwich has it all- close proximity to NYC, beautiful beaches, a great restaurant scene, world-class shopping and great schools.   

Old greenwich, ct

Located right on the New York-Connecticut border, Greenwich is the closest Connecticut town to NYC.

The commute into NYC is unbeatable, in just 45 minutes, you can get to midtown Manhattan! Drive down I-95 to Manhattan or you can catch the Metro North train from one of the four Metro North train stations in Greenwich. 

But it’s not just about the commute; Greenwich offers a lifestyle that’s second to none. Greenwich has an upscale shopping scene that rivals the best. 

From Saks to Hermes, Greenwich Avenue is often dubbed the “Rodeo Drive of Connecticut.” 

Greenwich has a great restaurant scene, from hole-in-the-wall Mexican taco stands to the best happy hours on the Avenue to celebrity chef Jean Georges restaurant, there is no shortage of good food in Greenwich.

But that’s not all, food shopping is also amazing in Greenwich. You can find gourmet food stores like Balducci’s and Citarella right in town, sparing you the trip to Manhattan.

Greenwich has the best beaches in Connecticut. With two public beaches and two private islands, you can easily go from a day at the beach to a Broadway show in NYC. 

For those with kids, Greenwich schools will not disappoint. ranks Greenwich Public Schools as the #3 Best School District in Connecticut, making it one of the best places to live in Connecticut for families. 

But is Greenwich affordable? Greenwich has a median home price of $1,719,154 which may be too expensive for many people. 

However, the good news is Greenwich’s housing options are very diverse from multi-million dollar estates to waterfront townhouses to affordable single-family homes. 

You can find affordable home prices in certain Greenwich neighborhoods. The Byram section of Greenwich is more affordable with a median home price of $746,950 and the Pemberwick section of Greenwich is also on the more affordable side with a median home price of $966,269. So, yes, you can live in Greenwich it’s just a matter of finding the right home that fits your budget!  

Greenwich is truly the best town to live in CT.

Mean Income$314,450
Median Home Price$1,710,154

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2. New Canaan

New Canaan is one of the best places to live in Connecticut for families. New Canaan is the quintessential New England town with a bustling downtown, great schools, a happening restaurant scene, and family-friendly amenities.

New Canaan holiday house tour gilmore girls

New Canaan is known for its highly-rated school. In fact, ranks New Canaan Public Schools as the #2 school district in Connecticut. 

Aside from the schools, New Canaan is home to a bustling downtown from Vineyard Vines to Ralph Lauren, you don’t have to travel far for good shopping. 

Elm Street is also full of restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy coffee shop, after-work happy hour, or gourmet dining, Elm Street has it all. 

New Canaan is also home to many family-friendly amenities such as Waveny Park. Waveny Park is a 250+ acre community park with a town pool, ball fields, and trails. 

While New Canaan may be located inland, it has a beach. Kiwanis Beach in New Canaan is a man-made swimming pond with a sandy beach.

There is no shortage of community events in New Canaan- from New Canaan’s annual sidewalk sale to the Halloween Block Party. There is always something happening in New Canaan. 

And that’s not all, New Canaan is also an easy commute to NYC. Commuting to New York City is convenient with two Metro North train stations.

New Canaan is definitely one of the best places to raise a family in Connecticut.

Mean Income$239,209
Median Home Price$1,303,975

3. Darien

Darien is one of the best places to live in Connecticut, especially if you want to be close to New York City.

Darien Commons in Darien, CT

Schools are a big draw for families moving to Darien.  It shows in the demographics in which 32% of Darien’s residents are children under 18 years old.

One of the reasons why Darien is a great place to live is because of its highly-rated public school system. In fact, ranks Darien Public School as the #4 School District in Connecticut. 

Commuting to NYC from Darien is easy and direct. With two Metro North train stations in Darien, you can get to midtown Manhattan in just over an hour.

Darien is a Connecticut beach town, home to 2 beautiful beaches along Long Island Sound- Weed Beach and Pear Tree Point Beach. 

Darien has slowly built up its reputation as a shopping and dining hub in Fairfield County. Downtown Darien has undergone a transformation with the new Corbin District, featuring a new town square, shops, and restaurants.

There is also the new development, Darien Commons which is a hub of shops and restaurants including the new Van Leeuwen and Seamore’s! Check out our review of Van Leeuwen and Seamore’s!

Darien is truly one of the best towns to live in CT- easy commute to NYC, beaches, restaurant scene, great shopping and excellent schools! 

Mean Income$424,355
Median Home Price$1,656,964

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4. Simsbury

Simsbury is one of the best affordable places to live in Connecticut with a median home price of $382,385.

Simsbury, CT

Located just 28 minutes from Hartford, Simsbury is a suburb of Hartford with a population of 24,517.

One of Simsbury’s notable strengths is its excellent schools, with ranking the Simsbury School District as the 13th Best School District in Connecticut.

Simsbury is a quintessential New England suburb with a small town feel and is one of the best places to raise a family in Connecticut. 

It hosts a variety of family-friendly community events, from the Memorial Day Parade to the annual Spooktacular Chili Challenge and Simsbury Celebrates, a post-Thanksgiving family event.

Simsbury is also home to Flamig Farm, a beloved local farm with family-friendly attractions like a petting zoo, hayrides, camps, and the iconic giant Eggs (spelled backwards!)

Not to mention, Simsbury is one of the most picturesque towns in Connecticut, particularly during the stunning Fall Foliage season. 

With its walkable streets and status as one of the most bike-friendly towns in the state, Simsbury consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in Connecticut.

Mean Income$180,484
Median Home Price$382,385

5. Westport

Westport is one of the best places to live in Connecticut. It’s a charming coastal Connecticut town that has it all-excellent schools, an easy commute to NYC, lots of shopping, a thriving restaurant scene, and beautiful beaches.

Westport CT

If you are looking for the best Connecticut town to live in with your family, then Westport might be the right fit for you.

Westport is consistently ranked as having the best schools in Connecticut. ranks Westport as the #1 best public school district in Connecticut. Many families move to Westport for its highly-rated schools with 27.4% of Westport residents children under 18 years old.

Aside from the schools, Westport is a hub for shopping and dining. Westport has one of the best shopping districts in Fairfield County. 

Downtown Westport and Westport’s Route 1 is lined with restaurants and shops from Tiffany & Company to Patagonia to West Elm. 

There are also a lot of waterfront restaurants in Westport for alfresco dining on the Saugatuck River.

Commuting to NYC from Westport is doable. Westport has two Metro North train stations and it takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to commute from Westport to NYC.  

Westport is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Connecticut. From Compo Beach to Sherwood Island State Park, if you are looking for the best places to live in CT with a beach, then Westport is a great choice.

Westport is a great place to live in Connecticut- the quintessential coastal Connecticut town with an easy commute to NYC commute, excellent schools and a bustling downtown. 

Mean Income$346,206
Median Home Price$1,802,918

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6. Glastonbury

Glastonbury is one of the best places to live in Connecticut. With a population of 35,159, Glastonbury is a welcoming community that offers a plethora of amenities for families and individuals alike.

Connecticut suburban home

One of the main draws for living in Glastonbury is its excellent school district. According to, Glastonbury Public Schools is ranked as the #6 Best School District in Connecticut.

Located just 15 minutes from Hartford, Glastonbury is also an excellent location for those who work in the city but prefer to live in a more suburban area. 

The downtown area of Glastonbury is bustling, with a variety of restaurants and shops. It’s also a walkable downtown. 

Glastonbury residents can enjoy a plethora of events, such as outdoor summer concerts at Riverfront Park, the annual Applefest and the Rotary Club’s Lobsterfest.

If you are new to Glastonbury, rest assured, that it is a welcoming community. Join the Newcomers Club and the Neighbors’ Club to meet local residents in their book clubs, ladies’ night out and wine-tasting events. 

Glastonbury is also home to many family-friendly amenities. The town has several public pools, private pool clubs, and a country club. There is also an indoor rock-climbing facility and Eastbury Pond, a swimming pond with a sandy beach (ice skating pond in the winter!) 

With its excellent schools, close proximity to Hartford, and family-friendly amenities, it’s no wonder why Glastonbury is considered one of the best places to live in Connecticut.

Mean Income$159,100
Median Home Price$415,387

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7. Cheshire, CT

Cheshire is one of the best towns to live in Connecticut.

Connecticut suburban home

Cheshire has great schools. ranks Cheshire Public Schools as the #2 Best School District in New Haven County.

Not only does it have great schools, but Cheshire offers plenty of family-friendly community events like the Annual Strawberry Festival as well as family-friendly amenities like the Mixville Recreation Center which is a swimming pond with a sandy beach. 

What’s more, Cheshire’s location is ideal for those who need to commute to either New Haven or Hartford, as it is centrally located between the two cities, with just a 35-minute drive to Hartford and a 33-minute drive to New Haven.

For a suburban residential community, Cheshire is home to a great variety of restaurants, including the famous Blackie’s Hot Dogs, which is widely regarded as one of the best hot dog stands in all of Connecticut.

Cheshire is also an affordable Connecticut town to live in with a median home price of $405,567.

Mean Income$135,095
Median Home Price$405,567

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8. Stamford

Stamford is one of the best cities to live in Connecticut. It’s a coastal Connecticut city that has something for everyone- families, young professionals, retirees and young adults!

Harbor Point in Stamford CT

First, it’s one of the best places to live in Connecticut if you have to commute into NYC. The Stamford train station is a Metro-North hub, which means there are a lot of express trains going to NYC. The train ride to NYC from Stamford is about an hour.

Stamford is one of the best places to live in Connecticut for young adults and young professionals. You can easily get that city living experience in Stamford. Apartment living in downtown Stamford and Harbor Point is affordable. 

Downtown Stamford is also a major shopping and dining hub. From rooftop bars to after-work happy hours to trendy cafes- Stamford has it all.  There is no shortage of restaurants and shops in Stamford.

Alternatively, Stamford is also one of the best places to raise a family in Connecticut. If you are looking for a leafy, residential neighborhood for your family- then consider moving to neighborhoods like North Stamford or Newfield. 

Stamford has a lot of family-friendly facilities such as Chelsea Piers, a massive athletic facility with an indoor water park, multiple ice skating rinks, tennis, ball fields and a preschool, there are also other facilities like the JCC, and the Italian Center.

If that’s not enough, there are town pools and beaches in Stamford. With four beaches,  whether it’s sunbathing or swimming, you will find the perfect beach for you to unwind in.

Stamford is also one of the most affordable places to live in Fairfield County with a median home price of $581,331.

Mean Income$143,222
Median Home Price$581,331

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9. West Hartford

West Hartford is one of the best places to live in CT. 

WeHa coffee at West Hartford, CT

It is a sought-after place to live with its urban vibe and close proximity to downtown Hartford, just an 18-minute drive away. 

The town has a population of 64,083 and has a bustling downtown area with plenty of shops and restaurants. 

The town center, located at Farmington Avenue and LaSalle Road, is a foodie’s paradise with plenty of restaurants to satisfy every craving.

With a median home price of $394,258, West Hartford is an affordable place to live in CT. The good news is, there is a wide variety of housing options in West Hartford from homes on large lots to apartments. In fact, when compared to other Connecticut suburbs, West Hartford has a proportionally higher percentage of apartments and multifamily homes. 

Aside from affordable home prices, West Hartford also has great schools, with ranking it as the #5 best school district in the Hartford area.

West Hartford offers plenty of things to do, so you’ll never be bored. There’s Elizabeth Park, known for its gardens, walking trails, and outdoor concerts, including a famous rose garden. If you enjoy golf, you can check out the 18-hole municipal Rockledge Golf Club. For a taste of farm life, there’s Westmoor Park, complete with barnyard animals.

Mean Income$148,179
Median Home Price$394,258

10. Rowayton

Rowayton is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Connecticut.

Rowayton, CT

Rowayton, a neighborhood within Norwalk, remains somewhat of a local secret. It’s a quaint seaside town with beaches and a small downtown area along Rowayton Avenue, where you’ll find local eateries like Rowayton Pizza, Rowayton Seafood, and Sails.

What distinguishes Rowayton is its walkability. Residents often take leisurely strolls along Rowayton Avenue.

Commuting to NYC is doable, thanks to Rowayton’s own train station. The commute from Rowayton to NYC is an easy one hour and 10 minutes.

The beach culture is a big part of living in Rowayton, with its own Bayley Beach serving as a community hub. During the summer, Bayley Beach becomes a popular spot for locals, complete with a playground, snack bar, picnic tables, and a volleyball court. 

Rowayton is truly one of the nicest places to live in Connecticut. 

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11. Wilton

Wilton is one of the best places to live in Connecticut for families. It’s a quiet residential Connecticut town with excellent schools. 

Wilton, CT

Many families are drawn to Wilton for its schools. Wilton schools consistently ranked among the best in Connecticut. According to, Wilton Public Schools is the #5 best public school district in Connecticut.

Wilton is your quintessential quiet residential suburb away from the hustle and bustle. 

It may be quiet but it’s far from isolated. Wilton is conveniently located to nearby Route 1 and Norwalk’s restaurants and shops. 

Getting to NYC is also easy from Wilton. Wilton has a Metro North train station for commuters. It takes an hour and a half to commute from Wilton to NYC. It’s a manageable commute if you can work from home some days.

Wilton offers the best of both worlds, whether you’re looking for a quiet escape from the city or a family-friendly community with excellent schools.

Mean Income$208,955
Median Home Price$1,013,265

12. Branford

Branford is one of the best places to live in Connecticut by the beach. 

Branford, CT

Located just 17 minutes from New Haven, Branford is a coastal Connecticut town with a population of 28,273. 

The beach lifestyle is a big part of living in Branford with access to the town beaches as well as private beach and tennis clubs, you are never far from the water.

In addition to its beach lifestyle, Branford has a quintessential New England downtown with a historic green that is home to quaint shops and restaurants. 

There are also retail chain stores and strip malls along Route 1.

Branford is an affordable place to live in Connecticut, with a median home price of $381,988. It is a particularly attractive place to live for Yale University employees due to its short drive to campus. 

Housing options in Branford range from condominiums to waterfront homes, with the latter selling for higher prices. 

The town has several distinct waterfront communities, including Short Beach Neighborhood, Pine Orchard, and Linden Shores.

Mean Income$119,862
Median Home Price$381,988

13. Ridgefield

Ridgefield is one of the best places to live in Connecticut because of its affordability.

Ridgefield, CT

It is one of the more affordable places to live in Fairfield County with a median home price of $888,313.

Ridgefield is the quintessential New England town. Its charming downtown, lined with shops and restaurants, is reminiscent of the fictional town of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls, a popular TV series.

Despite its inland location, Ridgefield residents can also enjoy the lake life with private lake associations. 

Arts and culture are also within reach, with the Ridgefield Playhouse offering theater experiences and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum showcasing art exhibitions. 

In addition to its cultural offerings, Ridgefield is also known for its excellent schools. According to, Ridgefield School District ranks #7 on the list of Best School Districts in Connecticut.

Living in Ridgefield and commuting to NYC is doable (especially if you can work from home a few days a week). You can catch the Metro North train from New York at Goldens Bridge station, Katonah station or Purdys station which is about an hour and 10 minute train ride. The Branchville station is another option but it’s a longer commute of 1 hour and 30 minute train ride. 

Mean Income$219,188
Median Home Price$888,313

14. Weston

Weston is one of the best Connecticut towns to live for families. 

Weston, CT

It’s an affluent, residential suburb known for having excellent schools. ranks Weston School District as the #11 Best School District in Connecticut. It is one of the smaller school districts in Fairfield County where the Elementary School, Intermediate School, Middle School and High School are all located on one campus. 

Even though Weston lacks a downtown area, it is just a 12-minute drive to the shops and restaurants in downtown Westport. 

In fact, Weston shares many amenities with Westport, including access to Westport beaches. 

Furthermore, Weston is home to two private clubs – Weston Field Club for tennis, swimming, and clay shooting, and Aspetuck Valley Country Club for tennis, golf, and swimming.

Weston, CT
Mean Income$330,469
Median Home Price$1,415,052

15. Milford

Milford is one of the best Connecticut beach towns to live in, especially if you’re looking for affordability. 

Milford CT

With a median home price of $407,112, it’s much more reasonable than the pricey beach towns of Fairfield County. 

Milford has beautiful beaches and waterfront homes, as well as a lively downtown area.

Milford is home to Silver Sands State Park, one of the best beaches in Connecticut.  This waterfront park on Long Island Sound boasts half a mile of sandy beach and a boardwalk. 

For a more intimate beach experience, Anchor Beach is a small neighborhood beach that’s never crowded with out-of-towners.

In addition to the beaches, Milford’s downtown area is bustling with plenty of shops and restaurants to explore. 

And let’s not forget about the annual Milford Oyster Festival, which is one of the best food festivals in Connecticut. Over 30,000 oysters are harvested from Milford waters for this event, making it a must-visit for seafood lovers.

Milford, CT
Mean Income$128,934
Median Home Price$407,112

Best Towns to Live in CT: Final Thoughts

There are many good places to live in Connecticut, these are just a few of the best towns to live in CT. 

When it comes to moving to Connecticut, the best way to do your research is to visit the towns. Find a local Real Estate agent to give you a tour. Check out the beaches. Get coffee at a local cafe. Walk down the town’s main street. Tour the schools. Talk to local residents. You will start to get a feel for which town is perfect for you. Soon enough, you will find the best town to live in that is perfect for you.

Source: The information presented in this article are based on data from the US Census American Community Survey, and residential housing market data. The median sales price is the average residential sales data for 12 month period ending June 2023.

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